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congratulations prize-winner - sounds like a lovely prize too ! Love those sausage-happy faces Peri and Gilly...hope you're feeling better soon and thanks for reminding me (must go and get my flu jab too) xo

Michelle Lee

Peri and Gilly are so good. If it's Momo and Coco, they would probably be barking at every person they can see!! LOL

And yay for winning the prize!! I'm looking forward to see the chutneys and ketchup that you'll be cooking!! Hehe


Congrats on winning your prize - that's a good one to win too. Peri and Gilly were lucky to get a sausage - they look so happy that you are back. We'll have to vote later this year. I got my flu vax on Monday. I have forgotten how to knit - I learned long ago, but haven't done it since. Good luck with the cardigan!


I am very intrigued by the new Patonyle you are showcasing - some of the cutest (and longest-lived) children's socks I have ever made were in self-patterning Patonyle. Where does one purchase this miracle yarn? BSODtl or LYS?

kathy b

Love the dogs and sausage story. My and voting are meh right now in Chicago

Jennifer Rose

very cute fabric :)

voting here is a very hot topic at the moment. vote yes or no for scottish independence, can't wait until the voting is down with and I dont have to hear about it any more :p

love the socks :D


I love that you can get C-word (what?! Already!!) Labrador fabric!

We took Connor for his 4yo vax a coupe of weeks ago. We thought t would help if we had our whooping cough vax at the sme time. It didn't! (And I ended up with a sore arm the next day too).

I remember you starting the Aislynn cardi (because I'd really like to make it too). But I don't remember when!

Lynne S of Oz

I hope you are feeling better after your flu vaccination. Yay for winning a prize and for the girls being good whilst you voted. One advantage of being so far away is that we don't have to vote.


Aww love seeing those labrador smiles. I bet they love to vote! You've been busy - your projects look fab :)


Wow...C-fabric already!! It's very cute :)

I can just imagine the salivating that went on while you were inside voting & the girls could smell the bbq. If we have sausages, Daisy gets little round end sections cut off just for a little taste.

I'm glad all your vaccines are now up to date. I'm one of those people like little babies that has to rely on the rest of the population for my health as I cannot be vaccinated any more. I hope you stay well Cindy!!

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