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Ooh! Chicken meatballs sound great :)


I do find making meatballs a bit onerous, but this does look and sound delicious!


looks divine!!


Yum - I think you've given me a good recipe for tomorrow night's dinner! Thank you!!


So many scrummy food posts lately Cindy. The recipes are ones that are right up my alley!!


haha, I'd not realised they'd gone away either ;)

this does look rather yummy, and very Autumn-y too


I don't think meatballs ever went away either - this sounds delish.


Reporting back: I followed your instructions for the meatballs, except for substituting fresh herbs from the garden for the parsley (not my fave), and adding half a cup of breadcrumbs.
I gently fried the meatballs in my big electric frypan, and then when nearly done I added some fresh garlic and garlic butter to the pan, let that cook a minute, then emptied the last of the sour cream and a glug or two of cream on top and cooked for a couple of minutes to make a garlic cream sauce.
Served on curly pasta which broccoli and snow peas.
Verdict: DELISH!!! Very tender meatballs, and I would have liked a bit more sauce but forgot to add pasta water to it to thin and extend. Not too expensive either - probably came in under the $10 mark for a family meal, especially considering that I had enough left over to make 4 lunches with 4 meatballs each.

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