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Very pretty dress and yay for zucchinis!! :)


The dresses fit you very well now. Lovely fabric too on both. Have a nice nap, and lovely reading!

Jennifer Rose

the green dresses are really pretty :D

and yay for your little zucchini!


The green dresses are so pretty and flattering!
Isn't it thrilling to see those zucchini plants thriving and putting out tiny zucchini?!


The dresses look great. So happy that you could use one for the lining and didnt have to waste the fabric. Zucchinis are fun to grow arent they. I used to grow them in my vegie patch but no room here so maybe I should get some pots and plant some vegies, and hope that Lucy the kitten doesnt sit on them and squash them.


Those dresses turned out fabulous!! Gilly's one paw in the pool is so cute! :)


Lovely dresses and you look gorgeous. I tried planting zucchini but without any success.


Yay for two dresses! And two zucchinis! My zucchini plants are HUGE and have some flowers, but no actual zucchinis yet. Fingers crossed...


Lovely dress

Yah for the zucchinis!

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