And Because I Can't Organise My Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag:

SSS30 and a Review

So, today I am wearing:

  • My new A-line skirt in lime and turquoise. I checked my new drafted pattern against the old one and adjusted the length. I still need to fix the hem at the side seams but this is a much better fit.
  • New aqua top from Katies.


My clothes are slightly crumpled as it is AFL Grand Final Day. On Grand Final Day MrsDrWho and I usually have brunch and go shopping in town because most other people are at home watching the football. Today MrsDrWho's niece came, she's here on school holidays, and we shopped for lots of new clothes for The Niece. I am quite exhausted now!! MrsDrWho did direct me towards the chair in the shops we visited, but I am quite tired.

So there we are, Self Stitched September 2011 is over. I am not particularly fashionable, or equipped with a very self stitched wardrobe, but in spite of this I have added to my Summer and Spring wardrobe and experimented with some new techniques. I have not posted a photo every day, but I did manage 19 out of the 30 days, so I am pleased with that.

I sewed a few new things:

  • 1 dress
  • 2 new tops
  • 3 new skirts
  • 'lounging' pants and
  • fixed a cardigan so I could wear it

Eight new things, 7 of which I can wear outside the house!!! I didn't finish my Rooibos dress, or another Sorbetto dress.

I really enjoyed experimenting , very successfully, with dyeing fabric this time. I will definitely do that again. Re-fashioning purchased t-shirts to make a new top was great too. I wore more necklaces, which is something I wanted to do.

SSS 1 2 3 4 SSS 5 6 7 13 SSS 14 15 16 17 Sss 18 19 20 Sss 25 29 30 Dog walking woollens
I learned that elastic waists don't flatter me, but my olive vest does.

I think, now, I would like to aim for a more organised wardrobe for the warm and cold months. Lots of people are participating in the Colette Fall Challenge (Autumn) where they choose a palette of colours and think about what items of clothing they will make. I might try that, though it would all be greens, I think seeing exactly what I have would help me plan what I need, eg, a pair of limey green shoes!!

On the home front, the Dog Car has had a slight conniption. There's been a small rattly sound for the last week or so when I turned the engine on, but then it went away. Yesterday, it didn't. It rattled all the way to the dam. I rang to make an appointment for my car to be checked out, but Auntie Dutch said that Uncle Dutch could deploy his car mechanic skills for me. I expected it would be something terribly expensive, but I used my new skills learned form the psychologist and realised that I had my new car. I could buy the special seats or cover and then use the money I saved on registration and insurance to have the new car cleaned three or four times a year to keep it nice.

Dog car troubles

In the end, Uncle Dutch found that the water pump was broken. It is a cheap component, but so difficult to remove that the labour could be $600 or more. So the car is slightly un-assembled, the tyre has to come off to allow access and then a new water pump installed. How lucky am I to have such good friends??

Squooshed Labradors
Peri and Gilly were so sad to miss out on all the fun, but the road is far too dangerous a place.

This morning we walked to the shop and they waited for me outside. Being inordinately cute!!!

Waiting at the shop labradors
I have read all ten of John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice books, and enjoyed them immensely. Yesterday I spotted The Lost Stories, a welcome surprise, a book of short tales that fill in some of the missing story before, between and after the books. I ended up sitting in bed this morning crying and crying as I read the last two stories. No-one dies, but there was a poignant tale and then the final story of Will and his friends. I think these are such fabulous books, both the male and female characters are strong and well rounded. I am now looking forward to his new series, Brotherband.

Peri and Gilly have just come inside, full of excitement, they have been down at the fence participating vicariously in the party next door. It's a Dogs' Life!!!



You are right the olive vest is very flattering on you. And yes you are very lucky to have good friends but I think I may have said before you must be a good friend to have such good friends! :)


Great job on SSS! I personally love the green pants and the new dress. BionicKnitaWoman and I made use of the excitement that is Grand Final Day and had lunch and went shopping too! Great minds.


Love the mosaic of all your shots, and the girls in town, such a wonderful photo of them! I'm always so sorry, when I've read a good book, that it's over.


Congratulations on your SSS progress! And thank goodness for mechanically inclined friends. I shudder to think of all the money I've poured into maintaining vehicles; I could have bought a yarn shop's worth of yarn with it.

Jennifer Rose

i love that pic of the girls behind the gate :D 8 things is a lot to have made, some people struggle to make one thing that they can wear

we need to get sky a seatbelt for the new car, she keeps moving around too much and trying to attack our seat belts :/


I love the photo of the girls at the gate too, they have such lovely looks on their faces.
You did great for SSS! Especially with the necklace wearing!
And I agree with dette above - you must be such a good friend to have good friends in return.


Hooray on your SSS month. All your outfits looked great and good to hear about your decision on your car.


so much green. It's all beautiful! You are inspiring me!

Laurie (Moo!)

Brava for SSS!! And what is that bit of lovely in the bottom left corner? Are you making a shawl? I have to know!!

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