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Cold Comfort Cake

Shatner and The Elephant

2paw Ok I am pretty au fait with the 'Blog this' button, the only draw backs being that the spell check seems to go all weird and you can't change the colour. It is seasonably warm - well it is the height of Sumner, but I do long for coolness.They have forecast rain , but who knows? Watched 'Stories from the Stone Age' on the ABC last night and there, acting in the doco, was a girl I taught a few years ago. I do know that people went to Hobart to participate in the filming, but there could be more people I know. I will have to scan the cast list. I will have to ask Zarina for her autograph!! The show was all about the changes from a hunter/gatherer society to one of farming, and it was very strange to see our state's log pop up amidst all the overseas ones!!! The apricots this year are truly delicious and I have almost a kilo of blueberries from Di and Mark.They picked them on their way home from Bellingham. I shall experience the joy of Summer in the cold dark days of Winter!! I am looking forward to 'The Elephant' on SBS tonight and next week Enterprise is back. Oh and William "Captain Kirk' Shatner won a Golden Globe for an actor in a supporting role- as Denny Crane. He is terribly good, it is more about being Shatner I think, than actually about the acting. He has come into his own here though. There will be almost 8 hours of Dr Who being watched today - all the First Doctor, but I might be tempted to watch the DVD of all the missing episodes tomorrow. I have read the last John Christopher book and await more from the Library. I think I shall have a nap soon, what an exciting life I lead!!!


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