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I think I will give this a try. I've been yearning for my grandmother's homemade tomato sauce which I remember as tasting great. I think the mustard may be the key.


Oh Yum!

I've never made tomato sauce, as I always make the roasted tomato thing which goes in the freezer, or tomato relish. My dad did the family sauce making. That looks awesome though, so I must pull out my Sally Wise book and make some!


Yummo. Sadly our tomato yield is very sad this year

Laurie (Moo!)

We don't use much sauce/ketchup but it was my brother's EVERYTHING. Those pork/apple sausage rolls look delicious!


I do love making tomato sauce, too. I put mace in mine.


That looks lovely...much better than the stuff at the supermarket. You're so clever :-)


Yum! I have a lot of tomatoes in the fridge, I must give this a try!


That looks yummy. So fresh!


The sauce looks great. I have to make some as I love tomato sauce. When I was young, i put tomato sauce on everything but now I am more restrained.

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