Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll Knit You, Tomorrow!!
Teach-Your-Children Hell.

Keep Right on till the End of the Row.

Oh_errol_i_would_do_anything_just_to_fin Here's a thought: if you are going to someone's house, and you are planning on knitting, it's a good idea to take 2 needles with you. Yes,  somwhere between the two houses, a car and 20 kms, I misplaced a needle. Now I have to finish the last front of The Errol CardiFlynn by knitting a row with the 5.5mm, slipping the stitches onto a 5mm needle then knitting a row with the 5.5mm, slipping the stitches onto a 5mm needle etc..... it's going to be a long afternoon!!!

There was, technically, no breakfast or lunch today and I sat down to what I like to call 'Afternoon Tea' Afternoon_tea_1  at about1-30pm. I has a Raspberry Confection and a Vanilla Raspberry brioche from Tant pour Tant and a nice cup of Irish Breakfast tea. Yummy!!! Harki had the end of the cup of tea and then Peri had the box the food came in. Very posh, but not after she had her head in it!!!

Harkis_cup_of_tea_1 We have had rain all day and it is divine. It started spitting on our walk and then it rained quite hard and has continued to do so all day. I like the rain and so do The Labradors. We need rain desperately, and we need the rain to continue so that the bush isn't bone dry for Summer. We are told every year now that we are due for fires, just like the '67 bushfires.

I have links today: First is the Lovely Katie's new site Live2Knit. It is all up and running and I plan onPeris_a_doginabox  buying some green laceweight Merino/Silk!!!

Jo Sharp's new magazine Knit2 is out and about, on the mainland at least. No sign of it here at all. I have asked my friendly newsagent to pop one away in my file. Yes, I have a whole file in the shop's cupboard: Dr Who Magazine, Interweave Knits, Vogue, SFX, Knit1/2 and so on it goes.....

Wet_peri_and_happy_harki_1How about all the new Google Widgets?? Now I have no idea how to add them to my blog, or what some of them do, but they are available free, and someone might like two or twenty!!!

Tonight I plan to finish the last front of the CPH. And, frankly, I didn't even plan to say  'Errol is all over me' when I wore the CPH. Most remiss of me!! I shall start preparing now!!!



Afternoon tea sounds great! Great news ont he knitting front, I expect to see you wearing it at the next coven!

I have no idea what the widgets are but I am goign to find out.


Knit2 looks v.interesting. So many patterns in one book! I really liked knit1 so I'll have to keep an eye out.


Oh, how annoying to lose a needle, it sounds like Errol is going to take a bit longer than planned, that tease ;o)


Ohhhh YUMMMMM!!! you are making me hungry. What a pain that missing needle must be.

Knit 2 doesn't come out here in Adelaide for a couple more weeks yet. Probably a good thing as I haven't knit anything out of Knit 1 yet.


All looks divine! Love Live2Knit's site too.

She Who Smells Yarn

oooh afternoon tea looked divine!

cant wait to see finished cardi! I so have to make myself one! but then none of us are going to want to be seen in them all at the same time! lol.



gee I love the afternoon tea and glad the girls got a little share in it.


Okay that does it, I am going to go to Tant pour Tant and get some of those delicious things. I mean I am within walking distance to the place so I could walk there and back and work off what I eat, right???

I sat down with the kids the other day and we watched Errol Flynn in Robin Hood, I could see what the fuss was about as he was a hotty for his day.

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