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I can imagine the excitement of your two great dames at walking somewhere new with lots of new sights, sounds & smells...it looks like a very pretty track.

Love me some chevrons...your blocks look great!

Your empty new bag looks like an old fashioned swimming cap LOL


That bag! Wow! Very cool.

I share your Feelings about the events of the past week or so. Ugh ugh ugh. Makes me so cross.


Yum - the avo dip and banana bread lool great. Yes, this knights and dames stuff is nonsense - especially when we abolished it over 30 years ago here.

Jennifer Rose

it is a silly place :p one of my favourite movies :D

really nice and bright blocks :)


It's frustrating when politicians take backward steps- we are experiencing the same type of thing on state and federal levels. Grrrrr.

I can see why the girls are enticed by the mysterious green and ferny path.

I had ripe bananas and all the ingredients and made that yummy banana bread! I only used half a cup of chocolate chips, and it was Plenty Chocolate-y.


I love that bag! So unusual.

The girls looked like they enjoyed themselves very much.


What fun going on a new exploratory walk. That is pretty exciting for everyone.

Hope you get your energy back quickly. I agree, this nicer weather makes me want to do more stuff too!

kathy b

THe yellow dogs are beautifuL!!!! ENjoy the walks, they will help with your energy

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