Ol' 55 - no Frankie J Holden though!!
What's new puppy dogs? Woof woof woof woof woof woof.

Ready - Set top box - GO!!!!!!!!

It is 27 C inside but over 40 C outside in the sun and I am encouraging everyone not to go out in the midday sun!! I have attached the set top box to the TV and made it work, and THEN I attached that, in turn, to the VCR. Now I can tape from the set top box - it is for digital TV. Now there are 5 main stations and a few other news ones, and radio too. The picture is so crystal clear, it was a bit pixalated at times but seems to have settled down. The heat in no way enhanced my experience. It makes me cross, bad tempered and impatient. i react very badly to the heat. I have also managed to dig out The West Wing and the last season of DS9. Amazingly I had already done a tape and a bit so I don't feel so daunted. Happy day today as the Season 2 DVD boxed set of Blake's 7 arrived all the way from sunny Macao/Macau and the Season 6 set of Stargate SG1 came as well!! Two people came to the front door so it was a good dog day all round!!! I have the urge to post cool weather desserts again. White Chocolate Cheesecake 100g plain sweet biscuits 50 g melted butter 250 g Philly cream cheese, softened 125 g caster sugar 250 ml ordinary pourinf cream 200 g chilled marscapone 500 g chopped good white chocolate Grease and line springform 20 cm tin. Crush biscuits and mix in butter, press into base of tin and refrigerate for 30 minutes. I do like to substitute some coconut or ground nuts for some of the crumbs. Beat cream cheese and sugar tillsmooth, add cream, and then merscapone, beating till just combined. Melt white chocolate carefully in a heat proof bowl over simmering water - that doesn't touch the bowl- then add to cream mixture. Pour into tin and smooth down. Refigerate for 3 hours, but overnight is best. make a sauce from cream and melted dark chocolate.


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