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looks truly decadent and totally luscious !!

cath roberts

God that looks rich..


Thanks for sharing the recipe! I'll be trying this soon.


I did see that cake and thought how scrumptious it looked. I am not a big cake eater though but I am sure my mum and my sister would love it.


That cake looks so good! I was wondering what made the filling so divine-looking! Who woulda thunk?!


Yum yum yum! Thank you for posting this Cindy. It looks like a great birthday cake. (Please pat the labs for me. x)


Oh yum...i love chocolate cake & i love malteezers. what a great combo!


oh i wish i had seen this yesterday because i felt like chocolate cake but i didnt feel like making a baking mess with the mixmaster and everything. all that in own bowl. glorious! it looks amazing.


that does look rich, I can see why it's made as a smaller cake! delicious!


Wow, looks so good and it's an easy recipe. I really have to try this as my girls love chocolate & maltesers.


I am very late in commenting and I can't comment on previous posts (I am totally going to make that curried rice!). I'm afraid I am so very behind in blog reading right now, oh dear.

This cake looks amazing! Malteser whipped cream, oh my!

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