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Cindy, try Bepanthen on that scratch if you can use it. It should help it heal.

OOPS, nearly wrote "heel." Must have been thinking of your socks. LOL.

Many years ago I used to make my own cottage cheese to use on my homemade bread from my homeground flour. Real earth mother stage! The cheese was nice and it was easy.

My mother always cooked potatoes with the roast and I do too. These days I usually use oil. My sons reckoned she made the best roast potatoes ever. She was a worrier, never happy without something to worry over. Sons said she worried potatoes and turned them till in self defence they went brown and crispy.


We've been watching Ringer. I can see where the reviews are coming from - it's not a high quality production. Especially in the first episode, some of the special effects are dreadfully obvious.

However, I can't resist any opportunity to watch Ioan Gruffudd, so we're sticking with it :) I also found that after a couple of episodes the plot did rather draw me in.

On another note, we've just started watching a show called New Girl which I love! It stars Zooey Deschanel and she plays the most adorable lovely character :)


Both girls look so good. Did you know they can slip out of harnesses? Maggie did that a while ago. She refused to pass a parked car, and when I insisted, she was out of the harness in seconds. My heart almost stopped.

Congratulations on finishing your socks! Cat Bordhi socks never look good on their own, but on the feet they do. Funny, so far all her unusual constructed heels did fit my feet very well, but I can't knit them for other people, because they are not there for measuring!
Your leg of lamp and potatoes sound delicious! I love to eat both too. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I plan on getting some Turkey drumsticks into the oven. It's only me and my son, and he does not like to eat Turkey, so I have to do something else for him.
Vegemite! No! ;o) Can't wait what you say about this.

Jennifer Rose

ooh brownies! love brownies :D

gilly does look a little skinny in the hip area, but its so hard to tell in photos.
sky eats grass in the back, can't imagine it tastes good the amount of people walking on it :p

the socks look good, mouthful of a name :p


Lucky MrsDrWho, who is going to be getting first dibs on tasting your brownies! Yum!

You certainly did a great job in matching the stripes on your socks. I love the colours.

Taking in that dress would have scared me to death....you did a great job on it. I'm sure MrsSherlock's daughter was thrilled with it.


erm, doggy claws - oh dear. Yay to everything else though!


mmm brownies. i really wanted to like ringer too, because i am such a fan of SMG after buffy, of course. im hoping it will grow on me, shes wonderful of course. your girls look lovely, so spry and healthy! and i do wish you lived around the corner because i have an idea for a halloween party costume that i think your nimble fingers could fix in a jiffy. sigh.


You are brave and resourceful with your sewing alterations! Again I say, clever you!

It always amuses me when I see cats (or dogs) eat grass! My Nelly is so delicate about it, eating by the blade!

I want to like Ringer too...fingers crossed! I have only seen the start of the first episode of Person of Interest but have taped the rest. It seemed interesting (not to mention hello mr cute guy!)

Oh, and I always cook my potatoes (and pumpkin and sweet potato, and sometimes carrot too) in with the roast mea. YUM! Only way to do it I think!


Looks like an interesting heel. I have yet to try any of her sock patterns.


Lovely pair of socks & the heels look great. I am so fond on my current heel method that I find it very hard to try a new heel. I also have a copy of Donna Hay's magazine & planning to make those brownies too.


I just made a huge tray of brownies--you are responsible for putting the idea into my head!!! I'm waiting for them to cool a bit before trying them. I love Damien Lewis--we were hooked on a show called Life. It may be awhile before we get to see his cable show. I also liked him in a movie called The Baker, though it may have had another name overseas, perhaps Assassin in Love?


I commend you as hemming a maxi dress looks complicated. I love the name of your socks. Hope your nose is ok now,

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