For Goodness' Sake, Do the Hippo Hippo Shake
A Foot in Each Sock Camp

Happy Happy Happy Hippo Talk

At last, after 8 months and 19 days I can sleep soundly.  The Blasted Hippo Socks, aka Pomatomus,Finally_i_can_sleep  are complete. They are done.They are finished. They are over: O V A H. The Labradors gave up hours ago, but since I have been sleeping afternoons, most of the early evenings as well as nights lately, I am in some strange zombie limbo state.

Unfortunately, now these are finished I must prevaricate no longer: I must finish the other projects lurking in the bottom of the knitting basket:  boldly go where no knitting has gone before....



Yay for finished socks! Now you can split infinitives like no one has split before!


Very nice, the colours look great.


Guess what? You won fair and square - I have been hit by a mysterious sleeping bug and have been in bed by 8.30pm each evening the last three night - thus hampering my kid free knitting time. I doff my hat. Well done.


It's great to finish a project especially one that has been lying around - I have a few of that! Looks great!


wow!! that socks are so pretty!! love the colours too!!! it took you 8 months to finish that? hehe. was suppose to learn how to knit socks before winter. now it's almost summer and i have yet to learn!!


Hey, I think they were worth waiting 8 months and 19 days for!!
Nice socks! :-)


Congrats on taming the hippo beast! I have yet to tackle it myself. Great colors too!

She Who Smells Yarn

ooooh you are done!! YAY.

I know that feeling!! Fearing what lurks down the bottom of the knitting basket! lol



Those are so pretty, well done! Is the pattern very tricky?


The socks are wonderful! And speaking of something else wonderful!

How supremly awesome is my new bag????? However I can't look at it and not laugh because it is so huge!!!

But not as huge as my thankyou to you!!!!


metal and knit

Great going Cindy and well your cheer squad would have helpedyou along. Funny you say it is too hot to wear them now at my work we need thick ones all year round.

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