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My guess is that they stand in the rain so that you feel guilty when you come home and see them sopping wet.

If you ever need a new name for them, perhaps you could call them The Stickybeaks.

Jennifer Rose

i havent read anything by that author, really should, lots of friends have told me to lol


Ah, the old let's get wet so we can be towelled down trick!

On very wet days Peggy waits until about the time I'm due to collect her, races out into the weather, then comes in and looks miserable so I will rub her vigoroursly with one towel and then wrap her in a warm dry one and sit with her on the couch.

Manipulative little minx.


hehe, love the shot of Peri and Gilly keeping watch on the street activity :)

and what are cronuts?? croissant donuts?

I've been making date and orange scones this morning, nice big batch so I can freeze some to have on hand for morning teas...


Love those labs :) I am amused by the idea of calling them the Stickybeaks!!

Your quilt looks pretty. The origami bag looks like fun.


The Stickybeaks look just like Connor when there is something going on in the street! Too funny.

That Tumbling Blocks block is so very cool. I love an optical illusion!


yay that's me!! thank you sooo much, I am very excited to win and I am very sorry I am being very tardy in being a good winner and haven't been visiting blogs for a long time and you had to email me. It would be lovely to catch up, it's been way too long, we should cooee a date and time

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