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Friday Food: Belgian Brownie Cakelets

Fortune Favours The Cold

For two glorious days it was 19*C , then one almost glorious day it was 22*C. Lorelai Gilmore and I were so happy. We slept all morning and then on Tuesday we went to bed at 7pm and slept all night in the wondrous cool.

Gilly and her close up

The cold is fading away now, but at least the nights are cool. And when the days were cold I managed to do more than a few things.

I finished knitting a shawl: there's a group where we knit along together and I metaphorically hold the hands of those new to shawls. I have to soak it and block it now.

If I Could shawl before blocking

I read on Esme's patchwork and quilting blog about The Splendid Sampler. There will be two blocks a week for fifty weeks, one hundred in all: and it is free. I bought a few plain greens to supplement those I already own and I have finished blocks 1 and 2. They are all 6 1/2 inches.

Tss 1 & 2

I also sewed one of the warm up projects: the Cathedral Window pincushion. It's wobbly and I had to join some pieces, but it still works a treat.


A few of my knitting friends and I went to a funeral this week. I think you should tell the people you love that you love them while they are still alive. I don't want to regret not doing that. At Leukaemia Support Group we learned about Advanced Care Directives. Basically you set down what you want to happen if you are in an accident or too ill to communicate in hospital. It is unnerving to think about. Uncomfortable. But since I am poorly with my weird illness, I have asked someone to be my 'person' if anything happens.

I just need to work out where on the form you write " and I want The Labradors to come and visit"!!

This afternoon I just fancied some vanilla cupcakes. I had some sour cream to use up and so I searched for a recipe and found The Perfect Moist and Fluffy Vanilla Cupcakes. I made half the recipe and used a vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract. I made one sixth of the frosting as that's all the butter I had!! Yum, delicious and vanilla-y and moist and fluffy as promised.

Lorelai Gilmore has FlippyFloppy Ear and we saw Dr Marion at the vet. A woman after my own heart, she agrees that anything over 25*C is tropical here!! Gilly's ears are improving in leaps and bounds. There is no new Puppy news. Be assured when there is Puppy news, everyone will know.

Gilly alert

Gilly is shocked: "What, a puppy you say?? What is this thing of which you speak?"



barb brownlee

what a beautiful shawl- i think shawls are lovely things, so i constantly have several (okay, more than several) on needles ... and i buy more, more, more yarns for making even more ... and then i never wear them- i have visions of myself gliding about gracefully wearing something floaty and topped with a pretty shawl ... but in reality i am the type to pull an Isadora Duncan and strangle myself or trail it through my dinner- consequently i give a lot of shawls as gifts- do show pics of yours after blocking please-

ah, Gilly will have a bit of 'puppy shock' to be sure before she learns to love her new sister- what a great picture you got of her- are you ready for the manic puppy antics you will have coming your way? at least you will get all the initial 'baby behavior' during cooler weather there-

regards from halfway around the world-
barb in texas

Jennifer Rose

thee shawl is really nice :D love the blocks :D cant wait to see them all :D

sometimes you want a cupcake (or 3) dammit and you must make them now :D


Your shawl is rather divine. I too,love knitting shawls but rarely get to wear them.

The patchwork squares look lovely.

We have had a few cooler days but today is up over 30....ugh. I can't wait for autumn and winter.

Gilly looks gorgeous as always.



Wow, you have been busy. I like the quilt squares - can't wait to see them all.


The look on Gillys face is priceless. I can just imagine her saying such words. All those lovely greens are looking lovely. The pin cushion is very nice. i do hope to make myself two pin cushions this year, maybe a felt one and a sewn one.
I hope you dont have to wait tooooo long for puppy news. Waiting is always hard for me.


Hello! I am back to catch up. It has just been too long. So long in fact that I can't comment on half of your new posts! That pin cushion looks divine! What a pretty pattern it has. And cool weather - how WONDERFUL! I totally understand. Today it is 25. SO nice. A couple of weeks ago it was 46. 46. That is just ridiculous. I did not leave the house. I was so thankful to still be on maternity leave and not have to be at work.

(I'm also commenting on all the other posts here.)

500mm of rain is just insane!!! Here we go crazy and have flooding if we get 20mm. Back in late January we had 44mm over 3 days and it was just so so so so so wonderful. Everything went green again and my veggie garden loved it. I got about 20 cucumbers and a billion cherry tomatoes and 3 big watermelons. Very proud of my garden produce this year.

I love your Scandinavian Santas! So very cute. Very professional looking for a first try. I think the face would be very difficult so you have done well.


Your Splendid blocks are looking lovely. I went to Melbourne last weekend and got behind and had to rush to catch up. I guess that's why mine are a bit wonky. I hope to do number 4 tonight. Sorry to hear you have been poorly, hope you are feeling better soon.

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