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Much Ado About Everything And Nothing

There have been some changes, again, in Canberra and we have Kevin Rudd back as Prime Minister. I thought Julia Gillard's speech as she left The Spill was strong and positive and she made some very insightful comments at what was a most difficult time.

"...The reaction to being the first female PM does not explain everything about my prime ministership, nor does it explain nothing about my prime ministership... What I am absolutely confident of is it will be easier for the next woman, and the woman after that, and the woman after that, and I'm proud of that." From ABC News

I do believe that she was subjected to greater personal and professional scrutiny because she is a woman. And I noticed as the days passed, many commentators spoke positively about her term as Prime Minister. Still, as a country we elect local members to Canberra and the party with the most members, or people who will vote with them, form a Government and choose the leader, a Prime Minister. We really have no say. I do hope there will be a next woman and a woman after that soon. As a knitter I am pretty cheesed off at the flack Julia Gillard received about her knitting. No-one seems to pooh-pooh a golfer or a cyclist. Bah humbug.

Well, I've been garnering my strength and we've been having extra naps. I've had a few headaches, but they seem to have gone away now. Napping seems to have paid off, because yesterday I started two new socks: Froot Loops, which has yet to have a better name and my ordinary plain sock in some beautiful Regia hand dye effect in long green repeats. Yay, I am already at the gusset decreasing.

New socks on the go
Yesterday I planned out the Tumbling Blocks for our next Sewing of the Craftsy Block of the Month 2013. There are some discrepancies between the video and its captioning and the information sheet, so my triangles are too small I think. I can really see the blocks tumbling though. I bought a 60* triangular ruler which should make cutting the real pieces easier and more accurate.

Tumbling blocks toile
This afternoon I sewed a Jelly Roll quilt top for my NextDoor Neighbour's Christmas present. I'm going to give it to her early, so she can enjoy it in Winter. I decided on a MrsDrWho alternative construction: the jelly roll had to be supplemented with some plain Homespun and so it ended up long and narrow.

I used 8 strips from the bottom, cut the rest of the quilt top in half lengthwise and then sewed the strips down the centre. Et voila!! A much more pleasing shape in real life, as yet unpressed.

I had an awful lot of technical assistance with the quilt photos.  My assistants were eager for a treat after all the work they did. Peri was so ready she did her best trick, which is 'Drop' and then usually 'Roll over' too. Gilly was just unprepared for the camera's flash.

Gilly can't see you, Peri can
I suspect MrsDrWho is still engaged in Family things to do with her birthday, so I can post a picture of her Boo!! socks, which are complete. I just loved using this Opal Surprise wool, and I would knit another pair like a shot. They are so colourful, but don't hurt your eyes.

Boo socks
I have some hippy-dippy green boots on lay-by. The cuff parts are way too colourful but they can be turned up and hidden under jeans- of which I have innumerable pairs.

Hippy dippy boots
I bought the new Colette Hawthorn dress pattern from SewSquirrel. The cost was $18 and the postage free. It is great to be able to buy it in Australia as the postage from the US was $14. The photo is from the Colette site. There's to be a sew-along. I may not sew along in real time, but the hints will be useful. I borrowed a couture sewing book from The Library and I have learned quite a few new tips and techniques.

Gilly has a new trick to try and get all the attention at the gate. The other day they'd opened the wooden inner gate and were waiting for me at the wrought iron one. Gilly likes to be taller than Peri and, well, any one else really. It is hard to be bottom of the pack.

Peri and Gilly at the gate
Peri is just resigned to the fact that Gilly will push in and try and be first.

Peri is resigned
Gilly is so eager and makes little piggy grunting noises to get some attention: Me, me, pick me. I pick Peri first because she is top of the Dog pack.

Gilly Gilly Gilly Me First
The weather has been extremely warm, 16*C here and 19*C on the East Coast. Yet today we had nuisance showers, the kind where you can't even have your windscreen wipers on intermittent because they squeak on the windscreen as there's not enough moisture. At least we didn't have the destructive winds that hit the South.

Tomorrow we shall have Morning tea and then I will be cutting out and sewing my Tumbling Blocks block and baking some TimTam Brownies for supper at Sewing. I should also start the Cronuts. I am dreadfully afraid of the yeast part of the process, but I shall put my apron on and give it a red hot go!!!


Jennifer Rose

gilly looks so cute with her me first look :p

love that colette dress, its very pretty and posh looking :)

i need to find a pair of rainbow socks, or the wool to crochet a pair :)


OOh - love the Boo socks. Retina searing but such fun.


I also thought Julia's speech was brilliant and felt very proud that she never let the bullies get the better of her - well done and looking forward to "the woman after that" too !
love those doggy antics at the gate - its so nice to have a welcoming home-coming :)
the boots look very special and also loving the jelly-roll quilt and rainbow socks xo


I thought it was utterly ridiculous getting rid of Julia to put Kevin back in. They ousted him in the first place with her and now decided to go with him again. I think they should have just gotten someone totally new if they werent happy. Your boo socks look great, love all the colors.


Love the socks and the tumbling blocks! And the pups are so adorable with their tricks and their greetings. I am very tempted to order the Colette dress pattern but I won't have time to sew for a while. Can't wait to see yours!


I love MrsDrWho's socks. When we were on our cruise last year to NZ I nearly bought a ball of this yarn from a wool shop in Dunedin. I still bought some Opal, but it was a cotton blend. I also bought some wool/possum mix :)

Gilly & Peri look so cute waiting for you at the naughty little daisy broke a paling on our side gate today & escaped. She knows I can't catch her & was missing for about 20 minutes. I was getting very worried as she doesn't have much road sense. Fortunately our road is very quiet.

I still think feminism has such a long way to go. When we can refer to a female Prime Minister without even a thought that she is a female or a male Prime Minister a male for that matter, then I think there will be true equality.


I thought Julia's speech was very graceful, unlike Kevin, who did not acknowledge any of her achievements as PM. UGH. Still he's not as hideous as Tony. Sorry to get a bit political, I'll stop now. Except to agree with ou, I do hope there will be another woman, and that Australia will be more deserving of a female leader, and show appropriate respect.

I like that Colette dress pattern very much. Not sure it has pockets? If not, it should! I also love your jelly roll quilt variation, that looks very effective.


I admire your former PM and love her quote about 'the woman after that...' If only the US had a woman who could say that!
The green boots with orange stripey lining are fantastic- perfect color combination- flaunt the lining!


Lovely socks especially the Boo socks as the colors are gorgeous. I am also into knitting socks too and I have so many patterns in mind.


I'm very excited to see your Colette dress - it is very pretty!

I do have a soft spot for those labrador faces :)


i cant even think about the JG/KR situation without steam coming out of my ears. the rampant sexism and misogyny was worse than anything ive heard in australian public discourse for a long time, and people who deny that are living in cloud cuckoo land. grrrr. she was most gracious, and made me cry. i will miss her in public life. and yes im with rosered, pockets in that dress no? your girls are very cute, i would be tempted to give them kisses on the nose poking through the fence like that!

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