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One of my favourite desserts, indulged in too infrequently.


Oh yum! I haven't made a lemon meringue pie for ages, I must rectify that! I do love a biscuit base.
I wonder if they say a 397g tin of condensed milk because the other 3g is the sneaky teaspoon of it that is eaten during cooking?


Mum loves Lemon Meringue Pie, but can't eat pastry anymore. That biscuit base is such a good idea.

I keep meaning to make the Lemon Meringue Fool from Nigella's Kitchen for her as it had no pastry. But this may be better.


that looks scrumptious!


There are no other words apart from....YUM!!!


wonderful guest blogger - invite her back anytime.

L might be almost over but will bring lemons and flour on Saturday.


oh this looks divine it has made me need a piece so badly. I haven't made a LMP since high school!!!! and that was a very long time ago


That's it, I'm getting on a plane. You are taunting me with desserts!! :)


Yum! Lots of work went into that pie!

Jennifer rose

damn lactose intolerance, can't use condensed milk :/
great guest post :)


oh drool indeed. what lemony meringuey goodness. i feel a bit of baking coming on this weekend!

Amy Steier

I absolutely LOVE lemon meringue pie and I just might have to try this recipe! It sounds sinfully delicious.

I laughed so hard from this phrase, "Leave it alone for a good long while, like a sulking teen that has broken their iPhone. It needs to cool down." I think I peed a little from all the laughter. Heh.


Thank you all for the lovely comments about my guest post! I really enjoyed making this. I enjoyed eating it even more! ;-)

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