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You must be psychic! I'm currently trawling the internet for ribbed style but not boring sock patterns. Think I've found the next project. Thank you. :)


Thanks for sharing your chocolate socks pattern :) they are so yummy!

She Who Smells Yarn

that is so excellent! thanks for sharing! will have to try them some time soon!

and no..half the words were changed for that song on my blog..but it was so funny i had to post it (Adam was laughing so hard he cried)..



You know I'm going to have to make these for my chocoholic mum!
Great pattern and thank you for sharing it.

amanda j

Clever clogs!!


Nice pattern, Thanks,
mmmmm.....chocolate, I think I have some stashed.


I like these too, I'm looking for sock patterns with a bit more of a challenge....even though I've never finished one yet.....I don't have any chocolate wool....maybe my socks will have to be a 'Candy Bar'

Me being more of a cat person recently my path has been crossed dogs...My BF found a lost jack russell last week and I swear if he had not found the owner I would have kept him. He was the same size as our cat ans equally as smoochie!


Thanks for the pattern - very creative.


Oh I could definitely eat that sock. Yum!


hi cindy, do u still use 2.25mm needles to knit with the knittery cashmere sock yarn?? they are slightly thicker than the normal 4 ply sock yarn though?

Ann Lim

Thanks for the pattern - I have already bought my choc merino from The Knittery & just waiting for time (if I can find some) to knit this pair of must-knit-yummy socks!


these socks do look wonderful Cindy Oh I do wish I could knit or should I say follow a pattern! Those cherry coconut eggs sound pretty yummy too! thank you for the birthday wishes for Isobel, the cake is Hello Kitty, a bit of a favourite here :) ps I looove the green socks too what a gorgeous green!

Mrs Dr Who

La la la la la la


oh much appreciated! Thank you!


Hi, thanks for visiting Oh My! Your site is Delicious!!! Those socks are fantastic! And your dog are beautiful. I am hopefully going to become a Lab mummy later this year!

Love Jess


Great pattern! I'll have to have my sister knit these for me!


i very much like them - just started knitting them. the pattern is as others say - not boring but interesting. i wanted a to-go project and am very pleased that i have it now - no complicated charts yet not just a rib:))

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