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Things What I Cannot Do

I cannot follow a pattern. Despite my apparent proficiency, I managed to add a whole other knit row intoOne_spaniel_sock  the Feather and Fan pattern in the Spaniel Socks. I realised this after talking to Katie about Selma and taking a good look at the pattern chart. Pride cometh before a fall. I was 20 rows from the toe decreases. I would have had to undo the WHOLE sock. I had tried it on and it fitted and fortuitously I had only done 5 pattern repeats ( 65 rows) instead of 6 (78 rows). The original 12 row pattern would have given me 72 rows and as I have short legs the length of the leg was OK. In the end I capitulated to laziness and apathy and decided I would just knit the other sock exactly the same and even though it was wrong I had invented the Feather and Fan Variation 1 Pattern. I have finished one Spaniel Sock despite the heat and a headache. It is 28*C inside here and there is no breeze to be had.

I cannot tell mulberry juice from an accidental injury. Harki was lying on her side and I glanced at her and then quickly took a better look as I thought there was an horrific injury to her side. I had a slight Mulberry_incident_on_harki panic until I looked more closely and realised she had been sleeping in the shade of the giant Mulberry tree that grows as part of the fence line between my nice next door neighbour and us. I breathed a big sigh of relief and gave her a big pat, and Peri too, just in case.

I cannot be let near the account settings of my email . I had a back up ISP email account but all that came of late was Spam. I hate Spam, even though it goes into the Spam folder and I can delete it. I feel sullied by Spam. So using all my inexpertise I deleted the account on the internet and in my Account/Tools Outlook thing. Then I coudn't receive any email. At all. Ever. I could send it to my heart's content, but receive it? No way. I had to ring the Help and Support line and apologise profusely to the man and he fixed it for me while I typed with one finger and my tongue sticking out. I had to wait 30 minutes and then it would be fixed. It was. Hooray for the H&S man!!!

I cannot look trendy. My friend, Milly's mother, gave me a lovely cloisonne hanger thingy that attInstantly_unfashionable_accessory_1aches to   your mobile. Now I have my new second hand mobile ( through my position of the bottom of the mobile food chain in my family. It goes My Niece, My Sister, My Mother....Me) and I have been able to attach the dingly accessory to my phone. Despite my best intentions, it just looks like a have a dingly thing on the side of my mobile. I expect they are about to be immediately unfashionable!!!!!

I cannot afford the yarn I need want would like to have. There is a new online yarn shop in Australia : Yarn Online, and they have Cascade 220 , which is the yarn for The Perfect Sweater at Mason-Dixon Knitting. I have been following its evolution from the beginning. I will use some trusty wool fron The Bendigo Mill and it will be fine!!! But, oh, there are so many shades of Cascade 220 green, and it is Cascade, and I am originally from the land of Cascade. We had picnics at The Waterworks near The Cascade when I was small.

I cannot escape the heat......



Thankyou Cindy and Girls for your lovely comment it has made my day!
Do you all feel lucky?

I'm afraid nobody can escape the heat except those people in Antartica. I bet they'd appreciate knitters down there, maybe we should apply for a post as resident knitters?



Your feather and fan looks lovely, there are so many variations of this pattern which one is true and correct?? I have started my own pair, you inspired me, but I have altered the pattern because it was slightly different to how I do feather and fan.

OOOhhhh I am so excited, I have been wanting to purchase Brown Sheep wool from the US but that was proving too difficult, I couldn't find a supplier who didn't charge the earth for postage. Anyway after linking to Yarn Online, they sell it yipeeee!! Oh dear, hide the credit card. Have a great day, Sharon.

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