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Teach-Your-Children Hell.

I_am_sure_this_is_for_meThe Federal Minister for Education today said that our school curricula are straight from Chairman Mao. She later retracted this statement. She said she was listening to parents and reacting to their requests. May I politely suggest that she listen to teachers, the professionals who teach the children. Teachers who are not, despite her comments, followers of Mao. What a stupid comment, there is no other word for it. Apparently she wants to decree what is taught, and she would like everyone in Australia to be teaching the same thing at the same time every day. Who's Chairman Mao now???Labrador_it_is_it_is

My Dishcloth Swap arrived yesterday. It was from Tori in California, so The Labradors and I hummed the song as we looked at the shiny box tied with ribbon!!! Inside were three absolutely gorgeous dishcloths. Could they be any better??? No, they are perfect: a Labrador, a paw print and a bone and green colours too. I don't think I can ever really uPaw_printse them as they are too nice, too beautiful!! There was also a little box of biscuit cutters and recipes too: treats for The Labradors. And there was a card with cups of tea and, maybe wisteria on it. I am not very good with identifying flowers. It could be lilac.... Thank you, I love my swap Tori!!!

How very exciting. I am ready to post off my parcel tomorrow. This is unusual as mostly I am crashing into the deadline, but not this time. Bones_and_biscuits

All the pieces of The Errol CardiFlynn are complete. It is finished. Next I have to pick up the stitches on the front edges and knit moss stitch for the zipper band, and then there will be mattress stitch to sew it up, a collar to knit and finally the zip. Come heatwave, hotness, warmth or humidity I will be wearing it to the next Knitting Coven.

I went to Tai Chi today. I had to come home and sleep for 3 hours. It is just waving about your arms, a bit of twisting and breathing, but it wore me out. OK, it's more than waving your arms about, but that's all I'm up to!!! Harki and Peri go BeserkersBonkers when I try to practise at home. They think it is a new game and leap about excitedly. I will admit it all quickly deteriorates into a Karate Kid-style Kung Fu Fest!!!

My_sock_wool_it_is_mine_all_mine_all_min_1Daphne at The Knittery especially dyed green sock wool for me. Here it is: Forest Moss. It in mine, all mine (maniacal laughter ....)

Knit a Trilobite.



2 Paw - I love the dishcloths Tori has made for you. So imaginative! You are a lucky girl.

Your green sock yarn, oh I love your green sock yarn. I've purchased some of Daphne's yarn and love it. It knits up so beautifully and washes well too. Looking forward to seeing how this lot knits up.


Oh, those dishcloths are *too* cute. I love, love, love the lab one. And that yarn that Daphne dyed suits you perfectly!

She Who Smells Yarn

The dishcloths are gorgeous!!

The wool is divine (couldnt find the choc mint one on the site?).

Bet its gorgeous and soft too!!!



Those dish cloths are so clever. Somehow I don't think I would actully be able to use them........ way too cute.


Tori has done well, oh Wise One. Oops, sorry, I just slipped into another dimension.


The dish cloths are lovely I think I would want to frame them as well I am making my first ever one just now. Oh sorry about the partial entry the full one with historical clicky links is up now


The dish clothes are so creative!! You are a lucky partner indeed.

I had to laugh at your at-home tai chi. I do yoga at home and Cleo assumes that the mat has been pulled out for her use. It becomes a game for her.


I had to laugh at the thought of the labs helping you out with tai chi! I could imagine what Chief would do if he saw me doing the same thing. He ususally ends up trying to join in my yoga sessions. The dish colths are very cool. I love handmade one's they don't seem to get "stinky".


As for the sock yarn being yours all's a good thing that you're in Tasmania!


Tori has done an amazing job and no I wouldn't be using them.

You had better have a lock and key with that sock wool if you bring it to knitting coven ;)


I love the green sock wool!! I'm trying to stay away from the Knittery at the moment because everytime I go there, I spend money. It's all so lovely!


What a lovely thoughtful present from your swap person.

The sock wool looks great.


Awesome dishcloths!

I don't know whos meant to be running the education system today since there's always someone new every week claiming to know all and espousing upon it.

Did you notice that the Cybermen were not uniform? And why are they Cybermen, they turned owmen as well they should be Cyber people!
Not that I am one for uniformity, but dressing them all alike dosen't take away the obvious difernences in Cybermern widths.


Lab dishcloth - way too cute! Love the green yarn too!

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