Tuesday's Letters Eat 37: 'V' is for Vegemite and Cheese Scrolls
Dinky Boots

Ricotta Get Out Of This Place, If It's The Last Thing We Ever Do.

Today I made ricotta cheese. I feel very clever. It turned out to be just like ricotta cheese from the deli. Who knew it was so easy??

There are lots of recipes, but I used Donna Hay's: 750ml milk, 250ml thickened cream, 1/2 tspn salt flakes and 40ml lemon juice, though you can substitute white vinegar.


You bring the milk, cream and salt to the boil, add the lemon juice and simmer for 2 minutes. Rest for 5 minutes off the heat and then pour into a lined strainer over a bowl and leave for 1 hour.


Then it is done. It's amazing, it's like magic!! The ricotta tastes lemony and maybe next time I will use white vinegar to see what happens.

My ricotta

If I had not been so excited I would have remembered to save the whey and put it in the refrigerator. I'll remember next time. I made the ricotta and ham tart from Donna Hay's 10th Anniversary book with the ricotta.

My ricotta in a tart

Peri Naughty has really been enjoying the Sun, and the hole she has dug in the garden. She spent several sessions sun baking and then coming inside for a big drink and a cool down.

Peri sleepy in the sun

Lorelai Gilmore has been saving us from the Line Marking Men. She had to keep woofing at them when they stood in the middle of the road directing traffic, and we had to reassure her everything was fine. She's also been making mud again using the paddle pool and dirt.

Gilly is muddy again
Brownie #1 Review: MrsDrWho and the staff said the brownie was very nice, spongy and light. But they also thought it was brownie-lite, maybe for the uninitiated and young brownie connoisseur. It was all gone by lunchtime, nonetheless!!

Brownie 1
I am feeling good at the moment, tired, but well in my head. I am doing a little Spring cleaning every Monday and thus far I have found my Photo Book of all the dogs (hurray!!) and many other things, including a Hmm Hmm panel belonging to MrsDrWho. The edges had frayed to billio and I said I would fix it. The nice lady at Esme's helped me find a fine stripe to match and I used Heat'n'Bond Lite and the fabric to fashion a new border. Here's the Before and After:

Panel games

I also remembered to buy some stretch black jewellery thread so I can re-thread the necklace that broke. I bought a tiny jar of green buttons for $4-95. So many lovely buttons. There was another identical jar, I may have to go and buy it too, then I will have enough for some sets.

Necklace and buttons

I also decided to look at the Homy-Ped catalogue today. I had browsed it, but in a desultory fashion. I went into the chemist shop and bought one pair of casual shoes, well not really shoes. They are called Libby, in the Pear colour for $40. They have diamantes on the buckles, but I am not holding that against them. The kind lady put the other pair of shoes away for me till the end of October so I can save up for them: Dakota, with the bead trim, also in Pear. The Libby pair is very supportive in the mid sole area, so I am wearing them for a little while at a time.

Shoes, now and to come

I also cancelled the insurance on The Dog Car and handed in the number plates. It's a strange feeling, soon The Dog Car will be off to The Wreckers.

I've replaced the Library Card I lost a month or so ago, the very day I had it issued. I had been looking for it, and putting off asking for a new card. The Librarian I saw said I would have to pay in an ominous voice. We get one free replacement card a year. I thought it might cost $50, or even $100. Nope!! It cost $7-70 including GST. Knowing I am a Library Card Loser, I've made a photocopy, laminated it and tested it on the Self Issue machine. It works!!! Now I have a back up. Just in case.

Tomorrow I am going to have a rest day. I didn't mean to do so many things today, it just happened. I might knit.



New shoes! Hurrah! I like the ones on the left very much! I might have to check them out myself.

And where does one purchase black stretch jewellery thread? I have a bead necklace that needs to be restrung and also some felt beads I plan in stringing into a necklace! Must Just Do It!

And ricotta cheese! You are so clever!


Who knew that making Ricotta was so easy! Salt flakes? Never heard of that before. Love Peri's photo today. She looks so comfy baking in the sun! And since she's been sleeping, it's only right, that Gilly would be the watch dog for a while. :o)
Your Brownies look delicious, no wonder it was gone quickly. You did a fantastic job with the panel! Looks good as new!
Love all those green buttons, and I would wear the sandals on the right as well.
Have a nice rest day tomorrow!


I have been thinking about making ricotta too! I think fresh must be a nicer texture than the tubbed stuff from the store. Your tart looks so delicious. It is a rainy day here, so no sun-bathing, but lots of mud instead and smelly, wet dogs. The new shoes are pretty and will go perfectly with your outfits! You have been so busy!



I bought memory wire in Lincr*ft about a year ago. However, I was in there in Sydney a couple of months ago and it has sunk to even lower depths than Sp*tl*ght. Go to Birkenhead Point or better, but further away for you, Auburn. The Auburn store is neat and tidy whenever I've been there.


love the beaded shoes...ricotta looks delicious...glad you're feeling better - I'm thinking maybe these lovely sunny days we've been having would help, they give us a sense of well-being :)

Jennifer Rose

i love those shoes and i am not a shoe gal but they are very nice :D
I've never had ricotta cheese before, even before the lactose intolerance showed up, so many cheese i've never tried :(

and buttons!! you can never have too many! :D


oooh those green buttons are just lovely. I think you should definitely get the other jar.


You have certainly been busy. Love the green buttons & shoes.

How clever making Ricotta cheese & then also cooking the Ham Tart....yum!

I have a quilt that is fraying around the binding, you make me feel guilty that I haven't fixed it yet :)

So glad you are feeling better....I hope you continue to have lots of energy to do things!


Homemade ricotta must be the latest trend. I saw a recipe for it in one of the food magazines, maybe Bon Appetit?
Both green pairs of shoes look pretty. The Libby's look a lot like Birkenstocks, which I find very comfy.


Very sorry to hear about the defunct car :( We generally only change cars (which are always second hand) when they absolutely fall to pieces, too.

Very impressed about the ricotta cheese! Must give that a try myself!
And I love those sandals, very pretty. I've got new orthotics, and basically have to wear shoes *all the bloody time* (no sandals all summer, booo). So I shall have to enjoy sandals vicariously through you ;)


I've been so tempted to make Ricotta before and you are making it sound so easy. Maybe next time it's vego night here I'll have to make some to use in the Cannelloni. You've read my mind with the Brownie recipe, that's the next thing on my baking list!


Thanks for sharing the recipe. I didn't know that it's so easy to make cheese. I have been looking at the Homy Ped catalogue too.


Sorry to hear about the dog car. I'm so glad you had lots if happy memories in it. I can't believe that ricotta is so easy! That tart looked so yummy too.

I really like the buttons you chose

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