Don't Go Cake-ing My Heart

Gilly is doing well. Dr David is very pleased with her progress, and my own GP thinks she is doing well too. She has the correct amount of platelets and her Red Blood Cells are below normal, but not terribly much so.  I didn't realise how well she was responding until we again met The Golden Retriever with the same thing. He has been very unwell, can't eat, has lot 3kg and has a large sore on his back. Gilly is doing very well indeed.

There are no blood tests this week, but we are going to visit The Vet and have some lovely pats and tasty treats so Lorelai Gilmore doesn't think going to The Vet is a not-very-nice thing. Still, there are Liver treats and Gilly thoroughly inspects the room to make sure she has them all.

Gilly at the vet

Gilly is enjoying her walks again and can keep pace, more or less, with Hedy Lamarr if she wants to. This is a terrible picture, but it shows how much Gilly has improved: she trots along, tail wagging, interested in what she can find and see.

Gilly and Hedy as normal

There are a lot of smells to be smelled.

Gilly on the trail of a scent

And her fur is starting to grow back properly at last.

Lorelai's fur growing back

Hedy Lamarr's friend Rafa the Border Collie is not coming for a walk, he's at The Kennels. Hedy loves to play with Rafa and her pretend stick. Rafa pretends to be cross and barks at Hedy, then they swap and he runs with the stick and it is Hedy's turn to be cross.

Hedy, stick. Rafa , bark

While Rafa is away, Hedy is playing with Sandy instead. Sandy has had a sore back, but he is well again.

Sandy and Hedy play with the toy

But Lorelai Gilmore and Hedy Lamarr especially love walking together. Hedy has learned not to bark incessantly in a shrill manner in the back of the car, and she is trying to learn not to bite Lorelai Gilmore. The little bottle of watered down Apple Cider Vinegar is a good deterrent, and most of the time I just show her the bottle and there is no need to squirt the vinegar. Hedy Lamarr is almost as big as Lorelai Gilmore, and she is 8 months old!!!

Hedy and Gilly happy on the walk

In the afternoon they snuggle up together on one too small cushion that Hedy has begun to eviscerate.

The Labradors on the cushion

I haven't done very much, other than look after Gilly and try to keep things ticking along: badly. I have almost finished the 2ply Loop de Loop. I have finished my BoHo not BooHoo socks,  which I started on 3rd July. They are lovely, and I have another same-but-different ball of green striped Nako Boho too, and a ball of Kiwi fruit inspired Opal too. I see more socks in my future!!

BoHo not BooHoo socks 2016

I should have suspected something when I caught both Gilly and Hedy in the kitchen on Saturday morning. I shooed them out and thought nothing of it. Little did I know they were on a fact finding mission. I baked a delicious chocolate orange fudge cake for MrsDrWho and left it to cool when I went out to dinner on Saturday evening. When I came home at 9pm I realised that I hadn't tied the baby gate shut and that the empty tin just inside the back door meant that they had eaten a whole cake. A cake that had 200g of rich dark chocolate in it. I rang the emergency number for The Vet and Dr Rob was on duty. He said that other than keeping a eagle eye on them, there probably wasn't anything to worry about. If they started vomiting or lost their balance they would need to go straight to The Vet and have a drip. The only drip was me, and now the baby gate into the kitchen is doubly secured with a green occy strap. $2-95 at Woolies, but priceless when it comes to peace of mind.

The reason I baked the cake a day early was because the power was off all day Sunday for power pole replacement. My next-door neighbour had the bright idea of taking the ingredients to MrsDrWho's house and baking it there, and so I did. It is an easy recipe (I didn't bother separating the eggs) and you melt and mix and it bakes in 25 minutes.

The Cake Emergency didn't break any hearts, or bank balances, though I may have just put a new pair of green sandals on lay-by today: new green shoes always cheer me up.

New sandals

And now we will all do what we have been doing an awful lot of: going to bed and sleeping. Lorelai Gilmore is taking fewer blue tablets, so she doesn't need to go outside so many times during the night, but I think the worry just makes me need more sleep. Hedy Lamarr doesn't always want to sleep, so sometimes we have to throw the Squeaky Toy until she's worn out. Hedy is a lovely girl, and we are so lucky to have her. She loves Gilly, and I think Gilly is glad to have a puppy to snuggle up with, but not one that bites her ears, so we are working on that!!



The Force Asleepens

Gilly is pretty sure that she missed two whole meals somehow. Yesterday everyone went to bed, they got up at 11pm and went out in the car while she stayed home, then everyone went back to bed again at 3am. Finally we woke up and went for a walk at 8am. She is sure that somehow she missed out on a breakfast and dinner!! She has been playing with her rawhide bone. It is dug up, carried about and then reburied again. It is almost 8 weeks old.

Gilly and her bone

MrsDrWho, MrsSingapore, MissSingpore and I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers). It was excellent: on a par with VI, V and VI and streets above I,II and III. The film started at 12-01am and we had assigned seats so there was no frantic queueing. We saw a lot of ardent fans, there was a beeping R2D2 and the ushers were all Stormtroopers. Lightsaber wielding people had their photos taken outside.

Star wars 2015

The audience was very well behaved and the cinema was air-conditioned, which was so wonderful. We are having a heatwave, it will be 33*C tomorrow. Hopefully a cold front with rain will come through on Sunday. We saw the 3D version and it was not too 3D, you didn't have to duck all the time. I can't wait to see it again. I think Disney can have a Gold Star for their first effort.

I wore my new Star Wars dress. It has a little pocket for keeping the Star Wars music player, but I can't find it, so I just had to hum the music instead. I am very pleased with my dress, I like the green border, I think without it the dress would be all busy print and no focus. The plain border grounds it.

The Star Wars dress 2015

The dress has the bodice I sewed for my Hawaii dress, and a knife pleated skirt. The skirt is almost 4m wide and I made 2.5cm knife pleats. I am exceedingly pleased with the way I inserted the zip. It doesn't interfere with the pleats at all.

Dress zip and pleats

I have been sewing Christmas shopping bags. We are a crinkly plastic bag free State, so we all need shopping bags. I have to make one for The GardyGardeners tomorrow.

Christmas Shopping bags

Last week I went to MrsDrWho's class until recess time. They made Ungingerbread Houses. The houses are hugely OTT. They children were very good at listening,  following instructions and sharing. Teaching for me is like riding a bike, once I am there with a class it just seems right and proper: I made them instantly quiet and sitting up straight when I said: "As soon as everyone is quite I can give out the ziplock bags." Who knew I still has The Power??

Ungingerbread houses 2015

Well, that's all. The heat is very wearing. We have the evaporative cooler filled with water and some ice to blow cold air during the night. And this afternoon too. We caught up on sleep. I had been doing well with my Christmas preparation, but the hot weather has put a spanner in the works. I am lucky that my family and friends are so understanding. They say things like:"Oh, how nice to get a present after Christmas!!"

Tomorrow I am baking a Sticky Gingerbread Cake and the last in my new Christmas baking for Friday Food. I have no idea what it will be. I am sure Gilly will be ready to help.

Gilly is happy on her walk


While I have not lost my mother, as a country we have been very careless with our Prime Minister. Again. It was on, and my favourite hashtag on The Twitter was #putoutyouronions. I wish I had The Twitter just so I could have done that!! So it's farewell Tony and hello Malcolm, who at least knows that the PM is decided by the Party with the majority and not by a special vote by electors.

Good to live in a country where this all happens without the Defence Forces driving tanks through the streets, with not a shot fired, or a water cannon aimed. Yay for us. My mum and I talk on the phone on Monday nights and we both said that we couldn't go to sleep until we knew who would be the PM.

I have been Getting Things Done now I am feeling a little more like myself. I have almost finished a pair of socks for MrsDrWho's birthday, which was in June. I am using my usual pattern in some Opal Hundertwasser Kuss im Regen, Kiss in the Rain. I call them The I Just Want Your (Kiss) Socks. I love the colours and the way they merge and play.

I just want your socks sock

Peri is pottering along, she needs help sometimes to jump into the car, but we are developing a routine and try to anticipate each other. Peri is very funny, because when she is exceptionally pleased and joyous, she has what I like to call Happy Hackles. And she likes to be patted on The Hackle area: hard.

Peri's happy hackles

Lorelai Gilmore is exceedingly pleased as well, because The Paddle Pool has been broken out for Spring. It has been very hot, 26*C,which I hope is not the shape of things to come. We have to put an extra cover on the bed, because she likes to play in the pool and then go to bed. As you do.

Gilly's spring paddle pool

Gilly is very interested in cars and so far has been in Rafa's car, and now Sandy's. You can just see Sandy on the far side.

Gilly in Sandy's car

I picked up the latest John Flanagan book today. I had ordered it a few days ago from Petrarch's and expected it in a fortnight, so it came early. As I was leaving the shop one of the Shop Men was coming back in, I showed him my book and he looked inside the cover and then swapped it for a book signed by the author. I am extra chuffed now.

A new book

There is a new way to eat a Golden Gaytime ice-cream: it comes in a tub at the supermarket now. There are new flavours: mint, strawberry and chocolate, but I went for the stock standard toffee and vanilla with biscuit crumbs. It is nice to have an ice cream without chocolate, which I am not supposed to eat.


On Monday I found ALL my Library books and took them back. I also found my proper prescription sunglasses, and I am very happy about that. MrsDrWho and I went shopping and I bought a few Christmas presents. We found some tops in Target with a push-the-button-for-sound feature: they play the Star Wars theme. I had been quite cross that there were no clothes at all for women, apparently Disney feels they have the Princess market for girls and adult women are not a demographic they are interested in. Still, Target does have some pyjamas and a top.This is a children's t-shirt, but I am going to take off the button and sew a little pocket in my soon-to-be Star Wars dress and push it all the time to annoy everyone. And amuse myself.

Da da da da da da da da dum

I 'virtually' attended The Writers' and Readers' Festival, and I notice they avoided any proper punctuation.  I went to Words for Nerds as it streamed for free in our Library. The speakers were Jane Caro, Julian Burnside and Don Watson. It was slightly spoiled by the woman in charge in the room speaking loudly on her phone. Twice. Very enjoyable and I would go again. I have read books authored by all three, and I am very interested in words too. It is a Very Poor photo.

Writer reader festival

And now we are going to watch Gruen, time shifted, and then go to bed and read the new book. We haven't had a nap today at all. I might not read very much.

Up, Down And Away

When I am not really thinking about what to call my blog posts, my mind wanders. Hot, Cold, Thermometer, Temperature, Up, Down: and there you go. The TAA advertisement from long, long ago. And would you believe it is on The YouTube? Of course it is.


I am not sure whether I was, or desperately wanted to be and was not, a member of The TAA Junior Flyer Club. All I remember is that we knew "With Ansett, You chance it". You have to say it to rhyme.

Well, I have a thermometer, hence all the Word Association Football. My GP said I should have one, and if my temperature was high it was an indication of a proper bacterial infection and I should go immediately to see a doctor. I was feeling poorly, so I took my temperature. The thermometer goes under your tongue for 10-15 seconds and then beeps. My temperature is always, always low. 35.6*C , or 36.1*C, never 37*C. Of course, now I wonder why it is so low, but since I feel better I should stop worrying. MrsDrWho suggested two things:

  1. I should record and chart my temperature. Yes!!
  2. I should take The Labradors' temperatures. No!!

Since I really only want to be at the doggy end with the wet nose and not the tail, and I thought they might chomp down on a thermometer, I decided to give #2 a miss.

Gilly has a new job: Mission Cricket-possible. Her mission, and she chooses to accept it, is to find and dig up all the noisy crickets. And to make them stop cricketing in ten seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one ...

Gilly 's new game, cricket and Peri

Peri has a new trick: she can open the gate into the bush from the difficult side. This is a terrible picture, but she's so deft and speedy and I am so not capable of operating any machinery quickly. She sticks her nose and/or paw into the tiny opening and pushes and turns and voila, the gate is open. This is not the scary thing. The scary thing is that she has taught Gilly and Rafa to do this too. It's The Dawn of the Planet of the Dogs.

Clever Peri but fuzzy photo

The weather is slowly cooling. Not very much, but enough that we can sleep at night. Yesterday morning it was raining on the way to the dam, it was so dull we had to have the car lights on. This morning it was chilly, but sunny. I like to think of Autumn as a lovely slow decline towards Winter. Peri and Gilly are happy to be going home after an excellent walk. Breakfast awaits.

Happy walked labs

TinkingBell gave me a Jamie Oliver Greenhouse and I finally assembled it and planted the seeds. It came with a small square of what looked like peat moss, which expanded at a very fast rate once you poured water on it. I crumbled it up to cover the base, which is like a rectangular shoe box lid, but plastic.

Jamie greenhouse soil

Then I planted the seeds: basil, coriander, cress and chives. After just two days the chives (I think) have germinated. I carry the greenhouse carefully in and out of the direct sunlight, so I don't kill all the little seeds. It is Very Exciting, especially for me. I should really have a green thumb.

Seeds sprouting

And here it is on the verandah.


On the way to the Wool Shop this morning, I passed a sale table of sandals and found a pair to fit me for $5. They were only $30 to begin with, but as I don't need any more green Summer sandals, I couldn't really justify it. But $5 was obviously my price point.

5 dollar shoes

I may have knitted another sock. This time some Mini Mochi 105 for MrsDrWho. The worrying thing is that I can only find one ball. So she may just have one sock for the time being. The toe is ready to graft, but I don't trust myself to do it properly the first time when I am tired. Maybe in the morning.

Sock 105 colour

At the dam there is a large hedge of hydrangeas. We had them growing along and high up the side of the garage when I was a little girl. You can do all kinds of clever things to make the flowers different colours. I am not quite sure what is going on here, but we have the whole range, from red, to pink and purple and light and dark blue. Wallabies hide under here. Sometimes Gilly spooks one and it runs out. She never catches them, they hop speedily away. Peri looks on with, I am sure, a superior smile.

Labradors and colour change

Everyone has gone to bed. It starts getting dark around 8pm now. We still have almost a moth of Daylight Saving left, so it will be a big shock when we revert to Real Time. Peri will want to go to bed straight after her tea. She's very funny. Gilly goes too, but she has both ears on alert in case of crinkly paper. I expect I shall go to bed now too, since everyone else has!!!

I See Treats Of Cream, Red Roses Too. I See Them Bloom For Me And For You.

Well, it's official: Last year was hot. Our island's three largest cities, including ours, had the hottest day time temperatures since record keeping started and it was the second hottest year. No wonder we were hot!!! No wonder The Labradors have been in the paddle pool. A Lot.

Don't bump me

Poor Gilly, Peri was so eager to get into the pool I think that was a bump. And after all that, Peri was not quite getting all the benefit she could have. Just two wet feet thank you very much. Gilly is mid shake, her ears are very long and flippy.

Doing it wrong and ears

This week we are looking forward to slightly cooler temperatures and rain. I think the up and down weather set off Peri's newly diagnosed arthritis. She was very hoppy on her right front leg. If I rubbed her shoulder she ran off happily. It was noticeable when she got out of bed, or up off the floor after a nap. As she moved around, the limp went away. We saw Dr Gary, who divined that Gilly was there for moral support, and found arthritis in Peri's right elbow. She has some tablets to take for a fortnight, I think there is a positive difference already. I just didn't want her to be in any pain, and I know Labradors are stoic and brave and just put up with things. Dearest Peri.

Peri and Gilly on the rainy day walk

I am not cross about things as much now. So today when I spotted these in the supermarket:

Yes, Easter is here

I took a picture as a trophy, as if participating in a treasure hunt. First Hot Cross Buns of the year?? Yes, spotted them today. It's like Car Bingo. I think Shell used to give out special bags of puzzles to keep children occupied on long car trips, and there was a sheet of things to cross off whilst looking out the window. So I have ticked off Back to School which started before Christmas, and now Easter. I think Valentine's Day is next on my particular Holiday Bingo card.

I did see some pretty marvellous things at Woolworths. They are selling oddly shaped fruit and vegetables: The Odd Bunch. I bought carrots for The Labradors and I ate some too. I am happy to buy weirdly shaped, too big or too small, fruit and vegetables for a cheaper price.

Good fruit and vegetable news

I bought a new dress pattern from The Etsy. It is a more casual style, less fitted and maybe a little cooler than my usual Princess-style bodice. It is the Jamie dress from Sis Boom. I love that even though it is a PDF pattern, I only needed to print out 10/88 pages. I am very happy to save printer ink. There is a three or four day sew-along, so I think I might try that. I have some old sheets to make a toile.

Jamie dress

Forty years ago this morning, my sister woke me up to tell me that the bridge had fallen down. I turned over in bed and told her to go away and not to be so silly. She was, in fact, correct. On January 5th, 1975 the Lake Illawarra collided with several pylons of Tasman Bridge at 9-27pm. Sadly, twelve people died, five driving off the broken bridge and falling into the river. The city was divided for almost two and a half years and in the intervening time people travelled by ferry or an Army Bailey Bridge.

I haven't been knitting, but I have crocheted a Dalek Hanging Towel for a gift. It is a kitchen towel. I am not the world's best crocheter, but I learned how to bobble and carry the cotton and crochet over it too, to cut down on the number of ends to be sewn in. I used 8ply instead of 10ply so I fiddled about with the pattern to make it work. And be a decent size too. I ended up crocheting a round of double crochet, just to finish it off nicely.

Dalek hanging towel

The Jan/Feb Donna Hay magazine is out, and once again it is full of delicious icy treats. I am going to make one for taking to MrsDrWho's house tomorrow night. I am not sure which one.

Icy treats

And top to bottom, left to right: (Some are styled popsicles, in Australia we eat ICY POLES)

  • cookies and cream icy poles
  • choc dipped banana icy poles
  • caramel swirl icy poles
  • chocolate milkshake icy poles
  • cheats' summer sorbet slice
  • berry ice cream slice
  • passionfruit three milk ice cream cake
  • tiramisu ice cream cake
  • banoffee ice cream pie
  • black forest ice cream cake
  • lamington ice cream bars
  • coconut lychee raspberry icy poles

I think one of the cakes would be easiest to transport. I shall email MrsDrWho and her family ice cream cake photos and see which one they like the best .

The GardyGardeners are not coming this week and so The Labradors will go for an extra walk. I can't bear their loyal waiting at the gate, softly crying - well woofing really on Gilly's part really, to no avail.

The temperature has dropped and there is a gentle cool breeze. Time for a cup of tea and maybe an early night.


Pop, Pop, UnPopular Music

What lovely weather here: warmish most days, but it has been cool and rainy this evening and Peri and Gilly have been outside playing in the rain. In the mornings it can be cold, and they love a rainy and cold walk the best.

Hello from Peri and Gilly

On Saturday Rafa's Dad and brother and sister (human) came for a walk with us. Everyone went to the top of the Lookout,

Peri at the top

except for Lorelai Gilmore, poor baby. She was stuck at the bottom of the evil and slippery stairs. No amount of coaxing, cajoling or treats would entice her up the horrid stairs. We all come back down again!!

Gilly at the bottom

I currently hold an unpopular and relatively unvoiced opinion. It is about the media reaction to the death of a cricketer. What an awfully sad thing for his family, friends and team- for him to be killed on the pitch in the middle of a game in a freak accident. What I don't understand is the offer of a State funeral, the lowering of flags across the nation and the whole media circus. To me, it seems out of proportion, but then I don't understand the whole male team bonding thing in sport and war. Or Team Australia. I find it exclusive, rather than inclusive. Many people die in the course of their jobs, and I'd like to remember them today. Come home safely from work.

MrsDrWho and other teaching friends are on the home straight now. I make an Advent Calendar each year for MrsDrWho. This year I knitted Santa's Laundry Line, or Dirty Laundry Line 2014 as I named it, after a TV show I quite enjoy.

Dirty Laundry Live 2014

It is a great pattern and filled in my internet-less hours very happily. I sewed a laundry bag and made a little belt and a peg basket too. There is definitely another line of laundry in my future. I knitted in 4ply with 2.5mm needles. Here is the line, thus far, in MrsDrWho's classroom. Each item is accompanied by one or two Lindor chocolate balls!!!

Dirty laundry line

Last week I was so busy with Christmas events and outings that afterwards I went to bed for two whole days to sleep and rest. I made a few little Christmas crafty things.

A few christmas things

Oh I just heard on the radio that the Geminid Meteor shower will be occurring in Australia on the evening of December 13th. Don't look, I can't ever look because I have read The Day Of The Triffids so many times and seen the excellent TV adaptation with John Duttine too many times to count. I worry, irrationally, that the meteors will blind people and triffids will lash everyone with their 'tongues' and then herd them and eat them. No!!!

In a similarly obsessive way I have a new film that I MUST watch to the end to make sure everything works out in the end: All The President's Men. As a plus, it has young Robert Redford ( Red Hot-ford) and young Dustin Hoffman (or should I say Hot-man!!)

There has been knitting: first a DoggyHawk in Noro Kureyon, and Gradient Beams which I am still knitting. It is a 10ply cowl/scarf. I am knitting the scarf part, longways and then you pick up bands at each ends and add buttons. It can be a cowl or a scarf. It is for our Friends' Christmas where we each buy one gift for someone else.


I have made a new dress. A Christmas material dress. No matter which way I tried the pattern, I ended up with inappropriate things in the bodice region. Mostly wreathes with a bauble, and believe me, I need no extra embellishment in the 'baub-ular' area!! In the end I cut out some extra Christmas trees and appliqu├ęd them over the wreaths and baubles. I am very happy now and I wore it today. Can you spot the extra trees?? They have no pots.


I have been doing a lot of reading. Lots of thick Library books came all at once. When I was busy, I was too tired to read my new John Flanagan book. That was very telling indeed. I had to wait a whole week, and I have only read the start.

It must be time for bed. Any minute now Peri will appear at the door way. She will want to go outside to the Forbidden Zone and then have a biscuit for being a good girl and doing a wee before bed!!! Gilly runs up the stairs too. Anything for a biscuit really.

I am not panicking about Christmas this year. Ordinarily I am overwhelmed and the weather is hot and it is all too much. This year I know that if some things don't happen, that's OK!! It was this time two years ago that I was feeling very depressed and low. I like my new attitude and it has been hard work, but worth it. I hope everyone is feeling calm and excited and ready to face Christmas with a smile!!!

Salagadoola Mechicka Boola BIB-ety-bobbidi-boo

Good news on the Finger Front. The Kind Nurse and my GP assured me I would be fine to look at it when I went to have it dressed. I was fine and it is healing up so well I don't have to go back unless it is infected. Yay!! I am looking forward to being able to knit properly again next week sometime.

MrsDrWho and I went for lunch yesterday, and then went shopping, She bought lots of crop trousers, a top and some fabulous shoes. I bought shoes too. I have two new pairs. They are both wedge shoes, the first in a spinach colour. It is hard to photograph and neither is the right colour.

New shoes

The second pair looked rather too high, but on MrsDrWho's advice I tried them on and I can jolly well walk jolly well in them. Unless I win Tattslotto, I think I pretty much have a full shoe wardrobe for the warm weather.

New shoes 2

I whipped up a bib last week using Anchorline Magic cotton. I like the idea of a bib that is actually a dishcloth with a strap and I know I've knitted some before, but I didn't add them to My Ravelry. So I cast on (twice) and then when I reached the top I did some short rows so that the bib would be closer to a baby's neck than if the top was just straight. I also put the buttonhole in the bib and not the strap. If the strap stretches and the button is on the bib, it doesn't fit well any more. This way, you just resew the button to the new spot and you are away!!


The weather yesterday was Show Weather, it's Show Day next Thursday: Agricultural Show. It was cold, wet, windy and wild. It was blow your umbrella inside out weather. Today it was warm and sunny again. Peri and Gilly took advantage of the toasty warm foam and sunned themsleves in turn.

Sunny days for Peri and Gilly

Now Peri is feeling better she runs and plays with Gilly and they posed for photos on our walk yesterday. We met Jet and JaneJet as well as Sandy and his dad. Peri and Gilly ran as fast as their legs could carry them to greet Jet and his mum. They remember them even after almost a year. There were so many tails wagging!! JaneJet is going to send me a photo anon.

Seriously Labradors

My last foray into the realm of polenta was not very successful. I was not deterred. The SMH often has a Meatless Monday feature and I decided to cook Soft Polenta with Mushrooms. I think the secret to success is where the recipe says to add 100ml of extra milk is it was needed. It was and I did. Oh what a delight it was, marvellous in fact. I will definitely make this again. I used Parmesan cheese, and lemon juice and dried thyme. I have some fresh Rosemary so I might try it with that too.

Meatless monday

I have an accidental tradition of making Halloween costumes for MasterSingapore. Last year it was an ant from a Ipad game, this year an Ender Dragon from MineCraft. I knew it was a success when he tried it on and then refused to take it off so I could finish it. He chose to wear it for twenty-four hours and then wait for it to be posted rather than wait a day and be able to take it home. He built a lair and menaced us all evening!! I used this tutorial for the tail, but I put a zip in the top so it could be filled with stuffing when it arrives in Singapore.

Ender dragon

He doesn't want 3D cubes and I can cut off the top and bottom flaps and sew the side ones together. And even though I tried really hard to make the wing shape perfect, I sewed them on backwards with the shiny silver lines at the front.  I will be able to sew with my new Sewing Machine. MrsDrWho conspired with her sister, who sent me the sewing machine I had wanted as a Christmas and Birthday and Christmas present (or so I decreed!!) Truly, I am the luckiest person, not because I am given things, but because people think so kindly of me and want me to be happy. I am very grateful and I had to take to my bed for a little post present recover nap!!!


I had such poor and dismissive service from the Janome retailer in town, but MrsSingapore bought the machine from The Mainland and there was free delivery, a new pair of scissors and I didn't have to trade in my old machine. I would have bought lots more things at the shop in too, but I won't go there again.

New dress launching

I worked out how to watch my Crafty classes through my Ipad to the AppleTV. I am inspired to start a new dress. I need to revisit the Adjust the Bust class, and I am using a pattern I already own. It only takes 3m of 115cm fabric. I reckon I can sew a dress in a fortnight!! I am full of best laid plans and roads to hell paved with good intentions, but I am going to give it a Red Hot Go, all my fingers being well!!!

But When The Thermometer Goes 'Way Pup

I wondered where the week had gone. Suddenly it was Thursday and I struggled to think what we had done on all the other days?? Monday the weather was wintry so we went to bed. Tuesday the car had to be serviced and, with the comings and goings and waiting, that took all day. Yesterday The GardyGardeners came and I did some baking.

Then my mobile had a conniption. I turned it on to text my mum and then it sent three empty texts to The Vet and threatened to send a dozen more before I could turn it off. I had to go out and buy a new one. And of course it is never that easy. The new mobile has a nano SIM: the old SIM is gargantuan. I couldn't transfer anything over, but I could keep my old number. I just had to go in, swap the new SIM for a blank one, ask the kind technician to do the magic whatever to make it work again and wait ten minutes. I think it works now, I am too afraid to try!! I did ask them to bar the internet. My mobile is pre-paid and I don't want to accidentally spend all my money on an unexpected trip to The YouTube.

Caution, labradors ahead

This afternoon Peri went back to The Vet to see Dr David. Gilly comes along because she hates being left home alone. They spend all their time in the Waiting Room crying and looking alert. They know when the door opens it will be their turn and they want it to be their turn NOW.

Gilly and Peri at the vet

Last week Peri was very poorly, and her liver numbers were on the high side of normal. She's been taking horse antibiotics and eating bland food for a week. Dr David took her temperature again. It is very undignified for her, but she is very brave and stood nice and still. Dr David multi-tasked: he took Peri's temperature and patted Gilly so she didn't cry from being left out. Peri has been pronounced well, her temperature normal, but we have to go back in a fortnight for more blood tests. The bill has been $300 so far, and will be another $250 in a fortnight, so for the time being there is no new sewing machine. Maybe at Christmas. The Labradors are far more important.

Cppm cardi

My Ca Plane Pour Moi cardigan has been going along very nicely. I made short rows using the Shadow Wrap method, and I cannot see where I turned and went the other way. There are short rows to make the hem curved. I am up to the under arm cast off, but I'm going to measure twice and decide tomorrow if it is the right length.

New pyjamas!! I like stretchy pyjamas and these were on sale, 50% off, at only $17-50 (well, $17-48 but you have to round up now we have no 2 cent pieces) As a bonus, they are the perfect length for me, and I was able to find my size, which is apparently a 14 or Large. I think they are underestimating their sizes!! The picture is from the Sussan website.

New pyjamas

I have my fingers crossed that my long running cold is on the way out. At last. I have been enjoying the Spring weather, which is windy, wild, wet and colder than Winter with snow as well. I've also been enjoying the Spring vegetables and fruit. At the weekend I made quick vegetarian tostadas. There is something about tasty vegetables that makes me feel better when I am not. I even made my own flat bread using Jamie's recipe. I only made one quarter of a batch, but they were three very good flat breads. I can highly recommend this recipe, though mine were on the thicker side, I am sure they can be enthusiastically rolled thinner.


My new SD card ate all the photos saved on it, and so I have thrown it out and I am just using my old one. I have already uploaded the photos for tomorrow's Friday Food, so I can rest easy now. I do have a photo of my new sock wool. Our Knitting group made an order from overseas, but sadly they only had three of the green colours I wanted. Still, at just $12 a ball they are not to be sneezed at. They are greener than they appear!!

New sock wool

We might have a very early night. I am always secretly worried when we go to The Vet, and it is a relief to know, for a while at least, that Peri is well. Gilly is very happy about that too!!!

Too Darn Hot with Ann Miller from Kiss Me Kate.


This is one of the records my mum played all the time when I was a little girl and I can sing along, lustily, to all the songs.

Especially Brush Up Your Shakespeare, which I adore.


Spring Of Good Things Not Bad. Spring Of Happy Not Sad.

And Spring is here and it is raining and windy and the camellias are sad. It has been raining all day, and hardest of all this evening. The daffodils at the dam are very happy, they bloom regardless.

Spring labradors

It isn't cold really, but it is quite wet. Peri and Gilly are quite wet. I popped next door to have my shoulder to shoulder measurement taken for a new Knit A-Long. The Labradors cried, and sooked and stood at the fence for twenty minutes and were soaked to the skin. They even worked together to open the gate into The Forbidden Zone. Rascals. We filled up the wet and muddy swamp at the fence with two bags of wood chips and now Peri can poke her head through the gap at the top of the fence. Gilly is not tall enough, she's a short Labrador. This is what you see from the other side of our fence. No wonder they are always scamming seaweed rice crackers, they look so sad and needy.

Peepo Peri and Gilly

I am joining the Pour Moi KAL. I had such trouble buying the pattern with The PayPal and I cannot thank the pattern's author, Lori, enough for her help and kindness!! I have some gorgeous Merino Fleck 5ply Heirloom, and it knits up so beautifully in the tension square it promises to be a lovely cardigan. My tension is 23/29 instead of 22 stitches and 30 rows over 10 cm. I am just going with that as I am too lazy to knit a whole new square for one stitch in width.

For me

I am knitting lovely possum socks for me in dark green Waikiwi. It is quite a dark green, so I can only knit during the day, else I have to spend time fixing all my mistakes the next day. Being possum, I have named these The Dame Edna Everage socks. It amuses me.

Dame Edna Everage sock one

At last, I made time to sew some shopping bags for myself. I made two from skirts (top two) and the others from material I found in The Spare Oom. The bags are surprisingly roomy and strong.

Bags for me

Peri and Gilly have been enjoying their walks. They like Mondays and Thursdays best as there is a build up of unsmelled smells to be sniffed and horrid things to be rolled in. I am not quite sure what is inside the old shed at the dam and I am too afraid to look.

Labradors rolling and sniffing

I love coming home to be greeted at the gate by Peri Naughty and Miss Lorelai Gilmore. They love meeting me, and always hope there may be something in my bag for them.

I am home. Labradors are there

Last week there was something for me in my bag: a lovely breakfast cup and saucer from V&A. It is called Borage and is stable enough to resist Labradors and large enough to hold well over a metric cup. I have some delightful aged Earl grey tea, a gift from MrsDrWho from Numi.

New cup and saucer

MrsDrWho's new house is set on a circle with a village green in the centre, rather like a Midsomer Murders setting. Last week I spotted a plover, a rather fat plover, on her front lawn. Lo and behold I was right to be suspicious: two plover chicks were hiding under the plover's wings. I am afraid of plovers, I have been since they used to chase us off the oval at Primary School. The dad was on the green, limping. MrsDrWho says he is perfectly well, and limps to draw attention away from the rest of his family when he thinks they are in danger.

Plover chicks

Oh, new shoes, new shoes!! I bought new Summer shoes at Lead'em Footwear, and I only went in on the off chance. I mention the name because they are so very helpful and always especially look out for green shoes for me. These weren't even unpacked and they went up the ladder to the ceiling to fetch them for me. For a day or so I could only find one, but today I found its pair. They are very green, with embellishments and a nice grippy sole and a wedge heel: perfect.

New sandals

Peri and I both have hay fever. Peri can take people's tablets from the chemist. I can't. We are both sneezing and have itchy eyes. Gilly is well, so we are relying on her to be the one in charge: what has the world come to?? Thank goodness for Gilly!!! The Labradors are in bed already, so it must time for us all to go to sleep anon.

And The Sky: I'm In The Hazy Shade Of Winter

Wow, the weather has been extremely extreme. It is so warm that we made the National ABC News. It's Winter and I am still wearing my favourite Summer dress with my thin mesh cardigan. True, there was frost on the ground on Saturday and I wore jeans for the second time this year on Sunday, but it was 16*C here today and 19 on one of the islands.


I made some absolutely delicious treats for The Labradors and their friends: I roasted half a butternut pumpkin till it was soft and gave them the seeds and skin in their dinner. Then I beat the pumpkin with two eggs, a tablespoon full of Leatherwood honey, oats and enough plain flour to stop it being sticky. I pressed it into a tray and baked it for an hour until it was cooked. I cut it into teeny tiny squares. When we are walking at the dam, and I put my hand in my packet, this happens:

Any treats

And this,

Any treats at all

And then when no delicious pumpkin treats appear, off they go at breakneck speed.

No treats so off we go

MrsDrWho's Outdoor Cat Entertainment Area is taking shape. We had a cat netting cutting day. We all went to the, what I like to call, village green and stretched out the netting. My job was to interpret the diagrams and check that all the pieces were correctly measured and cut out for the 100m2 piece. There has been a lot of progress and once the cat door is in the laminated glass window, it will be all cats outside!!!

Outdoor cat entertainment area

MrsDrWho, MissSkipping and I went out for dinner. MissSkipping had been to an international wedding and so we looked at all the pictures on her Ipad. How times have changed, no paper photos being passed around. We ate delicious food: I had steak with yummy greens and chips, MrsDrWho had chicken with Malibu prawns and MissSkipping had lemon fish, garlic chats and salad.


MrsDrWho and all my teaching friends are writing reports. Kiss biscuits ameliorate the process and I baked some for all the doctors and nurses at The Vet too.

Kiss kiss

Many, many years ago I taught twins in Grade 3/4. Now, many, many years later their mum is The Lovely Librarian and when I saw her last week she said she had spotted some sock wool and it was perfect for me. Today I went to The Library for a chat and a visit and lo! what beautiful sock wool it is. I love it so much and, what a surprise, it matched my dress and cardi perfectly. Such a kind and thoughtful gift. The Lovely Librarian has saved my Book bacon when I am overwhelmed and poorly. I really appreciate that too!!

Sock wool gift

I wanted to take her a gift to say thanks and so I made a reversible Japanese Knot bag using this tutorial. I love the zany bird fabric, and so did she.

A Japanese Knot bag

There has been knitting. The Jayne Cobb set is on its way to completion. It is MrsDrWho's birthday this month, so I need to get a wriggle on.

Jayne Cobb set

My Ravelry Queue has just clicked over the 1000 mark. I shall never knit all the patterns, but I prefer to queue rather than favourite. (NB 'favourite' has now become a verb)

This week I read Trudi Canavan's new book, Thief's Magic. It is not part of her previous series. Well I don't think so. In fact, the two protagonists never meet. Their stories are told turn and turn about as the book progresses. Of course now it is finished and I am aching for the next book to be published.

I've just started reading The Smartest Kids In The World: And How They Got That Way by Amanda Ripley. I love learning and it is so sad and frustrating to know that many children are not excited by learning. Most don't like, or enjoy, Maths. I love Maths, I do Maths in my head quite a lot of the time to amuse myself. I am not a Mathematician, but I am fascinated by numbers and the way they can be manipulated. I enjoy the theoretical as well as the concrete, and I love playing with mental maths tricks. The nuns taught us how to cast out nines to prove our equations and I still do that today. I prefer to calculate with a pen and paper, though I do use a calculator for giant numbers. When I was in B Class (Grade 10 now) we used Log books, I expect I missed slide rules by a hair's breadth and we never saw a calculator at all.

This week I am making some cute and easy custard tarts for Morning Tea,  our Sewing group is making a new patchwork block, and I have a meeting at the Cancer Council Wellness Centre, where I am the Consumer representative. I feel useful and worthwhile, and I must carefully read the agenda and documents before I do. On Friday I plan to sleep!!

The new hardware superstore opened last week,and there was a huge fireworks display. I came home in the middle of the noisy explosions. Peri and Gilly were alert, but not alarmed. We all went out to the verandah, because the store is directly across the river from our house. I took poor photos. Much as I appreciate their beauty and go 'wow' along with everyone else, I do think fireworks are a waste of money. Perhaps they could have donated the money to a local charity?? Oh, maybe I am a wowser??

Fireworks over the river