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Hicks Degrees Of Separation

Well, MrsDrWho and I are from the hicks, which is like WhoopWhoop or The Black Stump. Our island is pretty much as far away from TV and Films as is possible. And yet.....

Lockhart Brownlie and The Six Degrees of Separation:

Degrees of separation
He's not a cute five year old dressed as a scarecrow, dancing in Assembly at school, in MrsDrWho's class anymore. He's cool and trendy and dances with Katy Perry and Kate Hudson, and acts in True Blood. He has a Kevin Bacon Number of 2. Two. That means MrsDrWho and I have a Kevin Bacon Number of 3. A Nathan Fillion, Richard Dean Anderson, Bruce Boxleitner and William Shatner Numbers of 3!!! It takes just so little to amuse me.

I have needed amusing as I had a long and boring recuperation from the virus and the ensuing worry it caused. Usually when I have had a little blogging break it is because I am having a burst of crafting activity. Not so much this time.Thanks for the kind enquiries. I've just been lying on the couch or going to bed most days.

We've made another two Craftsy blocks. MrsDrWho didn't make the paper piecing windmill one as life is too short and spatial awareness a pain in her neck.

Craftsy BOMs
I've also finished three pairs of socks: My Cup of Tea socks, The Green Style socks and the teeny tiny When in Rome socks for the nice lady at the Wool shop. Roam Fusion is a new sock wool and she asked if would I knit a small pair of socks for her and tell her what I thought of the wool. It is two plies, twisted loosely together, and much easier to knit than I thought. It is firm and not soft, but I think it would wear well. I like the colours too.

What have you socks done lately When in Rome socks 2012
Poor Peri has had a bad dose of Hay Fever. We saw Dr Marion at the vet and she prescribed human hay fever tablets and I picked up some steroid cream for her poor little nose and lips. She rubbed them so hard that the black came off and she made her lips bleed. She is much better now and loves to have her face wiped with baby wipes every time she comes back inside from Nature.

Peri has hay fever
Peri and Gilly have been very happy to lie on the bed or nap on the couch and watch Apple TV with me. Yes, I managed to hook up my new Apple TV and I am knee deep in shows and films to watch when you are poorly!!!

The car went to be fixed and it is all shiny and new again. I am really happy with the result and also with the excellent service I received at F T Guy. My car was making an unusual sound when I picked it up and without a quibble, or making me feel a bother, they took it to the Hyundai people to have it checked out next day. At no cost to me. Very impressive. I took them a cake. No-one had ever baked them a cake before!!

All fixed
Peri and Gilly had to miss out on a walk one day, so we went to the shops instead.

Labradors at the shops

Although a walk at the dam is always preferable. It's ears flapping all round!!

Labradors' ears
Yesterday it was a sweltering 28*C and today we have had thunderstorms and rain. It must be good for my plants because look: zucchini flowers!!

Zucchini flowers

And now it is time for another nap. We have been for a walk and then I went to Leukaemia Support Group and the supermarket. That's enough for today. I plan to put on my pyjamas, make a cup of tea and have a rest. I shall post again soon and there will definitely be Friday Food this week!!


lynne s of oz

I hope you are now on the mend and can get about and do more than the basics! It's such a pita to be unable to do things. I wish I could give you some immune system.
Your car looks beautiful again.
28C? For you guys, at the start of November? Unthinkable!


Lovely quilt blocks and socks. Poor Gilly - rubbing her nose off like that :( Glad she is feeling better. I love the look of your zucchini flowers - we are heading into winter so I will enjoy your veg gardening from afar.


Take care of yourself!! Oh, and I just love the bright colors you have chosen for your blocks!


very happy to hear you, the girls and the car are all feeling better ... how exciting to have a student go on to dance with Kate Perry ! all the green socks, especially the first ones - a lovely shade :)


Wow, that means I am only 4 degrees from Captain Tightpants! Heh heh!

Poor Peri's nose and lips, I'm glad she's all better. And hope you are feeling much better too. Isn't Apple TV clever!


The little socks look just lovely. I like the muted colours. From petting them the other night I have come to the conclusion that they would make excellent 'gumping socks', as my kids call them. Gumping socks are tough and resist water and are excellent for going inside their 'gumping boots' when tromping through the garden.

I hope you are slowly feeling better and that Miss P's hayfever doesn't last the whole of Spring. xx


Gorgeous socks. Poor Peri, I hope he's better now. I suffer from hay fever too and understand how Peri feels. Take care.


I'm sorry you are still feeling so poorly. I love the Craftsy blocks--they are so pretty. I'm glad Peri is better with the allergies. It stinks to have allergies!

Jennifer Rose

enjoy your rest! and poor peri :( glad she is getting better

that was really nice of ou to bake the car guys a cake :D


Glad to hear everyone is feeling a little better - you, puppies, the car etc.....

We had a 32 day on the weekend. It was yuck and reminder of what summer is going to be like :-(

I don't know if I will get my usual Tasmania escape this year which is making me sad.


Oh, my, the Lockhart Brownlie thing is still making my head spin - imagine having such a low Kevin Bacon Number to all those people, nevermind where you live. (Of course, I'm the lunatic who ate her dinner very slowly last night when she discovered that they were making a takeaway order of 36 burritos for Derek Jacobi, lol. And, no, I didn't see him, so I don't know if it was *him*.)

That's quite an interesting solution for Peri's allergies. I was kind of sad to stop buying baby wipes when my kids got older, as they were super for removing stains from carpet and clothing and doing all sorts of cleaning up, as well as being gentle. I may just have to buy more, as we have a few allergy sufferers in the house.


I could spend way too much time on the Kevin Bacon site. Ouch, poor Perri. I hope her tender nose is healed, and that you are feeling better day by day, too.


Lovely pics of the girls. I'm glad there is help for Peri and her Allergies. Allergies are so bad, for humans and animals alike.


There has been lots going on at your place recently! No wonder you are taking a while to recover with all the other goings on that are going on. Hopefully it is all uphill from here. If there is one good thing about the heat it is that there is less germs about.

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