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What a coincidence. I was thinking about these for lunch this weekend for son and me. Unfortunately there has been a run on cheese of all sorts in this household so need to get more. I made gozleme for myself last winter a few times and enjoyed them. I also froze some of the balls of dough which i did not use. Wrapped well they kept just fine in the freezer for another day.

I agree with you, they are delicious.

Andrea Hay

I made the gozleme that the twins made on MKR. Delicious!


I love gozleme! You are very clever to make it! Yum.


Gozleme are delicious so I don't mind if they are no longer cool. Yours look good.


These haven't made it over to the UK yet. THey look wonderfully delicious!!

Michelle Lee

Oooh...never knew it's that easy!!! I'll definitely give this a try soon!!!


i have been a bit MIA from your blog, but i love when i come back it is one of my favourite food items. you make this look so easy. i cant imagine living somewhere that we dont get to try all these fabulous new things. thanks for the inspiration.

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