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good luck with the review, we have all our fingers and toes crossed here for you and Caddy the 'moodle' sends lots of licky kisses and waggy tails to Peri and Gilly xox


We always played duck duck goose at birthday parties when I was small!

Jennifer Rose

i havent had timtams and those sound good. john wants to see if he can track them down :p

the weather has been really odd here, bright and sunny one day and then grey and windy the next

the girls look hypnotized :p

good luck with the RBF review, I had to have my DLA review, they turned it down, we appealed and won the appeal


Oooh salted caramel Tim tams! You evil temptress!
How lovely to tach up with Tinkingbell! Having met you both, I can just imagine the talking a mile a minute that goes on between you!


I love the tardis apron! Thanks for the run down on the Tim Tams - i have been wondering what they'd be like.


Those TIm Tam flavours sound delish :)

Michelle Lee

I haven't try those Tim Tams yet. Might get the salted caramel ones when I have the chance. Not a fan of white chocolate so will definitely give that a miss.

Anyway, good luck with the RBF Review!! Hugz!!


Good luck with the review. I have no idea what the letters stand for........

The Tardis apron is lovely.

The girls do look mesmerised!


I'm glad you found my dishcloths inspiring! I however knitted too many and gave myself an aching wrist and elbow :( Wretched cotton is not a good choose for a knitting binge.

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