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Michelle Lee

That looks really really yummy Cindy!! Another recipe is going to my "to try" list!!! I love anything with creamy mushroom!!!


Chicken Pancakes? Yes please!!!


Mmmmm, yummy! I like mushroom sauce and fresh ground black pepper too! We call those pancakes Palatschinken and mostly fill them with apricot jam, but I've also filled them with a ground meat sauce and backed them in the oven like you did. So many possibilities!
I'm not supposed to eat wheat, so I can't make them anymore, but oh sigh, I really would love too!


They look delicious. We have a place here called Bok Boy or something like that where they cook big thin crepes and then add things like pork, chicken or beef, with asian salad and crunchy noodles and a sauce, like sweet chili or something. They taste great. I never think of making savoury pancakes as we seem to love the ones with lemon juice and icing sugar.


OOoh yummy! They look terrific.


These look so good I can almost smell them.....& contain my absolute favourite herb.....parsley. Yum!

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