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Misty_sock_wool What a lovely time I had at the Knitting Coven. Cathy so kindly purchased some sock wool for me when she was on the mainland.  Toni had the Twisted Sister Sock Workbook for us to drool over. Sharon has an Etsy shop!!!! Suzi finished a scarf in really thick wool, I think she had about 10 stitches per row!!! Katt is having conniptions about her UFOs!! Caroline made a few sock wool sales too, from people who shouldn't really have bought any: Yes, that would be me!!! Sandra D quietly knits along on her squares, More_sock_totes regardless of our hijinks.

I made 4 more sock totes, and here are 3 of them. Two Twirly Purples for Suzi, a 'Prurple' Buttons for Toni and Flutterbys for Margaret.

Harki and Peri have been having a supervised swim between the metaphorical flags. Actually, I have never swum on a beach with flags or Lifesavers. There may be some beaches with Lifesavers now, but I don't know where they are. it is a mainland thing, Harki_sharky though as we are an island you would think we would be better 'saved'. The Government do run a compulsory Learn to Swim programmes through schools for Grades 3,4 and 5, but it is fairly cursory: 45 minutes a day for 9 days each year, but it is better than nothing. It has been going forever, because I had LTS with Mrs Cramp when I was in Grade 4!! I went to private lessons too and passed certificatesSwim_little_fishies. I quite like to swim, but the thought of what might be in the pool, and the boogelly seaweed and marine life, scares the willies out of me. Not so Harki and Peri. They love to swim, the colder the water the better. They even wrestle over a stick and play while they are swimming.

The hot windy weather has disappeared and today it is cold and raining: my kind of weather. There has been much sleeping and lying about on the couch with cups of herbal tea this week. There have also been 'elbows' about the DVD recorder and the fact that I can make a disc and it plays on Pil_and_hippo_2 MrsDrWho's DVD recorder as well. I feel technologised!!!

I have been knitting the Blasted Hippo Socks as I was putting off the sleeve of PIL. I have done a little though. I have the perfect excuse not to finish Errol CardiFlynn though: at the next Knitting Coven I am going to demonstrate the insertion of Errol's zip!!! I can quite happily justify leaving Errol pinned to a board for 10 more days. Jussi Donni and I are having a Blasted Pomatomus/Hippo Sock race: Donni, Donni, Donni, and I will write it out 100 times at recess in the Time Out room!!! I'm thinking she'll win. This is a KAL with a difference!!! Yep, definitely a KAL with a difference, I was apparently having a race with someone who wasn't even knitting in The Blasted Sock Wars!! Sorry Donni, poorliness overwhelmed my ability to think. I really do think you're onto a winner though, I can't even get my opponent straight, let alone the Blasted pattern!!! I have no strategy, I should submit already!!!!

MrsDrWho is suffering for her un-art. She cast aspersions on our Dishcloths, so Sharon haI_won_this_ands started a  cold war!! Are you my mother?????

I won a prize. It is a prize I have been desperate to win. I have tried really hard and finally I have achieved my goal, which is ironic, as I won with a football game competition question!!! 40 years ago there was some kind of footy game and they are having a game tomorrow to commemorate it. Do I care about football? Not a jot, but the ABC were giving Coming_asunderaway special radios as prizes, and asking questions related to the game. I didn't know any answers. Then, one day, the producer was busy and Roisin asked 'Who won the game of something-or-other played in Queensland?" I knew!!! I heard her interviewing the man from Tasmania!!! I was dialling as she spoke and I won!!!!!! The radio has a little stand but it comes apart and I can take it with me when I walk The Labradors!! I have a little radio but it isn't digital and it's hard to tune in. This is fantastic, and see the Tassie Devil sticker?? Very cool!! Thank you ABC!!!



Sounds like you had a great time at the Knitting Coven - look at those lovely sock totes - can I be in the queue for one too? Love the pattern & the colors of your Hippo socks - what yarn are you using?


Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations on winning your prize. That's FANTASTIC!


Congrats on winning the radio, it looks really snazzy!

She Who Smells Yarn

Congrats on winning the prize! I won a prize this week too! lol

Cant wait to see the finished Hippo socks. I might get brave enough to try making them one day.



Way to go on winning the radio! It's been cold and windy here too. I have tommorrow off work so I will also be enjoying tea, couches, and DVD's. :)


It's an unwritten rule that sock wool doesn't really count as stash!

Congratulations on winning the radio, I doubt I would have known the answers either.


have always enjoy those knitting meet ups. cant wait for ours!! which is next week!!


Can't wait to see who wins the race between you and Jussi - think it will be ME! Mwaaahhhhh - see - I have you so on the hop that you got the participants in a muddle - or was that part of your cunning plan? Mwaaahhh ahahahahahhhhahhhha

metal and knit

Hope you win the race or send the Darleks out for the exterminate. Lovely tote bags you do so well with your sewing.


What a great prize and it's perfect for all the walking you do with H & P! It always amazes me that Labs will happily leap into icy cold water for a swim. Yours look like great swimmers. Silas is a fish, but Saffy prefers to have her feet touching the bottom. They like to put their heads underwater to look for disgusting things from the bottom to bring to me! I always end up feeling like I've been for a swim with them by the time they shake next to me and mop off on me like I'm just a convenient towel!


Yay for winning stuff! The hippo sock yarn really zings.


Thanks for the comment on my blog – I’m sure with time, I’ll feel better about the whole thing. It’s just I was SO happy, followed by such sadness… it’s hard.

Cece ( )


It is very cool about Sharon and her etsy shop I am sure she will do well.

COngrats on winning the radio, I never know these answers you have to ring in for.


Donni!!! Donni Donni!
but you can say you beat me if you like :-)
you can have a contest with me anytime, the way things are here at the moment you will always win!

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