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February 2005

And so it begins

I have a new blog here - it is kind of Babylon 6 : the Babylon 4 station blew up, the Babylon 5 station was eventually turned off and so we have Babylon 6!!! Oh an academic asked to make a provocative speech at a conference in America has said that men have a natural affinity and ability at maths and science while women have none . He is a spokesman for USA education. He has been howled down by other academics. They say educators should be creating environments where all students are valued. They admit that there are innate abilities based on individual differences, based on Nature/Nurture. He has backed down, and says he remains committed to the advancement of women in science and maths, blah, blah, blah..... This is a typical attitude and understanding of the ability of males and females. It is a generalisation to say that all boys are good at maths and all girls are good at language based activities. This may seem true, but when given the opportunity, girls will excel at science and mats, and boys at language. This will not be ALL boys and ALL girls. Some girls will not be good at maths and some boys will be abysmal spellers. Personally I love maths in all its varieties and aspects and I used to make children smile through gritted teeth and say "Maths is Fun"!! I also love language : spelling, grammar, reading, writing, speaking etc... I am quite tired today and I have an ever so slight headache. I think I will do some Dr Who-ing and then have a nap.