The Powering Inferno

We have been living in interesting times at our house: so many social outings for the holidays and with overseas visitors, an operation for Hedy Lamarr, our land-line has not been working for almost a fortnight, there were terrible storms and our power was off for two days. There has been a little bit of teetering on the edge, but I think we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Labradors went to visit at MrsDrWho's house and met The Overseas Visitors. Much hilarity ensued.

Gilly and Hedy playing

Hedy Lamarr went to be de-sexed. We had been practising all the important things like having your ears, eyes and teeth checked, having a pretend injection and a new addition- having your leg shaved. Gilly and I dropped Hedy off at 7-45am.

Operation Vet

Gilly and I went for a walk together,

Gilly all by herself

and then we had hardly been home at all before the power went off. A tree had fallen on the power lines and in our street the house next door had power, the next three didn't and then the house on the corner did. Our houses very weirdly wired here, the suburb is old and houses were built and connected willy-nilly. This is not the tree that fell on our power lines, just one of the many that blew over in town. Towns were flooded, roofs blown off and almost 20,000 people were without power at one point. It has been a very bad year for wild weather.

Tree down

Hedy was well enough to come home at 1pm and then we bunkered down, waiting for the power to be reconnected.

Hedy on the way home from the vet

The land-line doesn't work in a power outage anyway, so were were home along together with no way to communicate with the outside world!! The Hydro rang the neighbours later in the evening to say the power was not going to be fixed and then MrsDrWho brought a thermos of hot sweet tea and more thermoses for the hot water bottle and some hot food.

Oops cloud collar

The power was finally restored late the next night, and oh how I appreciated a hot shower and a cup of tea whenever I wanted one. And the internet. I still need to organise for the land-line to be fixed. The phone company just tells you to ring them about the fault, and of course I have no phone, so I can't. I did email, but they are just hopeless.

On our walk this morning

Hedy is allowed to go for a walk on her lead with Gilly. The entire time she barks, crossly and loudly. She is Not Happy At All to be restrained. As soon as Gilly is on the lead, Hedy is as good as gold and as quiet as a mouse. Hedy has recovered incredibly fast and is in total denial that she had an operation at all. She wears her cloud collar when I go out, but otherwise she doesn't seem too interested in her stitches, which come out at the end of the week. She now has smaller cloud collar #2 as she somehow punctured larger cloud collar #1 and pulled it off.

Blurry Gilly and hungry Hedy

I have caught up on lots of reading. We were slightly prepared for the power outage with a torch and radio and spare batteries. I read by hanging the torch from the lamp that wasn't working. Unfortunately, the emergency services urged people to check websites and online for all the relevant road closures, snow falls and power outages and we don't have a smart phone so we were in the dark: metaphorically and literally!! We could have decamped to someone else's house but with Hedy only just having had her operation, I decided she was better at home in the place she knew, safe and sound with Gilly.

I haven't done any knitting or proper sewing. I made a toile for the Gold Star Spangled Jacket, and I finished The Extermin9 Hat for Uncle Dutch's birthday. This time I used the most up-to-date iteration of the pattern and so all the slipped stitches lined up. I like the variegated red colour too.

Extermin9 hat 2016

I have done an awful lot of sleeping, all day and all night. When things are difficult, sleep is a great refuge. And so to bed again, even though we didn't officially get up until 1pm this afternoon.

Read It And Sleep

Time has just slipped away, and we are almost two thirds of the way through Autumn. Gilly enjoys Autumn.

Autumn gilly

I've been poorly with a cold which turned into a sinus infection, which may (or may not) be gone. Hedy was being a puppy, which required quite a lot of effort, so thank goodness for Lorelai Gilmore. She is A Shining Star of obedience, companionship and puppy-wrangling. Quite a lot of my conversations lately begin with:"I was going to, but then the puppy came."

Lorelai Gilmore and Hedy Lamarr went to visit The GardyGardeners. Hedy tipped out the water bowl twice, and almost chewed the vacuum cleaner.

Visiting gardygardeners

They could run and play in the garden and Hedy loved the large giraffe ornament. Gilly was exhausted before we even went home.

Gilly exhausted

Hedy was exhausted when we came home, and slept with her ears arranged through The Crate.

Hedy exhausted

We went to The Vet to be weighed and Hedy is 8.7kg, so growing nicely. We saw Dr Malcolm and he said she was a cracker of a puppy, and she walked on her lead very nicely. The weather is very warm for Autumn and so there is a lot of playing in the paddle pool, especially after a ride in the car.

Gilly, Hedy and the hose

And this happens:

Two muddy girls

Hedy Lamarr has ears that remind me of Sister Betrille in The Flying Nun.

Hedy ears and mud

Well, apart from Labrador-ing, nothing much else has been happening. I sewed some new shopping bags. I have started numbering them, but I didn't keep a proper record with the photos, but I am about to sew #80.

Bags 767

I sewed the Cat bag for a kind lady at the knitting shop. The cupcake bag was for The Bakers and their new shop. The material was the closest thing to a baking theme I had. I ate the most delicious rhubarb and custard pastry from their shop.

Rhubarb and custard pastries

The apple bag was for The GardyGardeners and I sent The Labrador bag to a far away friend. I only have a little of The Peri & Gilly material left, so I shall have to print some Gilly & Hedy soon.

Bags 789

Hedy started as all The Dogs have, and as she means to go on: helping with the photos.

Hedy starts as she means to go on

Lorelai Gilmore enjoys her walks with her friends, Rafa and Sandy. Most of the time they do parallel play, but at other times,

Ready steady

this happens.


Thank goodness Hedy is able to look after herself a bit more. When I am poorly and spend the day in bed she has to fend for herself with Gilly. I have been doing a lot of reading, I discovered some Georgette Heyer-lite books by M C Beaton and so I have been devouring them as quickly as they come from The Library.

Tonight we are doing Sewing, but with no actual sewing. I am making some apple pastries and not having a glass of bubbly, because I am taking pretend cold and flu tablets.

I do like to try and answer all my comments. It is not a chore and I know it is not a "should", so I shall work my way slowly through them. I appreciate all the lovely comments on my blog. The blogs I read?? Well everyone could have won the lottery and moved to France with a film star as far as I know. I shall slowly catch up on that as well!!!

I think we might have time for a nap before tea time. Actually, there's always time for a nap!!

Mourning Has Broken, Like The First Morning...

Lorelai Gilmore and I are working out our new dynamic: she's doing exceptionally well. We were very touched by the kind emails and comments when Peri died. Thank you.

Peri Naughty brought us so much joy, and it is nice to know The Labradors' antics, and endless pictures, may have amused and entertained others. It is hard to be sad when you have a bouncy and bright Labrador like Gilly. She's always busy doing something and then comes to report about her doings. She's always up for a cuddle, a pat and a rub on the belly. Oh and licking, there is always the licking.

I left Gilly by herself on the very first day because I had to go to The Hospital pharmacy. I have left her every day; I've left her in the car at the deli at the corner (on a cool morning with all the windows open for 2 minutes I hasten to add), I've left her at home in the afternoon and last night until 10pm when I went out to dinner at Mr and Mrs WeeJock&Bessie's. Their house is just along the road, and though I thought about her for the three hours I was away, she was perfectly fine and waiting for me at the gate. Usually she just goes to bed, but it rained and I think she was enjoying the rain.

She's been for a walk all by herself too. And she's had a walk with all of her friends: Jet, Rafa and Sandy.

Gilly's first walk alone

MrsDrWho bought her a huge chew bone. I thought she'd eaten it, then it 'appeared' again. This appearance also explained the sneezing. Gilly had buried the bone in the garden.

Gilly and the bone

Unfortunately, I saw where she buried it and she was not happy. I had to go inside and now I have no idea where the bone is, which is a great comfort and relief to her.

Gilly thinks I want her bone

I also left Gilly alone when I went to visit Auntie Dutch for afternoon tea. I sewed two bags for her birthday. I take such poor photos and unless it is a Labrador, I just take one. So if it is wobbly or hazy, that's the only photo I have. I know things are getting back to normal when I bust out two new shopping bags!!!
Bags for Auntie Dutch

I have sewed two new dresses. The Swirly Lime/Aqua dress needs to have a new hem. I need to undo the very long circle skirt hem and then make a new hem with biased binding, just to get 2cms more length. The Hawaii Dress needs a hem and then a belt of some kind. I am wearing it right now, regardless. Oh, and it needs ironing.

Two new dresses

My Pear Dress, which I made 2 1/2 years ago, has worn out. It has some holes and is not for wearing outside the house any more. I have some Apple material from the same range, so I will be glad to replace it with another fruity dress.


I have been poorly pretty much all the time this year and then Peri was not well and I have not kept up my Book List in the side bar of my blog. I plan to add all the books I have read, and I can, because I take a photo when I return a book to The Library. Three times this year The Library insisted I hadn't returned a book. I knew I had, but had no real proof: Now I do!!! Each time it seems the returned book wasn't scanned properly and when another patron tried to borrow said book, The System has a conniption and they found the 'lost' book. Now I keep track of each book when I return it by taking a photo. It can cost $100 to replace a Library book, so I am being canny and careful.

Library books

The weather is turning summery. The nights are warmer and the days hotter in the afternoon. I think we are heading towards a drought. The rainfall for October was 0.6ml. The lowest recorded rainfall since records have been kept was in 1949, when 9ml fell. It is either El Nino or La Nina.... It's El Nino.

Peri Pumpkin is home now, she lives in a little velvet bag on the mantelpiece with Vundy and Tori, who are in boxes, and Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey, who is in a  little velvet bag too. I got a little teary scrolling through photos looking for books, and suffered a few pangs of emptiness. But on the whole, I am glad she is in Dog and Cat and Other Small Animal Heaven. Her legs won't hurt and she will be able to run and play and eat all the Heavenly food she likes. There will be lots of sleeping in the sun, I imagine, whilst floating on a cloud.

It's Recreation Day tomorrow, where people in The North have our holiday for  The South's Regatta Day. It is a good day to start thinking about Christmas. I've already spotted a little sleigh made from some Nice biscuits and two candy canes. Soooo cute!! I'm making lists and planning my baking and crafting. I hope El Nino stays away during December when we want to bake. All Lorelai Gilmore's friends have gone to their shacks for the weekend, so we'll have a walk by ourselves tomorrow. We walk a little farther to compensate for the extra treats that Gilly has. She's spoiled, but fit!!!


While I have not lost my mother, as a country we have been very careless with our Prime Minister. Again. It was on, and my favourite hashtag on The Twitter was #putoutyouronions. I wish I had The Twitter just so I could have done that!! So it's farewell Tony and hello Malcolm, who at least knows that the PM is decided by the Party with the majority and not by a special vote by electors.

Good to live in a country where this all happens without the Defence Forces driving tanks through the streets, with not a shot fired, or a water cannon aimed. Yay for us. My mum and I talk on the phone on Monday nights and we both said that we couldn't go to sleep until we knew who would be the PM.

I have been Getting Things Done now I am feeling a little more like myself. I have almost finished a pair of socks for MrsDrWho's birthday, which was in June. I am using my usual pattern in some Opal Hundertwasser Kuss im Regen, Kiss in the Rain. I call them The I Just Want Your (Kiss) Socks. I love the colours and the way they merge and play.

I just want your socks sock

Peri is pottering along, she needs help sometimes to jump into the car, but we are developing a routine and try to anticipate each other. Peri is very funny, because when she is exceptionally pleased and joyous, she has what I like to call Happy Hackles. And she likes to be patted on The Hackle area: hard.

Peri's happy hackles

Lorelai Gilmore is exceedingly pleased as well, because The Paddle Pool has been broken out for Spring. It has been very hot, 26*C,which I hope is not the shape of things to come. We have to put an extra cover on the bed, because she likes to play in the pool and then go to bed. As you do.

Gilly's spring paddle pool

Gilly is very interested in cars and so far has been in Rafa's car, and now Sandy's. You can just see Sandy on the far side.

Gilly in Sandy's car

I picked up the latest John Flanagan book today. I had ordered it a few days ago from Petrarch's and expected it in a fortnight, so it came early. As I was leaving the shop one of the Shop Men was coming back in, I showed him my book and he looked inside the cover and then swapped it for a book signed by the author. I am extra chuffed now.

A new book

There is a new way to eat a Golden Gaytime ice-cream: it comes in a tub at the supermarket now. There are new flavours: mint, strawberry and chocolate, but I went for the stock standard toffee and vanilla with biscuit crumbs. It is nice to have an ice cream without chocolate, which I am not supposed to eat.


On Monday I found ALL my Library books and took them back. I also found my proper prescription sunglasses, and I am very happy about that. MrsDrWho and I went shopping and I bought a few Christmas presents. We found some tops in Target with a push-the-button-for-sound feature: they play the Star Wars theme. I had been quite cross that there were no clothes at all for women, apparently Disney feels they have the Princess market for girls and adult women are not a demographic they are interested in. Still, Target does have some pyjamas and a top.This is a children's t-shirt, but I am going to take off the button and sew a little pocket in my soon-to-be Star Wars dress and push it all the time to annoy everyone. And amuse myself.

Da da da da da da da da dum

I 'virtually' attended The Writers' and Readers' Festival, and I notice they avoided any proper punctuation.  I went to Words for Nerds as it streamed for free in our Library. The speakers were Jane Caro, Julian Burnside and Don Watson. It was slightly spoiled by the woman in charge in the room speaking loudly on her phone. Twice. Very enjoyable and I would go again. I have read books authored by all three, and I am very interested in words too. It is a Very Poor photo.

Writer reader festival

And now we are going to watch Gruen, time shifted, and then go to bed and read the new book. We haven't had a nap today at all. I might not read very much.

Oh Mother, Where Art Thou???

Well, I almost went with The Day My Mum Might Have Gone Psycho. It started when my sister rang from The Mainland to say that the Doctors' surgery had rung her to say my mum had missed her appointment. My mum never misses an appointment. No-one could contact her by landline, mobile or email. I knew she was going out with some friends, but I didn't know their numbers, or the new next-door neighbour and my Aunt was on The Mainland too.

So I did what any good daughter would do, I rang the Police and asked for help. I also told them her age. I was more worried about that really. In about half an hour the Police rang back to say that her car was not there and there was no sign of violence at all, and she wasn't lying inside unconscious. So we sat by the phone, ringing and messaging until my mum arrived home at about 3pm.

Turns out her appointment at the doctor was on THURSDAY and she had been on a tour of the Menzies Centre and had not turned her phone back on. Everything was fine, and I am glad the doctors' surgery rang, but very cross they had the wrong day and then sent my mum a letter chiding her for missing her appointment. It took me more than a few days to recover from the day, but I did go into the Police Station in town and thank them very much. I am grateful to live in a place where the Police will look for a person who has been misplaced for just a few hours.

We have also updated all our contact numbers and my mum's new mobile has an alarm and automatically dials for help.

Look, Gilly and Peri: happy girls.

Gilly and Peri Happy girls

Peri's blood test showed two of her liver enzymes are high, and she must have another test in three months. She is sometimes wobbly on her back legs and only goes up the steps if it is really worth it. When Uncle Dutch came, he said she looked at him and he saw her think: "He'll come down the stairs and pat me," and he did and she was right!!

The Whipper-snipper Man came again and made the paving weed free and like new. He also took out lots more weeds.  Gilly can run in great circles from the bottom to the top and up the side and the paddle pool is in service again. Peri is pleased to have the side to sniff new smells.

Back yard

My mum and Aunt came to visit last week. We shopped and ate and I helped mum choose a new mobile and then we shopped and ate a little more. For three days. I had a lovely time and it was so nice to see them both. Plus, my mum wasn't missing, which was a bonus. I felt fairly fine on Friday, but went downhill and on Saturday I didn't wake up till almost 10am and I had to pretend it was Sunday so The Labradors didn't know they had missed their walk. We had a catch up walk on Sunday proper.

Peri had the best day ever when she found a huge bone from a wallaby. It had been stripped clean and was not smelly at all. She ran, in her own fashion, all the way from the gate to the dam, proudly carrying the bone. Neither Rafa nor Gilly could get a look in.

Peri bone 1

Peri Gilly bone

She didn't want to chew it, just carry it. In the end we threw it over the fence before she wanted to bring it home.

Peri bone so happy

I have nothing crafty to show, as although I feel well, what with my mum almost disappearing, the vet visits and then visitors, I feel quite tired. Yesterday I felt a bit better and of course I did too many things. A new book arrived a few weeks ago at the PO at the corner, but there was no card in the letter box. Luckily they know me and sent another card today and I went to pick up my book. Since it was 19*C today, I need to sew a dress. MrsDrWho has suggested I cut out two at once. I think she might be on to something there.


Cadbury have a new kind of chocolate treat. They have been around for a few weeks so I bought some and made MrsDrWho taste them. There is a sweet, and a savoury, chocolate 'biscuit'.

New choc

The sweet version has little Nice biscuits without the sugar, which taste vaguely of Malt'o'milk biscuits. The savoury version is reminiscent of the Lemon Crisp biscuits, which has two sweet biscuits sprinkled with salt and a creamy lemon filling.: obviously with chocolate and not lemon. I am not sure they will catch on, but they are soooo much better than Vegemite Chocolate. That was a mad creative flop!!

Cleo is very apprehensive about the whole thing, but determined to be involved.

New choc biscuits

And now I am going to watch some TV (Hinterland on The Netflix and then on real TV The Chaser's Media Circus. Gruen was back last night after almost two years) and then we are all going to bed. We have new cotton sheets with 250 thread count. They are as smooth as silk and I think I may need some more. The old sheets have a lower thread count and have developed dreadful bobbles. I am throwing them out and there is no way of using them for anything else really.

And there will definitely be Friday Food. I had prepared for last week, but then the sleep over.

Playing Beatie El-Bow

Wow, it's been cold. It will be -3*C tonight. The average June overnight temperature is +3*C. The long range forecast is for a colder, drier Winter and I think they are spot on. It is toasty warm with the new hot water bottle cover in action. I lost the hot water bottle stopper the other night. I tipped the water out in the garden when The Labradors went out for a wee and the stopper went too. To solve that problem I have tied the stopper to the actual hot water bottle!!


It's a poor iPad photo, but you get the general idea. The cover is pilling like all get out, but it is snuggly warm and has no worn out holes so I am happy.

Peri and Gilly steps

Peri is not so happy, she hurt her arthritic leg yesterday. I am not sure what happened but I found her half on and half off the bed and her poor left elbow is very sore. She was limping quite badly. I gave her an extra half a tablet and we all went to bed at 8-30pm. She is much better today, no limp at all until this evening. It makes me realise that she is getting old quite quickly and that she may not be here much longer. Gilly tried to help, she was over helpful. I think she was worried too. I know Peri wasn't in too much pain, as I have learned that she shakes and won't eat. There was no shaking and A Lot of eating!!

  Knitting my mum a hat

I am knitting my mum a hat from some of the very lovely 10 ply Naturally Loyal. It is surprisingly soft and light and delicious to knit and wear. I'm making the Thrifter Beanie again, so it will be snug against her head but blousy around her hair: no hat hair resulting I hope!!! That's my hat on the right. It is so warm and I wear it when we walk at the dam

Speaking of the dam, I gave Rafa and Sandy's dads some pumpkin biscuits to take home for the dogs. Do you think Peri and Gilly knew there was a treat in a different pocket? You bet your sweet bippy they did.

Is there a treat in his pocket

 Though only Peri had true staying power, they others trotted off when no treats emerged.

Only peri holds out hope

MrsDrWho found a different kind of Nutella made with macadamias: Macabella. It smells delicious, I can't taste it, but I can see the pieces of macadamias in it. It's made by the Buderim Ginger people, but their FAQ isn't up and running it seems.

Choc macadamias

There are three things happening over the next two days so I have to rest up. I planned to do some tasks this week, but it hasn't panned out.  I did make a pretty marvellous cake for MrsDrWho's morning tea at school, even if I do say so myself. It took all afternoon from 1pm until 6pm. There was a lot of heating things up and waiting for them to cool down. It will be my Friday Food.

Oh and "Playing Beatie Bow"?? Fabulous book!!!

The Australian Patient

Three of four times a year I go to The Hospital and I am a 'patient' for the student doctors. This week it was the final year doctors. After the usual poking and prodding and taking of history, they were set the task of debating my possible treatments. My spleen was once again the star and everyone wanted to feel it. Apparently it feels like a nose???? It is thoroughly exhausting, but I feel useful and it is a worthwhile thing to do. I sensibly rang and cancelled my appointment with the exercise physiologist for Wednesday.

On Sunday at dinner MrsDrWho and I realised that Easter was more than on its way, it was imminent. I went to school on Monday afternoon and showed the children how to sew the felt chicken from BH&G.

Upstanding chicken

The children had to trace and cut and then sew their chickens. Then they glued on the feathers and glued 'in' the feet. Considering they hadn't really sewn before, they turned out very well!!


Consequently, when I came home on Tuesday afternoon, we all went to bed and then we slept all night. We arose for hot cross buns with The GardyGardeners, and then back to sleep all day Wednesday and all night too. The Labradors are excellent sleepers. They do take up quite a lot of the bed. It's an ipad photo and they are always atmospheric: grainy and a bit pale.

Labradors sleeping

It was WeeJock and Bessie's dad's birthday and I knitted him a hat and baked some brownies. The Twoman Pup Tent Hat is a marvellous pattern, all cabled with just some twisty knitting into the front and the back of two stitches. I used some 10ply naturally Loyal and it is so light and warm. I'd knit this pattern again.

Twoman pup tent 2015

Today I bought some material, and I am planning on sewing something Eastery. This year I haven't done very much Eastery at all. I have posted some cards and that is all. Tomorrow all the shops are shut and so I plan to bake some Easter biscuits for Friday Food and sew. Me-Made-May starts soon, well in May. I was an enthusiastic participant in Self-Stitched-September because I could wear lots of dresses and skirts I had sewn and cardigans I'd knitted, but May is not a good month in the Southern Hemisphere. It is all just the same few cardigans worn with a variety of long sleeved bought tops and green jeans. I wonder if I might just do my own Self-Stitched-Septemeber this year???


The weather has been both unseasonally warm and so wild and windy that we had gale warnings. We walked in the rain and wind this morning. DayLight Saving ends early Sunday morning so the evenings will be dark very early. I have been doing some reading as lots of books have arrived from The Library. It is a sad time at Easter, as The Library is closed for five days. Thank goodness I stocked up today.

Peri and Gilly, eventually, both looked the same way and I managed to fit them both into the same photo!! I was holding a very tasty treat. The Labradors can't have chocolate, but I think they may get a pig's ear for Easter.

A a a

He's The Boogie Woogie Boogey Man From Company T

Delve back through the information on your fridge, back to 2003. It's 2003 again. But this time we're not all receiving a "Be alert, not alarmed" fridge magnet. Oh no, we're to be totally alarmed. Tony, the PM, says we're to be alarmed, afraid, and not notice what's happening over there, where he is slowly imploding.

Be alert

While the Federal Government is trying to restrict my personal rights and collect my metadata in the name of freedom, we still have child refugees in detention centres and some unemployed possibly condemned to live for six months without any money at all. Bah humbug.

In other news the heat wave appears to be over. We have been very unhappy and unwell and Peri and I are especially pleased that it doesn't feel like 28*C when we wake up and hideously hotter as the day progresses. Thankfully a cool change has come and last night we all slept well for the first time in a fortnight. Friday, and most of Saturday, I had a nasty migraine so there was no Friday Food. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I will continue being well this week so I can bake!!

Peri's icy block

Peri and Gilly spurn Doctor Harry's ice blocks for dogs ideas. They won't have a bar of water, chicken stock, or chicken stock with treats inside.

Gilly's icy block

In desperation I made up a mixture of half Jalna Greek yoghurt and half water with a tablespoon full of some local honey. I froze them in a muffin tray. These icy blocks finally passed muster. I am glad that I have another weapon in my Dog Cooling arsenal, along with the paddle pool and spritzing of bellies and heads with cool water.

Labrador icy blocks

I have sewed some bags this year. I have my bag sewing down to a fine art now.

Bags of 2015 thus far

I have had two lovely outings: one with MrsMadcage, and one with TinkingBell. MrsMadcage and I talked non-stop and shopped with the same focus. She found some cute fox fabric and I am going to make a brand new kind of bag for her. More to follow.

When TinkingBell and I meet, we relish the opportunity to exchange gifts. It is like Christmas or birthdays. This time I sewed some vinyl zippy bags. They are tricky, but worth the effort. I think they are very good for storing your crafty bits and bobs - for lots of crafts. This is the first time I tried this particular bag, and I am eager to try it again.

Vinyl zippy bags

TinkingBell gave me a marvellous Jamie Oliver Tiny Greenhouse for growing herbs. I hope the seeds are girding their loins. And some gorgeous green wool that will become something warm and luscious for my neck in Winter. Come on Winter!!!


We had breakfast and I was excited to see coddled eggs on the menu. My great aunt would coddle eggs for us when I was small. She had silver coddlers and broke the eggs into them and baked them bain marie in the oven. You can also do the same thing on the stove top. I can't remember whether I liked them way back then, but I love them now. These were delicious, lightly coddled so the whites were set and the yolks runny. Served with crusty sour dough soldiers with garlic and herb oil and bacon jam. I eschewed the bacon jam, it was a tad rich.

Coddled eggs

I've been reading up a storm whenever the weather was cool enough. I have six thick books by the bed and four more on the go: an old autobiography of Tony Curtis, a new biography of Queen Victoria and Glenda Larke's new book being the highlights for me.

The evenings are drawing in. Peri starts getting ready for bed at about 87pm now: as soon as it starts getting dark. She persuades Gilly that it is time for bed and that they need to go up the steps to The Forbidden Zone to do a wee and then Have A Treat and go to bed. Peri is a funny old girl. Gilly and I indulge her. We might indulge her again right now!!!

Pop, Pop, UnPopular Music

What lovely weather here: warmish most days, but it has been cool and rainy this evening and Peri and Gilly have been outside playing in the rain. In the mornings it can be cold, and they love a rainy and cold walk the best.

Hello from Peri and Gilly

On Saturday Rafa's Dad and brother and sister (human) came for a walk with us. Everyone went to the top of the Lookout,

Peri at the top

except for Lorelai Gilmore, poor baby. She was stuck at the bottom of the evil and slippery stairs. No amount of coaxing, cajoling or treats would entice her up the horrid stairs. We all come back down again!!

Gilly at the bottom

I currently hold an unpopular and relatively unvoiced opinion. It is about the media reaction to the death of a cricketer. What an awfully sad thing for his family, friends and team- for him to be killed on the pitch in the middle of a game in a freak accident. What I don't understand is the offer of a State funeral, the lowering of flags across the nation and the whole media circus. To me, it seems out of proportion, but then I don't understand the whole male team bonding thing in sport and war. Or Team Australia. I find it exclusive, rather than inclusive. Many people die in the course of their jobs, and I'd like to remember them today. Come home safely from work.

MrsDrWho and other teaching friends are on the home straight now. I make an Advent Calendar each year for MrsDrWho. This year I knitted Santa's Laundry Line, or Dirty Laundry Line 2014 as I named it, after a TV show I quite enjoy.

Dirty Laundry Live 2014

It is a great pattern and filled in my internet-less hours very happily. I sewed a laundry bag and made a little belt and a peg basket too. There is definitely another line of laundry in my future. I knitted in 4ply with 2.5mm needles. Here is the line, thus far, in MrsDrWho's classroom. Each item is accompanied by one or two Lindor chocolate balls!!!

Dirty laundry line

Last week I was so busy with Christmas events and outings that afterwards I went to bed for two whole days to sleep and rest. I made a few little Christmas crafty things.

A few christmas things

Oh I just heard on the radio that the Geminid Meteor shower will be occurring in Australia on the evening of December 13th. Don't look, I can't ever look because I have read The Day Of The Triffids so many times and seen the excellent TV adaptation with John Duttine too many times to count. I worry, irrationally, that the meteors will blind people and triffids will lash everyone with their 'tongues' and then herd them and eat them. No!!!

In a similarly obsessive way I have a new film that I MUST watch to the end to make sure everything works out in the end: All The President's Men. As a plus, it has young Robert Redford ( Red Hot-ford) and young Dustin Hoffman (or should I say Hot-man!!)

There has been knitting: first a DoggyHawk in Noro Kureyon, and Gradient Beams which I am still knitting. It is a 10ply cowl/scarf. I am knitting the scarf part, longways and then you pick up bands at each ends and add buttons. It can be a cowl or a scarf. It is for our Friends' Christmas where we each buy one gift for someone else.


I have made a new dress. A Christmas material dress. No matter which way I tried the pattern, I ended up with inappropriate things in the bodice region. Mostly wreathes with a bauble, and believe me, I need no extra embellishment in the 'baub-ular' area!! In the end I cut out some extra Christmas trees and appliqu├ęd them over the wreaths and baubles. I am very happy now and I wore it today. Can you spot the extra trees?? They have no pots.


I have been doing a lot of reading. Lots of thick Library books came all at once. When I was busy, I was too tired to read my new John Flanagan book. That was very telling indeed. I had to wait a whole week, and I have only read the start.

It must be time for bed. Any minute now Peri will appear at the door way. She will want to go outside to the Forbidden Zone and then have a biscuit for being a good girl and doing a wee before bed!!! Gilly runs up the stairs too. Anything for a biscuit really.

I am not panicking about Christmas this year. Ordinarily I am overwhelmed and the weather is hot and it is all too much. This year I know that if some things don't happen, that's OK!! It was this time two years ago that I was feeling very depressed and low. I like my new attitude and it has been hard work, but worth it. I hope everyone is feeling calm and excited and ready to face Christmas with a smile!!!

It's Time, Men And Women Of Australia.


Last week Edward Gough Whitlam died.

It wasn't time to be sad.

It was time to remember.

It was time to be thankful for a life well lived.

It was time to hope one day there could be another to fill Gough's shoes.

It was his time.

I remember the It's Time campaign and the way he swept into Government, Margaret at his side as an equal, not an accessory. They were two marvellous people, and I admired them both. The Dismissal is burned into my mind, I remember the shock and I do maintain the rage even now. It is a mark of our trust in institutions, or total apathy, that there wasn't a revolution. Norman Gunston reported live from the middle of the action.


I can't possibly list all of his Government's achievements, but I certainly benefited from them and still do today.

It is the end of an era.

And now for something completely different: two Labradors!!!

Peri and Gilly are so cute

Peri and Gilly are looking very cute and they do love having their picture taken. JaneJet took a picture of all the dogs: Sandy, Peri, Gilly and Jet, all waiting for a treat.

Sandy Peri Gilly and Jet

Speaking of something completely different, I went to see Spamalot last week. I laughed like all get out. It was so funny and as it was the opening night there were a few things that went wrong and the cast just took it in their stride with some clever ad libs. This week I am off to see The Vicar of Dibley with Sue Hodge from 'Allo 'Allo!

Recipe to Riches has started again on Ten and so once again I am reviewing each week's winner. Last week it was Mrs Miller's Easy Bake Chocolate Cherry biscuits.


Basically frozen biscuit dough that you bake in the oven for 11-15 minutes. I was disappointed about that because on the show the big selling point was 12 minutes, which they said about a hundred times. There were 8 pieces of frozen dough for $5-99 which works out to approximately 75 cents per biscuit. They were indeed easy to bake, but there was no uniformity of size.

R2r baking

Some were small, some medium and some large which means that if you baked a variety of sizes together the small were over cooked, the medium fine and the large biscuits weren't cooked at all and fell apart.

Too big to bake

I had no-one to taste the biscuits and so, for my blog, I ate chocolate. They were tasty, not terribly rich and the sour cherry was a nice addition. I think if you wanted 8 nice biscuits these would be fine as emergency freezer backups. However, you can stir up some Flourless Choc Chip biscuits ( no nuts) for just 20 cents a biscuit and I know they are good. You would get 30 of those for $6-00.

I have been knitting again: an animal themed scarf and the second of a pair of socks. My finger is almost healed and though it is tender, I can knit. I need to pick up my cardigan again before the weather is too hot. Still, it will be -4*C with snow on Ben Lomond tonight.


I caught up with Kate Knightly Knitter and her lovely patient children for lunch and then the next day MrsMauritius and Bella'sMum too. In fact I did so much catching up that I had to have three days resting up in bed. Kate Knight gave me some delicious apricot jam and even though I swore I wouldn't, I went home and had toast and jam for tea that night.

I spent some time lying in bed with a cool face flannel over my eyes, but the rest of the time I divided between reading and using my Ipad. I have read so many books of late, that I can barely keep them straight in my head. I did spend a month looking for a Library book that The System insisted I hadn't returned. I couldn't find it anywhere. I thought I remembered taking it back, but because I take a lot of books back I wasn't sure. Last week The System 'found' my book. Thank goodness.

Oh and I have new solar lights. The KMart has the lights at Christmas time and I didn't discover them until far too late last year. I bought a set for $17 and put them by the path at the back gate. So pretty and sparkly. I think I need some more.


Peri has already gone to bed and Gilly is watching me closely in case I go to bed without her. They had a very exciting walk in the rain storm this morning and then had to be dried, which is a big job for them and me. It wore us all out. We'll sleep well tonight.