The Flying Monkeys missed by THAT much!
Cool and the Gang!!!

Camels, dust, bedouins: look, an oasis!! No, a mirage.....

Unending, relentless heat, the burning sun, no relief in sight...we had a minor thunderstorm and revelled in it, but it was ephemeral. Tomorrow will be just as hot and Hobart has 15 C today. How envious are we? VERY! There, the effect of the storm has completely gone, and only the cool memory remains. I have had to put red wine for dinner at Smokey Joe's tonight in the fridge to bring it to anything resembling room temperature!!! The heat has made me feel quite ill, and as it will continue tomorrow I am fast losing hope..... I read Glenda Larke's 'Havenstar' ( written as Glenda Normaly) today . On the couch, in the hope of catching any breeze that might come in the window, I read the whole thing. It had elements of her trilogy : 'The Aware', 'Gilfeather' and 'The Tainted', but was different enough that I still liked it. Once again there are no red shirts in her stories and everyone is fair game. Toffee Custard Cream 300ml cream 300 ml custard Whip together and refrigerate. 50 g butter 50 brown sugar 2 tbspn golden syrup 2 tbspn cream Melt butter, sugar and syrup in a pan, bring to the boil, stir till sugar is dissolved and then simmer on low for 2-3 minutes. Add cream, bubble for 30 minutes and cool. Spoon cream/custard into dishes and pour sauce over.


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