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Miss Polly, Well By Golly, Who Was Sick Sick Sick?

Yes, that would be me. I have been sick sick sick, but now I am at last starting to feel better better better. I went to the doctor twice and have been taking antibiotics and some magic tablets for people who have ulcers, which I do not, to help me feel well. I'm still not 100%, well my 100%, but I have another appointment at the doctor on Tuesday and so I expect I can talk about the bits of me that are still poorly then.

I managed to work myself up into a tizz and it was my doctor's reassurance that calmed things down in the end as much as the drugs. So I have been lying on the couch or napping with The Labradors and doing very little else apart from worrying. Peri Pumpkin is so cute when she is sleeping hard on her Warmy bed. I love the way her little tongue just peeps out.

Peri sleepy bobos
Miss Lorelai Gilmore especially likes the foam squares on top of her low table. I think they absorb the heat, being dark, and are nice and cushiony. She has beautiful eyes.

Gilly's lovely look
I saw my specialist at the Holman Clinic, I missed out on Leukaemia Support Group again as I didn't want to give my germs to other people with compromised immune systems, I missed out on our Knitting Group's dinner and the only proper thing I have been doing is walking Peri and Gilly.

I arise from bed, they hop in the car  and then I trudge around the picnic area like a zombie and they run gleefully about sniffing the grass and rolling in something smelly.

Peri and Gilly come to the car
You would think that I had copious amounts of knitting time, but in truth there has been little knitting. I finished the My Cup of Tea Socks. They are lost. It is as if there always has to be a certain amount of Lostness at our house. Yesterday I had the socks, but I lost my inside/night-time glasses. Today I found the glasses, but the socks have disappeared. Strange. So here is my first Clock Sock. It's the Hickory Socks form the Knitter's Book of Socks. I'm using some Restless Knitter sock wool called Envy which I bought in a Ravelry Destash. It's not very soft, but I expect when it is washed it will be fine and it does show up the stitch pattern so well. I love the pattern, it's a kind of moving rib that looks like the bark of a tree. I only did one leg repeat. It fits like a glove: you know what I mean. I may start the second sock this week.

One clock sock
So I am hoping that the last symptoms may work themselves out and I won't have to take even more drugs. I rattle when you shake me. Drugs are fantastic though and I am ever so grateful to live in society that cares for people who are very ill. My GP is fantastic and when I ring, they always fit me in to se her, or another doctor at the surgery. And I have great friends (real and imaginary) and family too.

Baby Zoe has left the hospital (click to see the newspaper article) and she is living at the flat with her mum, dad and nan. She looks so happy, her hair is growing back and she is allowed out into the Real World in a covered pram. She needs to stay near the Hospital for a couple of months and then she will be able to come home. I am just so happy for Zoe and her family!



Oh dear, I was wondering where you had been. Sending you lots of hugs and well wishes and a speedy recovery. It seems the socks are lost so that you can have a little rest! Hopefully when you feel better you will find them. I hope you have a healthy, happy week!


I'm so sorry you haven't been well. It's awful when you feel poorly

The labs are gorgeous.

Wonderful news about baby Zoe!


That sock looks great. Hope you are feeling better and will be back to your normal activities soon.


So sorry to hear you have been so poorly but wonderful that your medical professionals are so on top of everything.

Fantastic news for baby Zoe, still crossing fingers that the bone marrow transplant was successful.


Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I agree about modern medicine, aren't we so lucky to have it, and especially here in Australia with (relatively) easy access to medical assistance no matter our income. It is so good to have a local doctor's surgery where you can get an appointment quickly when you need one (I have one of those too).

And so so glad to hear Zoe is doing well. They all deserve some luck and good fortune.


So sorry to hear you've been poorly. I hope it turns out to be something harmless yet annoying rather than something serious. I hope that you can get some answers.

Take care and keep warm. Some mindless telly with the labs is my prescription.


How disappointing being sick and missing stuff. I hate missing stuff from being sick! Very good news that you are starting to feel better now though and even better news about Baby Zoe!


I'm glad you are getting better! Give yourself more rest. The girls are cute as always!


I hope you're feeling 100% soon. And I love Peri's little tongue sticking out while she sleeps. Funny how we find that to be the height of cuteness when a pet does it, not so fabulous when a human does, lol.


hope you feel much better really soon - its no fun and very worrying being sick :(
the 'girls' are looking as sweet and happy as ever - I read about Baby Zoe, its great to have good news on the front of the paper for a change - a lovely story :)

Jennifer Rose

do the girls eat socks? maybe thats where it went?

sorry to read you are still unwell, really hope you get to 100% soon


Sorry you have been so poorly but glad you are getting better and have such good health care. Perri looks so cute with her tongue peeking out! How wonderful that Zoe is doing so well- bless that family!


I am sorry you've been sick. I'm glad you have a good support system! I'm sending you lots of healthy healing thoughts!


Baby Zoe is SO cute and Daniels sewing is really good!


so sorry to hear about the unwell. i think green socks are medicinal though arent they? that roving rib is very clever. hugs to you and the girls xx


Hope you feel better soon. It's not nice being ill.


i so love your green socks. the dogs look happy. my little boys was clipped the other day and I think all th neighbours heard him as he complained.


goodness that green is stunning . I love a pair of green socks! Sorry to hear you've been so poorly - that's sounding all very unpleasant!


I'm so glad it's happy news for Zoe. Your friends have it rough. I'm sorry that you missed out on knitting this month and have been feeling under the weather. I hope that you are feeling back to your usual 100% soon. Miss you.


I'm so sorry you have been sick Cindy. I know how hard it is to be sick when you already have a chronic always makes my 'regular' illness much worse!! I too am grateful for all the medications I take which are on PBS. Two of my drugs cost mega bucks & there's no way I could afford them otherwise!

Such cute photos of the 'girls'

I hope baby Zoe continues to be well. Her family must be enjoying having her out of hospital & back to some sort of 'normality'. Such a sweet looking little girl!!

Your sock looks the colour :)

Michelle Lee

Awww....Peri looks so cute!!!!!! Anyway, I hope you are feeling much better by now!!!


What gorgeous socks,Im nearly finished a pair of 8ply Opal socks,harsh but hopefully hard wearing, Ive still a handful of that silk merino green yarn,they are on the list next!! Now which box did i hide them... this next pair will be that pattern that starts out as a lace square and you knit down to toes and then back up picking up sts as you go,do a heel then leg,

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