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Come On Baby, Don't Light My Fire

The Bushfire Season has started very early this year, with reports and scenes reminiscent of 40 yearsFires_at_the_back_fence_2  ago. On February 7th 1967, my dad's birthday!!, Tasmania suffered devestating bushfires: 250,000 hectares were burned by 110 fires. 1,400 houses were destroyed and 62 people died. We live with the memory every Summer, and this year the conditions mirror those on '67 almost perfectly. Yesterday we had fires throughout the State and several in Hobart raced through the suburbs, threatening homes and lives. Sadly, and awfully, most of the fires are started by arsonists. It's going to be a long and worrying Summer.Here_we_go_wide_blue_yonder_etc.....

Say 'Hello' to your Spleen!! Here's some information on your spleen. I know it's Wikipedia, but most of the other information was too complicated. I need my spleen, despite its current state, because of my boogelly bone marrow and lack of red blood cells!!!

What a lovely walk we had today: the Sun was shining, the creek still had water flowing and there was cool shade under the trees. Harki and Peri didn't eat, or roll in, the recently dead wallaby, nor did they bark at the giant naughty dog who lunges at the car as wPush_me_pull_you_labradorse drive past because his small female owner can't control him, even on the lead. On Wednesday Harki trod on a prickle when we were at the very half way mark, I was very worried about how she would get back to the car. I couldn't carry her. I thought we might have to limp to the gate and then they would have to be tied up whileErrol_working_on_his_tan I walked to get the car. Luckily she was able to get the prickle out with her teeth and after a medicinal dip in the creek her little paw was fine again.

Errol CardiFlynn is blocking on the verandah. There wasn't quite room for the other sleeve but by tonight I should be sewing up sleeve seams and inserting zips!!! I am going to have enough wool left over to make a vest for next Autumn. I am very pleased about that!!!  I am continuing to knit Pretty in Lime, I'm 40 rows into the front, with only 100 to go!!

Two parcels have arrived. The first from the lovely Daphne at The Knittery, and here's my specially dyed Thanks_daphne Forest Moss sock wool. How green is my sock wool??? The second from the wondrous Katie and Penny the Pup at Live2Knit, with my beautiful green Merino/Silk 2ply, as well as some very scrumptious Jelly Babies for me, and some Pigs' Ears for The Labradors. Thank you Ladies!!!!

Thanks_katie_and_penny I am off to Tai Chi at 1pm. I have blocked out the rest of the afternoon for sleeping and recovering!!! Then I will play with the Hard Drive on the DVD Recorder some more!! I've learned to record on the VCR and the DVD at the same time, do partial erase to take out ads and extra before and after pieces. Now I'm going to learn to add chapters and high speed copying to DVD: 60 minutes in 12!!!! Oh what fun........



I love the sock yarn. Maybe Daphane can be convinced to add it as a standard colourway..

She Who Smells Yarn

Love the gorgeous wool. Will they make appearances next Tuesday?

Oooh I am not looking forward to a lot of fires. My parents had several out their area of Tassie last year.


All that yummy green wool! I've resisted The Knittery so far, but that new Merino Cashmere sock yarn is calling my name!


Your green yarn has such exquisite tones of greens which I have never seen before. The lovely Daphne is one talented lady.

Sorry to hear that your bushfires season has started early and hoping that it passes without affecting you.


Errol is looking spiffing. Is the Bare Nekkid Lady doing her stretches in anticipation? I hope you don't start any fires with it's hotness (groan).


Glad Harki managed to get the prickle out.

I don't have a DVD yet! Sounds like yours is pretty amazing.


Love that GREEN sock wool...mmmmm...greeeeen. Send some spring weather here, we just had our first bit of snow the other day. What's a prickle?


Clever girl, Harki!

Oh, by the way, was that BNL wearing the Lacy cardy in the previous post? Glad to see her out and about.


Yep. You need your spleen. I need my (not very healthy, but the best I've got) liver. Between us oerhaos we could manage a good crit?

amanda j

What a clever dog you have! Perhaps Harki could come around to my house next time someone has a prickle. We don't like getting them out through conventional methods.

I am jealous of 1) your yarn and 2) your dvd player/recorder.


I hop ethere are no fires, although the new thing is to steal fire trucks and abandon them, about as dangerous as fire - lack of equipment!

Spleenectmy? Don't they do that on Grey's Anatomy recently? Take someone's spleen out?

Lovely green yarn so you baby!

Give my love to the Grrrls! Oh and i have a question about how oyu crochet ends away! I have this chunky scarf sitting around with all it's ends hanging out becuase I am putting off askign at KNW if they could fix it for me for fear of what they might charge and a lso becuase it is only ends that need ot be sewn in so kinda of embarrsing.


arsonists should get life imprisonment, in NZ the fire season has started early as well, terrifying.

thank you for the nice words about the website, I knew you would like the colour!


how was tai chi?? i myself have never tried tai chi before. back when we were younger, we always make fun of tai chi :P


Thankyou!!! I love how the Central Park Hoodie turned out. Now you just have to seam yours.
Hurry up Hurry up :P

Good luck with the spleeny stuff and it sounds like you have a nice doctor who is happy for you to stay in one piece. Lucky you.

lynne s of oz

Pig's ear to you too!
Yes the bushfires are worrying, as is the lack of rain - 2mm here so far this month.
Hope your spleen behaves itself - I now have a much better idea of your condition.
You've gotten yourself some lovely green purchases recently :-)
(I finally decided I like the new Doctor, though he is still too mercurial for me)


I just wanted to drop in and say "hi!" .. I finally found my way over to your blog! --from a first glance it looks like you really love the color green!

Thank you so much for the dishcloths! I finally got a proper thank-you post (one with pictures) up on the dishcloth swap blog and my own.



Hi, I've been away and now I have an icky cold, so I was happy to sit and read your recent posts today. Harki is very clever to be able to remove prickles on her own. Saffy and Silas limp over to me all whimpery and melt in front of me with their wounded paw held up for me to fix! I'm glad H & P stayed away from that wallaby. Mine found all kinds of things to roll in at the farm last weekend and still smell a bit! Take care, Sarah

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