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How much is that Swimming Final in the Window??

A Foot in Each Sock Camp

Simultaneous_hippo_sock_wearing As Founding Members of the MSCS (Mutual Sock Completion Society) Donni and I took the opportunity to engage in a little Simultaneous Sock wearing and tea drinking for half an hour or so last night: 8 pm EST and 9 pm AEDST (I'm on Daylight Saving) We managed to wriggle our toes, drink tea and catch the start of Grey's Anatomy wearing our Pomatomus socks!! I enjoy looking at the wondrous scale-like patterns that flow in waves across the socks. It is hypnotic. I wScaling_the_heightsant to look at it all the time.... Blasted Hippo Socks, but I don't think either of us would have risen to such completion heights were it not for the MSCS.

My Nan always knitted and crocheted, she made Hobbytex pictures on black velvet and embroideries and tatting and just about every other craft!!! She made me a green table cloth for a little table when I was young, it is green (of course) with little variegated green cotton crocheted lavender ladies in each corner. It has become a little stained after various moves, but I am loath to Lavender_lady_table_cloth try and clean it in case I ruin it. She also made lovely beaded jug covers. These are everyday things to use in Summer, not treasured items to be tucked away for posterity. A few beads are missing but otherwise it is still as good as new. You can see my recently inherited crochet hooks. My mum posted them to me along with the jug cover last week. I am going to crochet a jug cover for a friend, I think I will be keeping this one for myself.My_nans_jug_cover_and_hooks

Yesterday there was a sale at  the BSODL(TM) with 20% off everything. For one mad moment I entertained the thought of attending said sale. I even drove around the car park (and that took 10 minutes to go 50 metres) before reality kicked in. There was no way I could stand in line for hours to buy something. I may have wanted to spend $100 to save $20, but I decided my health and happiness is worth far more than a mere $20. Pshaw to the BSODL's sale!!! I pshaw in their general direction!!!

Upside_down_peri_and_normal_harki Instead I picked up Pretty in Lime, finished the straps and I am 2/3 of the way through one 'sleeve'. I am 98-99% sure I will be wearing this to the Knitting Coven next week!!!

Harki and Peri has another swim yesterday and then a big run around in the bush. It was quite hot and they came home to have a dip in the paddle pool and then a giant Rip Van Winkle sized nap. (Insert gratuitous Labradors photo as per usual!!!)



Good for you for finishing hippo, yippee!!!

The little jug covers are awesome and my mum always used them, I will be watching with anticipation for your creations. I may place a little order for one ;)


Your Hippo's are beautiful, I just love that pattern, I think I'm going to make MYSELF some.
The labs look like they're having a great time. Is that Peri rolling in something smelly?


I love the hippo socks. I keep wanting to make them but the list is just soo long. And your right, a sale isn't worth lining up and feeling crap for, especially if you don't have a particular purchace in mind.

She Who Smells Yarn

Love the socks! They look fantastic!

I stayed clear of the BSDL too!

Oooooh saw Caroline in the supermarket today..The opal sock wool is in..be warned! It will be coming next Tuesday (she is bringing all what she bought too).



wow!! i've never seen a table cloth with lavender ladies before. they're so pretty. guess what, i went to spotlight yesterday!! hahahaha. but i didn't buy any knitting related items. all i did buy for a quilt set and bedsheet set for my new bed!!


How lovely that you are using the things your Nan made you and didn't she know you well with all those green trimmings!
Can't wait to see "Pretty in Lime".


Funny how you say lavender ladies they are crinoline ladies in our house and my sister still makes them. Beaded jug covers I remember them as nan made them and there was a pattern with a tea cup in the middle.


Love your Hippo socks - great looking pattern. I do love those beaded jug covers - bought the materials to make one ages ago & they are still lying somewhere - sigh! if there is more time (maybe in summer when daylight svaing is introduced).


I went to eh BSDL and lay-byed my Zhivago while there was 20% off. Made it a more budget friendly purchase, while there were lots of people I got to the yarn counter whiel it was unbeliviably clear!


Looooooooooooooooove the hippo socks.

I also loooooooooooove the lavender lady.

I can remember my nan having cloths similar to that one.



I adore the socks-wish I had the patience for the more intricate sock patterns. By the way, the second (new) Dr Who series isn't available on dvd, right?


Thank you for reading my blog. I read through yours and I just love the socks. Is it easy? I wish I could knit one too


Everything looks and sounds fabulous! The jug cover is so gorgeous. It looks like it would be complicated to make and has so much delicate work in it which makes it all the more special.
I've tried crochet but it gives me a headache so I always go back to knitting. heh :)

lynne s of Oz

Love your pomatomus socks! Very yummy! congrats :-)

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