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I like the quilt and all the colours.

Saw little Zoe at home on the TV tonight. What a cutie.

bella's mum

Bella has been to the vet too but rather costly because of yeast infections in both ears.She saw a lovely man but I don't know his name. Pleased your girls are both well.


I always vote backwards - starting with my least favourite. It was a real problem the year the One Nation ran for the NSW Upper House - had to coose between them and Festival of Ligt. Pauline or the Rev. Fred - a REALLY rubbish decision to make.


I like that quilt! KF = genius!

So glad the girls passed with flying colours, except for the midnight shenanigans.

I missed the ABBA special, was planning to watch on iView, but will watch on TV instead. I was (am) a huge ABBA fan. I still remember getting my first cassette (!) - ABBA Arrival - for my birthday, when I turned six. I was over the moon! (Gee, that ages me, doesn't it!)


Awe, Vet visits are always so exiting, and exhausting.


I think it was the dirt. Peri's reaction pretty much describes what happens when my 11 year old lab eats something he ought not to have eaten. Fortunately, he's back to his normal self in 24 hours, so I hope Peri bounces back and is ready to enjoy the rest of summer.


Love your quilt, I might have to cut up all my Kaffe leftovers into strips and make one.

Jennifer Rose

hmmm could have been the dirt, sky does the same thing when she has a funny belly, but it could have also been the vaccination, hard to say which.
sky gets all the vaccinations she needs here except the one for kennel cough, i don't like that its a live virus and the vet said there really is no need since sky isn't boarded, or around a lot of dogs.
gorgeous coloured quilt :D


I'm so glad the girls are both healthy :) Wishing you an exemplary tax return!!

Your sock & quilt block look great. Looking forward to seeing many more blocks.


Try Word again but use CTRL+A to select CTRL+C to copy, open IE then CTRL+V to paste - that should work.

I hope that Peri is doing ok now. Gilly seems like a robust pup. I do like the colour that you knitting those toddler socks.

I think I've seen that Abba documentary - it is hilarious. I am also a big closet Abba friend.


The sock looks great with that lace panel. I read about the fire when I was on holidays. Now I am back home and it's so hot here, so hoping that there will be no bush fires.

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