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Oh, those look so good. And I think I have all the ingredients on hand except the white chocolate. Best part - my kids will probably not eat them (though they are devouring coconut/caramel/chocolate cookies, so I might need to rethink that). And, while they are something that I would not feed to the dogs, there is little danger to the dogs if they manage to steal a truffle.

I also have to say that I am surprised and delighted that you have Philadelphia cream cheese - apparently, it has conquered the world.


They look delicious!!


Wow! That's a great recipe, I can see the boys gobbling them up :-)


While peanuts and honey would be good, I think I prefer your lemony ones. I might even do something like this soon.


Oh I think you have vastly improved this recipe by changing it to lemon! Sounds delicious and so easy!


yum yum yum. lemon and coconut, honey and coconut, it all sounds good to me. they look delicious!

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