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please don't stop blogging...I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets great enjoyment from it and the doggie pictures are always a highlight :)
the cheesecake looks wonderful - totally quaffable !!
so glad Peri is on the mend so quickly xo


I'm so pleased Peri is doing so well. A walk on a leash! How wonderful.

The knitting patterns are gorgeous. I can really see my Miss Annie in the 2nd one.

I'm sad Bells is no longer blogging. I love her work. At least she is still on ravelry

The cooking looks divine.


Raspberry jam and cream on scones. Sounds wonderful.

Those shaved patches on Peri look very cold!


good to see your girl is on the mend and out and about :)

Amy Herzog patterns are *wonderful*. Looking forward to seeing yours knit up.

I'm the same as you, in regards to blogging - I really consider it journal and a method of documenting the months and years. of course, it's social and community-based, also. I love the comments and the fostered relationships blogging has brought to my life too. But if that all fell away tomorrow, I think I'd still log in and write down what I've been up to, for my own purpose.


What great news that Peri is on the mend. She had such a clever Mummy keeping her healthy and strong!
It is strange isn't it, I know a few people who are stopping blogging at the moment too and I certainly am not going great guns at mine recently either. I'm sure this will change though.

Now you have an iPad you should join instagram as well. Lots of people with blogs have instagram and it is another way to keep in contact, without the facebook or twitter hoohaa, mini blogging of a sort.


She HAS, HAS a clever Mummy!!

Catherine Roberts

Oh I have also say please dont stop writing,its such a joy to see what youve all been up to,I write myself for the sheer joy,often daydreaming on the next post,though i dont as much as Id like too,also cause my dearest friend left a long time ago and writing is my outlet to babble :)

Jennifer Rose

9 years is a long time to have a blog, congrats :D

i blog so i have a record of what i have done, and less likely to lose it then a journal :p

glad that peri is doing good :D that war wound is even bigger than i thought o.0


oh I have been reading all about the Peri Tales!! She has been through a lot and I am so happy to read she is on the mend, poor baby. Ruby has lots of lumps which started with one big one which popped out from under her shoulder blade, the vet said because of where it was it would be more painful to remove it than leave it so we left it but now a few more have popped up but she is happy so we hope she stays that way for a long time. kisses to Peri


oh goodness...you have been having a very worrying time. I've just caught up on your last few posts. Hugs to everyone.


Go, Peri!
I just passed my 9th year of blogging, and though I only post a few times a month lately, I plan to continue for the same reasons you mentioned. I never had many readers to begin with, and the number is steadily dwindling, but I like being able to look back and remember what has happened over the years. I'm not on FB or the like either, and it is sad when people stop blogging and you lose touch. It seems like when people stop writing blogs, they stop reading them, too.

Judy Edmonds

Oh dear, I had missed the original news about Peri, but I am SO GLAD she is on the road to recovery, poor darling. You all look after yourselves <3


Aaaaaw.....I just love that photo of Gilly kissing & cleaning Peri's eyes. So sweet! Poor Peri with all her shaved bits. I'm pleased that she's doing well though :) Poor Gilly being left at home....& not even eating her bone!!

Love the 2 new patterns & the colour of wool. I think we have very similar taste in cardis Cindy :)

I'm so glad you are going to continue to blog Cindy. You are very inspirational to me with what you still achieve in your day to day life while living with a chronic illness. Like you my existence these days can be quite isolating & reading yours & others blogs for me is like dropping in on a friend! I'm glad I found you & your blog when I got to knit for you in the bag swap all those years ago! :)

Lynne S of Oz

Running a little late, as always... I am rather tempted to buy Prescott I think it was and knit one for me up! I'd probably look at a wool/cotton blend as I tend to find wool is too hot (I have to wear a skivvy underneath!) though I should be knitting from stash - I have enough of it!
I am so glad that you blog because how else could I have come to know you at least a little? I don't use facebook either so I can't keep up with people that way.
And thanks for the reminder that my blogiversary has passed again! Oops!


Awwww, Gilly is so sweet, looking after Peri.

I just saw that Dalriada pattern today and thought it looked quite good, I like the idea of the deep v-neck and button under the bust.

It is supposed to be 25c here today!! And has been in the low 20s all week! And still winter! (Just!). It's a bit crackers, this weather.


that beautiful photo of gilly giving peri kisses! awwwww!! arent they great? im glad you're still blogging, i love your posts, and im not going to stop anytime soon either. i think when people get too constrained with their blogs they run out of things to contribute, which is why i like the more personal ones. as kgirl said, its a form of journalling, and it creates a community. also, instagram is great if you figure it out, you just need to follow people and we can follow oyu back, my user name there is drkknits!


Hooray for Peri! I am glad you still blog as I love catching up with you. I'm back now - not giving up - lots to blog about. I love the second of those cardigans and I'm rooting around my stash to see if there is anything in my stash which might be suitable to knit it with.

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