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I've read about TimTams in a book, where they were the favorite cookies of the main character. Then recently I found Tim Tam's in our Supermarket! They had three kinds, but no white ones. I tried them all! I did not dunk them though, in my coffee. This is a fun recipe, maybe one day I will try it. Hope you are not getting a cold! We are gearing up for hot, hot, hot, and humid weather during the next two weeks. I wish summer was over already.

Jennifer Rose

i like brownies cooked a little longer, don't really like gooey brownies, so cracked top it is :)

can't get tim tams here :( everyone says i would love them. if i am ever around that area again, i will have to look for some


I do love the sound of these!!

bella's mum

Sound so yummy!I'm making these this week.


oh I hope you are not getting a cold! Even though you have done a lot of sleeping there is so much to catch up on with everything you have been making, these Tim Tam brownies look divine and you have lots of sock making going on and a quilt too! you have been busy, thank you again for your very gorgeous and generous giveaway I won yippeeeeeee


it blows my mind that there are people in the world who didnt grow up on timtams. how is that even possible? and in brownies? swooon.....


Great combination of my 2 fav food - tim tams & brownies. I bake brownies quite often so must try putting some tim tams in.

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