On the Sixth Day of Christmas....
On the Eighth Day of Christmas....

On the Seventh Day of Christmas....

Show Boat is one of my all time favourite musicals, there have been 3 or more versions, but it is the 1951 film I remember most. I love all the songs, the dancing, the melodrama, the fact that his name is Gaylord Ravenal. I love Magnolia and her mother and father and Julie..I cry at the end as she watches Nolie, Gay and Kim sail away. It is one of the most poignant moments ever. But one of the funniest is Magnolia’s dad  ( If this was a  TV show about lawyers, way before now someone would be objecting and the judge would be asking me to show the relevance of my line of questioning!!)  getting absolutely blotto, and wishing everyone a ‘Hap-py Noo Year’ over and over again. It is the way I think of the New Year forever now. ( Humming Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly…Old Man River…Agnes Moorehead….Gower and Marge Champion, Howard Keel, Kathryn Grayson…sigh)

Something_fishy_going_on_here So a new year has begun. How did we celebrate last night? Well it was too hot for words, so there was lemonade with extra lemon juice and ice blocks and frozen grapes. Frozen grapes are the best hot weather snack ever. I knitted  almost to the toe of one sock. We watched the 10 minutes fireworks show from York Park. I can sit on the balcony and it is a perfect show. I watched some through my binoculars. Harki played with her giant Fish toy. It was too hot for much running though. Then I took two night time cold and flu tablets and went to bed. The Labradors woke me up twice in Hot_footing_it_to_the_toe the wee small hours as next door were having a noisy  party outside and they thought something was wrong – or they thought there was the chance of a treat. I think the latter.

Did I have a good New Year? Well, I woke up, so Yes!!! I think my favourite holidays are Easter and Christmas. At school there were 11 Days of Holy Obligation, where you had to go to Mass. Easter and Christmas in the secular sense are Holidays of Obligation. Maybe ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, not Australia Day : I am philosophically opposed to that. And I don’t think anyone should have to go to work on their Birthday either.

Thankfully this morning it is cooler, and raining. It has been raining for hours. I have had grape tomatoes and red onion with a balsamic dressing for breakfast. It was so nice even The Labradors had some. They quite like sweet small tomatoes. And cups of tea – Irish Breakfast as my sense of taste and smell are poor and I need a strong  tasting liquor.

New_bargain_clothes Yesterday ACMA and I went to the sales and we both bought clothes : I bought a skirt and 2 tops, and one more on the lay-by – all green of course!!! And ACMA talked me into buying a rectangular pale aqua wrap thingy. It was only $9-09 and I bought one top with the change in the bottom of my bag. Such discounts…..

This week there is an Elvis Film-fest on one of our stations: an Elvis film each day at 2pm. You have been warned. I think Elvis films are my Margaret and David Guilty Pleasure.

Suzi, ACMA’s family are Scottish, so there might be First Footing there, but I doubt it!!! The first person in the door today was Harki – she has a black nose!!!!



My father hails from Scotland so I am familiar in theroy with the custom of first footing as it's something he remembers doing! Unfortunatly we don't do anything that exciting here (my father informs me first footing involved going to all the houses of people you knew and having a drink, he also says some people we're still first footing days after the new year!)

I found that article fascinating! My Grandmother was English and went to live in Scotland with my Grandfather after they were first married and she always talked about how when she first went to live in Scotland they had no Christmas! Having read the article I now understand why!

Mum insists I tell you she went to see Narnia yesterday with my sister and enjoyed it throughly.



Hello and a Happy New Year to you, I was boring, stayed home and watched Elton John and Long Way To the Top and went to bed before midnight. Usually we get together with friends and drink copious amounts of alcohol and eat yummy food prepared earlier in the day, before the alcohol kicks in, but this year many of them are holidaying on the mainland and the only other ones still here in Tassie have family staying with them :(

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