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I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry - Well it's too late baby, now!!!!

Blake's 7 Rules OK

On Sunday I had a veeeeeeery long phone conversation with Karen . She was not technically jet lagged as the time difference was only 3 hours, but she has what I like to call ‘sleep debt’, it is the term de jour. Sleep, or lack of it, is all over the news, so she is right up to date. I have watched so much Carnivale, Dead Zone and West Wing that I am TV Happy in a good way. I have moved right up to tape 60, so only 15 to go now. Yesterday it was 28 C and humid and sunny to boot. I went to Karen’s house and she gave me some presents from China, Macau and Hong Kong : jade earrings and beautiful bangle, a lovely incense burner which is a jade trinket box with a good likeness of a dog on top!! ( I am a Tiger, and a Leo so I have an overabundance of the regal cat) a most wonderful faffing about in dressing gown thing in an eye popping lime green, embossed with symbols and patterns – and then we went to the Muffin Kitchen for a fruit and vegetable platter and Ploughman’s for lunch, and finally a shop. I bought new Easter biscuit cutters, 3 bunnies and a lamb and Karen wants Kiss biscuits in a scalloped flower shape. Kiss biscuits are plain sweet biscuits that you cook, and then two are sandwiched together with raspberry jam ( it must be raspberry) and then iced with pink icing and sprinkled with round 100s and 1000s. They are best eaten after a day or two as they soften. They are biscuits of childhood, along with jam drops and ANZACs. Then it was too hot so we went to Karen’s house and watched the first episode of Season 2 of Blake’s 7. It was such a good episode, which we watched with cynicism and total joy!!! I was so hot that I had to have Mr Cooly cooling all night. The Labradors were sad as this was the longest they had been left alone for ages, almost 6 hours. They were very happy to see me home. Harki has an appointment at the Vet today at 11 am. Peri will be ‘Home Alone’ so we will wait with bated breath to see the effects. Berry Sorbet 500 ml of fruit juice ( cranberry, raspberry etc) 250 ml of another juice ( pink grapefruit…) 125 g caster sugar 1 egg whitePlace juice and sugar into a pan over low heat and stir till sugar is dissolved, boil without stirring and then cool. Freeze in a metal tray till just frozen and then put in a blender with the egg white and process till smooth. Freeze again. Serve with berries and a splash of champagne.


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