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Oooh, I made tomato relish recently. I must post about it. I was well pleased with myself!

I am Very Cross about google reader too. I have been checking out various options today and am not really happy with any of them, but there is another I am going to try called the OldReader (I think it is OldReader.com), which I've heard good things about.

I am so glad it has cooled down for you and the girls.


haha after seeing the pictures of your kaffe fasset quilt i went and salivated over his range of fabrics (again). i imagined it the human equivalent of peri's rolling in all the smelly things. glee. but.must.use.fabrics.i.own before.buying.more!


That Gilly makes me laugh!

I asked son what to replace Google Reader with and he suggested Pulse. I haven't yet looked at it, so don't know what it's like. I'm seeing him Saturday so will ask about others as well. I did use the "takeout" service offered yesterday and downloaded all my entries currently in Google Reader. It's now a file in my downloads folder and should be useful when I decide what to do next.


I agree with your statements about teachers and their skills, you don't want the least able people teaching your kids you want the most able and working it out after their training is complete seems like a waste of time for all involved :-(

I agree regarding Google reader as well, the buggers, I have put a line of enquiry up on Rav to see what they come up with :-)

Peri looks completely happy with the mess she has made of herself, just like one of my kids after they've been playing in the mud out the back!


oh yes this weather is bliss, let's hope that horrible hot stuff does not return. I have even actually noticed the days are shorter now I am not obssessed with it being so hot, finally a hint of Autumn


ps if you pop over to Janelle Wind's blog her daughter has a quick post about Bloglovin saying it does the same as Google Reader and is easy to transfer your blogs over!!


I'm very annoyed about Google Reader too, I have transferred everything to "Bloglovin" which was quite easy, but the way you use it is quite different to Reader.... erghh! I hate change! I love Zoe's wombat though. I'm so glad she's doing better x


I am very pleased to hear you are getting cooler weather. It must be quite a relief.

I'm quite annoyed about the demise of Reader. I'm trying Feedly instead which is quite nice except no search facility so I'm still looking in a general way for a new way of doing things.

Your quilt looks like fun and I bet that baby will be chuffed to bits with her wombats!


Love those wombat toys - they are gorgeous. I am also upset that Goggle Reader is being discontinued as I used it too. Maybe we are the only 2 people using this service! We need more teachers like you.


I love baby Zoe's gift!

What a surprise to see that Peri is covered in something dirty & smelly!! LOL

I'm so glad you have found your lost blocks...it's so frustrating when you can't find where you put things isn't it!? I have a bad habit of putting things in a 'safe' place & then not remembering where that 'safe' place was!

Well done on figuring out the sprinkler LOL

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