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Miss Polly, Well By Golly, Who Was Sick Sick Sick?

Bond, John Paul George & Ringo, Bond.

Fifty years of The Beatles and James Bond films on the same day yesterday: an auspicious day indeed.  As a toddler I apparently loved to sing She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah, but I have no recollection of seeing James Bond films till much later on. I think Roger Moore, of the terrible puns, was the first Bond I saw at the pictures of my own accord.

I am an enduing and loyal fan of both: no Rolling Stones or other spy franchise for me. It is scary to think that young people these days probably don't even know who The Beatles are, or recognise their music. James Bond they may have seen, but it will have been the Blond Bond, not my all time favourite Bond- Sean Connery, of the terry towelling playsuit!!

Despite my fandom, I own very little Beatles or Bond memorabilia, a few records, a piano book of all the songs, a poster book for films. That's about it.

Monty Python (and now for something completely different: a man with three buttocks) turned 43 on the same day. I remember watching Monty Python's Flying Circus when I was in C class. I enjoy reciting lots of the scripts, endlessly,and I only have to say a few words and my mind flies off into Monty Python heaven ( Spring surprise, Elderberry wine, Run away, run away, This is a contradiction, It's an ex parrot, I'm a lumberjack, What have the Romans done for us?? She's a witch, Knights who say 'ni', See the violence inherent in the system, the machine that goes 'bing') not to mention all the songs. I have to stop listing things now, or it would just be a post of lists. I once owned a lovely boxed set of all the Monty Python records, yes records, along with a similar set of The Goons, but I lent them to someone in a mining town and they took them with them when they left to go back home overseas.

I have been Le Poorly this week, I ended up going to the doctor on Thursday when I had a fever, felt swimmy in the head, jittery and pretty awful and sick all round. It's a virus of an indeterminate nature, but I always have to have antibiotics as a precaution. Normally well people would scoff at the virus, but because I have a compromised immune system I need extra precautions. So I have been sleeping, or lying on the couch watching Burn Notice and Monk. There has been a little sock knitting, but not much. I have almost finished the My Cup of Tea socks.

My other cup of tea sock
Wednesday is Rubbish Day and I took the kitchen bin outside as it is easier to tie up the bag and lift it out. When I came home, someone had done this:

Bin there done that
I think it was Miss Lorelai Gilmore. No matter what I do bits and bobs still seem to migrate into the bottom of the kitchen bin through the lining bag. When I came home it was suspiciously clean inside. Luckily it was a $12 bin from The KMart and easily replace and not too dangerous to chew.

Peri has been trying to laze in the Sun, but Gilly is always there, ready for a game or to have her photo taken first.

Gilly interrupts Peri's nap

Peri Pumpkin eventually found a quiet spot.

Peri's lazy sunny day

I am all up to date with Doctor Who, I've watched the last proper episode, saying farewell to The Ponds, on iView and now I am waiting for the Christmas episode and then the 50th Anniversary next year.

Here are two funny things I saw. The first was at the corner bakery. It is open to several interpretations, all of them very strange. The second was at The Black Spot of Doomlight. It's not their fault, they import these, but I have to ask what kind of clause he is - standard, relative predicative??

Funny things

And now because I still feel more than a little bit under the weather and Daylight Saving starts in the early morning, we must go to bed early and try and sleep. The time change always plays havoc with The Labradors' sleeping patterns.



Mr Nobody, I presume, also lives at your house?

I hope you feel better soon. I adjusted my clocks earlier today so have eased into things. I had nothing panned so the adjustment was fine.


I'm sorry you are feeling poorly again!! Rest much and stay warm.


I hope the meds leave you feeling better.
Re: the waste basket, Gilly may claim you have no proof, just circumstantial evidence which would not hold up in a court of law!
Not sure if I'd take a chance on those cupcakes...

Jennifer Rose

i hate when the time changes, messes everything up :/

hope you get better soon!


I love the Beatles too. I have most of their songs on my iPod which contains 400+ songs from the 70's. Hope you are feeling better.


Oh Cindy, you made me laugh out loud. I love your take on those dodgy shop signs...and thank you for reminding me of Sean in shorts.

I'm so sorry that you've been feeling unwell. I hope you sleep soundly and start feeling better soon.

Love to you and the labradors. x


I'm not entirely sure that shop should advertise the making of kids there daily! They might attract an unwanted clientele!

Also, lucky that the Santa Clause wig and beard has a contents section, otherwise I'd have no idea what the bag contained!

I'm sorry about your ex Bin.


I hope you are feeling better soon.

I had a chuckle about the bin. Cheeky puppy

The last episode of Doctor Who was very sad. There were many tears shed here ,myself included.


Sean Connery is my favourite James Bons as well....he rocks that terry jumpsuit!! LOL

Oh Peri looks so sweet in her quiet spot.

Was there any guilt on that cute little face of Miss Lorelai?


I hope your feeling better soon immune system is the same. I'm just recovering after a 3 week episode of having a tooth out & silly me didn't take antibiotics straight away! Not a good move on my part.


I hope you feel better soon. Is that a labrador mat that the bin is sitting upon? :)


My husband is a big Monty Python fan, but I only know of John Cleese in his later movies. I grew up with Roger Moore as James Bond, but want to watch Sean someday too.

I hope that you feel better very soon. It's good that you are able to get medication and rest right away. I know Peri and Gilly will take excellent care of you. :)

lynne s of oz

I hope you have had a nice quiet weekend and are now feeling less poorly. Did you ever get to replace your Monty Python? I rather enjoy listening along to my album (CD).


I've got those Monty Python songs in my head now!!!

How are you feeling now? I hope you are much better.

I had to chuckle at Miss Lorelai's naughtiness. Naughty pets are kind of fun.


you had me at connery in terry toweling. i dont think you can go past that really. your labradors are very cute and very naughty, which is what makes them labradors. and your shopping items made me laugh out loud. apostrophe man strikes again! the wig and beard is just too funny!


Isn't it amazing that Dr Who is turning 50? My sister is a Dr Who fanatic and in honour of both of them turning 50, she is getting a Tardis teapot from me for her birthday present to add to her teapot collection.
Peri looks so comfortable !!

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