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The dress looks cool and pretty, and the coordinating fabric for the back was a smart solution. The peppermint print is Fabulous! and will be perfect for a Christmas dress.


The dress looks great on you. I can't tell there is a problem with the hem at all. Maybe when you're wearing it and moving around it won't be visible.

I am almost at the point where I cannot watch any movies or shows involving dogs because I always think something horrible will happen to them. I understand they are fake but still horrible to watch.


The dogs look like they are having fun! Hope you are surviving the heat ok. Seems funny to be talking about it being so warm and snowmen at the same time! They are talking snow here for the rest of the week.


Wow, I can't believe your fabric shrunk so much! I am definitely going to learn from your lesson on pre-washing fabrics! I think the one you chose to go with it is perfect!

I love the peppermint fabric too!

Jennifer Rose

the dress looks great, and i see a sneaky dog in the mirror :p

i love the walking dead, hmmm trying to remember when that happens, can't seem to remember


You look gorgeous in that dress. It's so great to be able to sew what you want. It's been raining and windy here and quite a bit of damage to homes but luckily my area is not affected. Stay cool.


Gorgeous dress. I'm sure that between you and MrsDrWho, you'll get the hem sorted out.

Those doggies are so cute! I don't blame you for breaking down and getting some of those seasonal decorations :) I can't wait to see what you make with them.


Look at you, making all these new dresses. You are going to have a stylish Summer. I love the fabric on this one. It is very Christmassy with the gold.

Did you know your comments close? I am so terribly behind on reading your blog so I was catching up today and all of them below this one say 'comments closed' I was going to comment on your veggie growing, zucchinis and some harvested garlic, how exciting!

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