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Pyramid Socking

Claude_green_zebra_and_monet_1 The Knitting Coven participants assured me today that Pretty in Lime looks good in real life as well as internetally!!! I am so very pleased with it, and thank you for the lovely compliments!!! Though there will be no white T-shirts worn underneath, Sharon!!! I have bought a sewing pattern for a top to go with it, one like the picture in the Knitscene. The Knitting Coven was far too exhausting today. I showed how I insert a zip into a cardigan: Errol CardiFlynn was my assistant.  I also made a Sock Knitting Tote for Katt. She and Caroline had a SKT tutorial!!! Too many things to write about, too much happened: Suzi 'did' Halloween, Sharon received a massage, Sandra D had a hat, Toni was knitting cuffs onto her felted mittens, Katt sold me green sock wool, Caroline Opal and Cathy knitted her fine 2ply at the end of the table. Too_much_sock_wool_is_never_enough

I have sock wool coming out of my ears. In pyramidal order from the top and L to R: Katt's Green Gable, Opal Uni Green and Carnival, and The Knittery's Merino Cashmere in Chocolate, SeaLife and Mint Choc.       Peri_peri_and_harki_know_presents                                                                                                         

The Labradors and I received a gorgeous box of presents from Tianne and Boss. Of course The Labradors can suss out a present at 1000 paces!!! Harki especially liked both the Squeaky toys and Peri loved the box everything was posted in. It was her favourite thing except for the treats!!! I had a fragrant cup of tea in my Labrador mug with some shortbread. Yum Yum!!My_squeaky_toys_both_of_them

Yesterday I ventured out into the wilderness I like to call 'the garden' and I spent 10 minutes weeding out the blackberries that have grown since the last blitz. Harki played her favourite game: Empty the Toy Box, and Peri waded in the paddle pool.Mine_all_minesays_peri

I have also been playing with the DVD recorder. I can speed copy 6 hours of 'things' onto a DVD-RW in just 16 minutes!! How excellent it that??  I have been dividing titles and partial deleting to my little heart's content.

I declare tomorrow to be the start of Recipe Week. There has been a dearth of recipes of late, so I'll do one a day. I promise!!!

Soon I will reach 1500 comments. To celebrate, I have decided that there will be 2 prizes:A Sock Knitting Tote and a Little Zippy Bag in the colour you desire!!! All you have to do is leave a comment on any posts from this one onwards till November 7th (actually the cut off point will be when I wake up on the morning of the 8th). One entry per person. Harki and Peri will draw the prizes in a manner yet to be determined!!! Enter away!!!



That dvd recorder is sounding better and better everytime you mention it.

Inserting zippers......... does that mean Errol is done???


What a pity that I missed your tutorial on inserting a zip - that's what I need when I find THE ZIP! Sounds that all of you had great fun at Knitting Coven.


Glad the girls liked their treats.

If I was coming for afternoon tea I would bring those nice shortbread biscuits as they are my favourite ones.

Gee am I close yet


PIL looked gorgeous today.

Hoping you aren't as breathless and are feeling better the next time we see you.



A cinical ploy for comments? Never! I never keep track of comments - my poor readers will never a comment contest :(

Ann in Vermont

I love the bag! I must have been sleeping earlier since I did not see it. DUH!!!
can't wait to see Errol!


You are getting very technical with the DVD!

Yes I was exhausted last night and still sore, Mr Brickie did give me another massage but it was no where near as soothing as Carolines.

Yes I have missed your yummy recipes :)


Glad to see you got good and spoilt by Tianne - looked like a nice bunch of pressies.


You are a very kind and generous soul! First giving oyur time and expertise at eh coven yesterday, and now gifts for your blog readers!

And speaking of gifts, I love Mr Bones! I must take a picture to put up. He is very cute.

Maybe I should offer a prize and lure people into leaving me more comments, maybe I could just promise to write something interesting!



I was goignt o ask abotu the Sci-Fi KAL but you are already there I now see!

See how much notice I take???


wow...all of us having yarn fevers? so many yarns!! i feel like swimming in them!! haha!! ^_^

we had our snb in perth last sat but as usual, i forgot to bring my camera so no photos to blog about. skt as prize?? yay!!! i'm in!! i'm in!! harki and peri please choose me!! hehehehe


Such sweet pups, I just love those little gummy pink/brown noses. My guy not much of a toy dog, he gets freaked out by anything with eyes and dismantles it immediately.

Mrs Dr Who

As I have stated in another comment section....WINE TOTES...get a grip 2paw and make something useful to the outside world.
Socks can hang around in any tatty supermarket bag...but wine deserves somethng better.

She Who Smells Yarn

I never got to tell you yesterday how gorgeous PIL is! You did well!

I am looking forward to seeing Green Gable knitted up.

Thank you so much for teaching Caroline and myself how to make your gorgeous sock totes! You made it look so easy!

Heehee..I would love to win another one (or one of the little bags)....

Hope you are feeling more relaxed today.



Internetally...I don't know why but that amuses me to no end.

So, how are Harki and Peri going to pick names?

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