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Friday Food: Giant Choc Chip Cookie


For the last two months I have either had a cold, or been recovering from a cold. And not even a bad cold. I went to the doctor for my usual appointment and she decided I didn't need antibiotics, and I didn't. But it took me so long to recover. Every day we would go for a walk, then we would go to bed until four or five o'clock in the afternoon, and we would sleep all night too. It was only last week that I started having proper days awake. Consequently I am dipping my toe back into The Internet and my blog.

There has been very little crafting: I knitted a Milo (It's Marvellous What A Difference), some socks for MrsDrWho ( Magical Happy Socks) and I made Wee Master Singapore some Shiny Gold Disco Trousers to match the Shiny Gold T-Shirt I sewed for him. Oh and I made a whole other set of pouches with Labradors on the front. I sewed one set and promptly put them somewhere safe, aka Lost. I sewed another set and of course then I found the first.

Things I have made

Lorelai Gilmore's health has continued to improve. She is feeling very well and loves to run and play all the time. Winter is here today, but we have had a few fogs and frosty cold mornings already. Gilly and Hedy love the colder mornings, they are invigorated.

Winter walk

We went to the vet for Gilly's blood test a fortnight ago. This is how Hedy waits for Gilly.

Hedy waits for Gilly at the vet

And it is impossible to take a photo of her joy when Gilly comes back. Poor Gilly, Hedy's waggy tail is a bother.

Gilly is back  Hedy is so happy

Hedy loves to play with Rafa and the ball. The ball is the thing. They both want it, they both can't have it at the same time. Rafa has the same toy, but if there are two, it is too confusing for them.

Hedy and rafa wrestling with the ball

I've had to return a whole stack of books to The Library, unread. I couldn't concentrate at all. Thank goodness I feel better, as I have lots of new books on Hold as well as the old one, back on Hold again.

I used my candy thermometer for the first time and made some Italian meringue. I made a syrup with sugar and water and brought it to the boil until it reached 120*C. Meanwhile I whisked some egg-whites. When the syrup reached the correct temperature I slowly poured it into the bowl as I whisked the egg-whites until they were cool. I don't have a blowtorch to brown the meringue. I am afraid of them, uncalled for I know, but gas and matches or an ignition spark scare me. I made some lemon curd and marscapone filled doughnuts topped with the Italian meringue and also some apple pie doughnuts, tipped with whipped cream, pecans and maple syrup. I took them for supper at Sewing. I feel more confident with the candy thermometer now, there may be more temperature related recipes in my future.


Last week I went to Sewing, this week to Knitting Dining Out and I was also an unexpected Patient/Partner for the Fourth Year Doctors. I was the lucky ninth phone call to find someone to fill a gap.

And now it is time for all good Labradors (and naughty ones) to go to bed. Tomorrow I am going to ask my next door neighbour to take a photo of the new dress I sewed ages ago, and I shall endeavour to post for Friday Food and even, shock/horror, read and comment on blogs!!!

Here is Lorelai Gilmore running. She hasn't run like this since Peri Naughty died. Oh and here's Hedy Lamarr and her BillyBall and Sandy too.


Kristen Chambers

It is so good to read your post! I was just about to email you with inquiries as to your well-being, when I checked my Feedly Reader and saw you'd posted. Happy that you are over the looong cold, that the girls are well, Hedy is joyous as ever, and that Gilly is again running like the wind. Enjoy catching up with books, baking, blogs, and crafts!

barb brownlee

so very good to see you back in blogland- i've missed tibits about your lively companions- hope all of you can enjoy your winter there ... we have already been plunged into steamy sticky summer-

all regards-
barb in texas

Linda Spawr

So very glad you've turned the corner, The girls are a delight. Tempting food photos. We all shall await more news.

jennifer Rose

you have managed to get a lot done with not feeling well! thats great. well not great you were sick but you managed to create some really nice things :)

Gilly is looking good :D

hopefully you continue to improve

Dennis the Vizsla

hello 2paw its dennis the vizsla dog hay i got my packidj frum yoo yesterday!!! thank yoo for the sleev and the treets and the note with the pikcher of the luvly gilly and hedy!!! i am glad to heer that gilly is feeling wel enuf to run like the zoomie wind!!! ok bye


I"m glad to see you back on the blog. I checked in last week and wondered if you were okay. I too am in the middle of back to back colds but that is because of germy schoolchildren.


Good to hear you're on the mend and lovely to see those happy doggy pics, stay well and warm xo

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