Friday Food: Potato Salad
I'm Gonna Brush Those Teeth Right Outta My Head

It's A Dress, Jim, But Not As We Know It, Not As We Know It, Captain.

The pattern envelope said the dress would fit smoothly below the bust at the top of the rib cage. Not on me it didn't.  So, no dress by Friday. But there was a dress by Saturday and I had my revenge on Supposed Dress #1: I used it as lining. Ha!

I sewed Simplicity Amazing Fit 1800, view B. It has an interesting construction and I am very glad I basted it together first:



Basted, not wasted, or waisted





The next thing I did was clean the mirror!! I found 2.5 metres of fabric in one of my tubs. The perfect amount if I didn't add the giant pockets and I used the other failed dress as lining. The pattern has extra wide seam allowances which I utilised. And then immediately un-utilised. As usual I overestimated my size. And I liked the sleeves narrower. All in all this is a great dress. It is so comfortable to wear and it will be nice and cool in Summer too.

I did try to take some self-timer photos, but Gilly was helping....

Gilly helps

But I managed one reasonable picture. It has a 1950's vibe, according to party goers. The sleeves are attached last of all and form the shoulders after they are faced at the top.

Captain Dress
I stayed at the party for two hours and talked to lots of friends, had a glass of posh bubbly and some finger food. Then I had to go home and go to sleep immediately!!

Cheered by my dress success I decided to fix my green dress from earlier this year. I basically took it apart. I raised the shoulder seam by 4cm, re-drafted the sleeve heads to take out all the excess puffiness, and then sewed it together again. In spite of this, the neckline still gapes and I feel I must keep putting my hand on it all the time to hold it close. I threaded hat elastic through the top stitching channel. I just need to adjust it one last time and stitch the ends in place. It is not perfect, but as good as it is going to get.

Neck and sleeves fixed

So not a dress by Friday, but two wearable dresses by Sunday. Not too shabby.

The weather has been very warm today, but now we are having thunderstorms. Peri and Gilly needed to cool down in the paddle pool. But only their feet and in Gilly's case, only one foot!!!

Peri cools her feet
Gilly cools one foot
I re-potted my zucchini plants into three bigger pots after a lot of helpful advice. Imagine my surprise when I saw actual zucchinis had appeared. Two actual zucchinis, but it is two more than I have ever grown!!

Repotted zucchini
Two actual zucchini

I  am still quite tired after my outing yesterday, so I plan to get some extra sleep this week. I did something every day last week, and two things on some days. I also have a huge haul of thick books from the Library. I had 15 books on Hold and they all seem to be coming at once. I need to do some dedicated reading. I was so slow with one book, and we have three weeks, that I missed the due date and now I have a $1 fine to pay on Monday. I think we may just be able to sneak in a quick nap before tea!!

Please excuse any errors, I have read through twice, but my brain is a tad sleepy and slow.



Very pretty dress and yay for zucchinis!! :)


The dresses fit you very well now. Lovely fabric too on both. Have a nice nap, and lovely reading!

Jennifer Rose

the green dresses are really pretty :D

and yay for your little zucchini!


The green dresses are so pretty and flattering!
Isn't it thrilling to see those zucchini plants thriving and putting out tiny zucchini?!


The dresses look great. So happy that you could use one for the lining and didnt have to waste the fabric. Zucchinis are fun to grow arent they. I used to grow them in my vegie patch but no room here so maybe I should get some pots and plant some vegies, and hope that Lucy the kitten doesnt sit on them and squash them.


Those dresses turned out fabulous!! Gilly's one paw in the pool is so cute! :)


Lovely dresses and you look gorgeous. I tried planting zucchini but without any success.


Yay for two dresses! And two zucchinis! My zucchini plants are HUGE and have some flowers, but no actual zucchinis yet. Fingers crossed...


Lovely dress

Yah for the zucchinis!

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