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Heh heh, use the force, kettle! I love that! What a shame it can't doit, then you wouldn't need to decamp tomorrow.

Peri is such a good girl to give blood. What a special girl you have.


LOL what good puppies!!


I love how Peri donates blood. I wish I could.

Love the tea infuser

The cooler weather is lovely,I am very much looking forward to autumn


OH MY GOD a death star tea infuser!!! i MUST have one. im so impressed by Peri donating blood too, and one can never have too many dog rugs. what is it with dog hair and getting into EVERYTHING?

Jennifer Rose

love the tea infuser! :D

i think its so great that peri donates blood :D not many people think about their dog donating blood. sky would have none of it tho :p run away the first chance she got :p

i've stopped buying anything white, just gets covered in black dog hair :p


Lovely to hear about doggy blood donation. What a nice thing to be able to do. We have a lot of towels for the cats. They are quite keen on them.

I love your quilt blocks. They are rather lovely!


I am loving the Death Star. Kim used to drink green tea when we were in HK, and has decided to start again, as his assistant drinks green tea all the time. So we bought some real grown in Tasmania green tea and some ordinary stuff when we were in Hobart, and I bought him a lovely glass teapot. But I like the Death Star better.


Death Star Tea Infuser has such a nice ring to it!

I love the fabrics you used for your quilt blocks! I cannot see anything wrong with them at all.

The girls are so sweet and adorable!

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