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Friday Food: Christmas Club Sandwich

Dress For (Almost) Success

My new dress is almost perfect.  I have the fit right, I adjusted the part where the sleeves meet the bodice at the front, it's all good - except for the hem. I think maybe the fabric was not printed absolutely on grain?? I did use the border as the hem and it was straight on the pattern when I started. Damn. I shall have to ask MrsDrWho to pin the right height as I slowly rotate. I do have a puffy chalk hem marker somewhere, but no puffy chalk.  I think, think I trust MrsDrWho more than puffy chalk.....

Birthday dress 1
The dress is very cool and floaty to wear. It will be a good hot day dress. I am very glad I washed the fabric before I started cutting out the dress.

Before: all the pieces fitted onto the fabric. After?? Not so much. Therefore the back is a different fabric. It was so hard to match. I really fancied a gold and dark green stripe, instead I have this fabric which is almost the right green with little gold leafy fronds. The front and back bodices only meet at the side seams so you never actually cross the fabric beams on the front.

Bits of a dress

Now I have three dresses. I think I shall make a Christmas dress. I have some material with green and white peppermints and that could be the skirt, with a green bodice perhaps?? Or maybe it is green enough by itself. I am undecided.

The weather has been hot, rain threatened this afternoon, but didn't eventuate. Our house is heating up and it is very warm inside, especially in the evenings. There have already been a few serious bush fires. The smoke from one enveloped the city last week.

Fires already
Peri and Gilly have been cooling off after their morning walk.

Peri needs to cool down Gilly cools down

Gilly likes to get all wet and then start work on her latest excavation near the fence under the honeysuckle. Pretty sure she's making a cool hole to lie in, or she's eating the dirt.....

Gilly is excavating
Some garlic from the garden is ready to 'harvest'. I am not sure how to keep it for the longest time. Maybe plaiting the long leaves together ???

Garlic from the garden
I could grate it with my Alli-grator, which I found this afternoon in a box. It is Very Cute and Amusing!!

My alligrator

I succumbed and bought some seasonal baking decorations: snowmen, silver balls, snow and red glitter I think.

Cooking embellishments
Now I've watched all three full seasons of Modern Family, and the start of season 4, I shall have to embark on a new TV-fest. I have Chuck, Eureka, Fringe season 4 (again) Supernatural, or Conspiracy 365 all at the top of my list: I am spoiled for choice. TV on in the background has helped me finish all 48 of the secret knitting things. There is just a little beading and embroidery and then they can be wrapped.

Tomorrow night MrsDrWho and I are going to use our BlackSpot of Doomlight(tm) saving vouchers and then we will border Craftsy blocks and start assembling her quilt. She has 28 days (later) until Christmas to complete it. I am sure there will be no Zombies trying to eat the quilt, cats or the people sewing it though. Well, 99% sure. The Walking Dead is there for me to watch, but I have banned myself. It is too horrid and apparently there are some dogs being eaten, (click and drag to reveal) cardboard fake ones, but still. MrsDrWho said I would be very upset and I believe her.

I have been wearing my new, almost finished dress for four hours, so I really should take it off. Though I might just wear it till bedtime!!!



The dress looks cool and pretty, and the coordinating fabric for the back was a smart solution. The peppermint print is Fabulous! and will be perfect for a Christmas dress.


The dress looks great on you. I can't tell there is a problem with the hem at all. Maybe when you're wearing it and moving around it won't be visible.

I am almost at the point where I cannot watch any movies or shows involving dogs because I always think something horrible will happen to them. I understand they are fake but still horrible to watch.


The dogs look like they are having fun! Hope you are surviving the heat ok. Seems funny to be talking about it being so warm and snowmen at the same time! They are talking snow here for the rest of the week.


Wow, I can't believe your fabric shrunk so much! I am definitely going to learn from your lesson on pre-washing fabrics! I think the one you chose to go with it is perfect!

I love the peppermint fabric too!

Jennifer Rose

the dress looks great, and i see a sneaky dog in the mirror :p

i love the walking dead, hmmm trying to remember when that happens, can't seem to remember


You look gorgeous in that dress. It's so great to be able to sew what you want. It's been raining and windy here and quite a bit of damage to homes but luckily my area is not affected. Stay cool.


Gorgeous dress. I'm sure that between you and MrsDrWho, you'll get the hem sorted out.

Those doggies are so cute! I don't blame you for breaking down and getting some of those seasonal decorations :) I can't wait to see what you make with them.


Look at you, making all these new dresses. You are going to have a stylish Summer. I love the fabric on this one. It is very Christmassy with the gold.

Did you know your comments close? I am so terribly behind on reading your blog so I was catching up today and all of them below this one say 'comments closed' I was going to comment on your veggie growing, zucchinis and some harvested garlic, how exciting!

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