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You are right the olive vest is very flattering on you. And yes you are very lucky to have good friends but I think I may have said before you must be a good friend to have such good friends! :)


Great job on SSS! I personally love the green pants and the new dress. BionicKnitaWoman and I made use of the excitement that is Grand Final Day and had lunch and went shopping too! Great minds.


Love the mosaic of all your shots, and the girls in town, such a wonderful photo of them! I'm always so sorry, when I've read a good book, that it's over.


Congratulations on your SSS progress! And thank goodness for mechanically inclined friends. I shudder to think of all the money I've poured into maintaining vehicles; I could have bought a yarn shop's worth of yarn with it.

Jennifer Rose

i love that pic of the girls behind the gate :D 8 things is a lot to have made, some people struggle to make one thing that they can wear

we need to get sky a seatbelt for the new car, she keeps moving around too much and trying to attack our seat belts :/


I love the photo of the girls at the gate too, they have such lovely looks on their faces.
You did great for SSS! Especially with the necklace wearing!
And I agree with dette above - you must be such a good friend to have good friends in return.


Hooray on your SSS month. All your outfits looked great and good to hear about your decision on your car.


so much green. It's all beautiful! You are inspiring me!

Laurie (Moo!)

Brava for SSS!! And what is that bit of lovely in the bottom left corner? Are you making a shawl? I have to know!!

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