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Cold Comfort Cake

Today on The World Today on Radio National they had part 2 of their story on blogs. 10 years ago you would be lucky to have found 50 blogs, now there are millions. I am very happy TWT is back and I can listen to it twice: once on RN at noon, and then on northtas at 1 pm. When there is cricket or sport, the AM station (northtas) doesn't carry the programme. Soon northtas might change to FM. This would be good as there are ghosty signals and sometimes you can get a strong signal a few numbers apart and get a timeslip between one room and another. Last night the world was put on hold at Southern Cross as Lleyton Hewitt and James Blake played their third round match , I think. His new girlfriend after Kim Clijsters (sic) is Bec Cartwright a wannabe singer from 'Home and Away' a soap set at in a beach side town. Heaven help us it is spinning off into a 20 something show about Uni. I usually see only the end as it is on before Stargate SG1. And I am inordinately happy as I have found 'Timeless' and 'Emotional Chemistry' on the Minotaur website so I can buy them ( Dr Who 8th Dr books) and I can't find my 'Discontinuity Guide' but on the off chance I don't, they have that too!! Last night was the final Sarah Jane Smith and the jolly potplant she was holding changed colour from mauve in the TARDIS to white outside back on Earth. Mind you, there was a Labrador kind of dog!! So I forgave them. The Labor free for all for the Leadership is on. Steven Smith won't stand, Rudd will and Gillard is likely to. Don't think Australia is ready for a woman leader yet, I am , but we are very conservative and scared of change. The Howard government is talking seriously about bringing in an identity card of some description. It is so hard to prove who you are. When you get your new photo drivers' licence, you can't use your old one as part of your ID requirements. How weird is that? I don't have enough points to get a new Smart Medicare card, so I put the form in the bin. When you don't go to work anymore it can be difficult to be a 'real person' to some forms of bureaucracy. The Tasmanian Devil tumour disease has spread to more than 50% of the Devil population. The experts seem to think it is transferred through contact. 6% of the state is affected. They don't have a cure yet, though the scientists trying to breed Tasmanian platypusses in captivity hope to find a cure for the disease affecting them. Now a recipe - the first one !!!

Cold Chocolate Truffle 'Cake'
350 g dark chocolate
400 ml milk
1 tbspn instant coffee
1 tspn vanilla extract ( or a vanilla bean, split)
2 tbspn caster sugar
900 ml thickened cream
Grease and then line 20 cm springform tin with plastic clingwrap. Melt chocolate. Put milk and vanilla bean ( if using ) in a pan and cook 10-15 minutes till reduced by half.Add coffee, vanilla extract ( if using) and sugar. Stir till dissolved ( remove bean) Whip cream till soft peaks form, fold in cooled chocolate and milk. Pour into tin, cover with more clingwrap and refrigerate at leat 4 hours, though overnight is better. Slice and serve with ice-cream and chocolate sauce. ( melt 125 g dark chocolate and 180 ml thickened cream, cool slightly)


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