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Our house, in the middle of an expensive street!!

I pull my black jeans on, I pull my new black jeans on! ( well, no actually, but it fits the song)

Thursday, 10 February 2005 Isn’t it always the way? I finally decided my leg was hurting so much I should see the doctor : I made an appointment and of course this morning it feels better, not 100%, but better!!! I spent the better part of the morning fiddling with the Live Update of Norton Anti-Virus. It wouldn’t download the new anti-virus definitions. I had to follow the online help through 3 pages of instructions until I fixed it. It is probably because I downloaded the Microsoft patches. It always happens, the patches make something else malfunction. I had good intentions of walking the Labradors today ( road to hell etc ) but I didn’t wake up till after 9 am. I went to town to pick up a lay by and put a pair of new almost black winter jeans on lay by as they were 25% off!!! I have done some washing up, made lunch, I made salmon cakes last night ready for tea tonight, and I have fetched the mail – only a newsletter. Oh great, the researchers are at it again, bagging anyone who isn’t married, or has been divorced: we are unhappier and not as healthy. I just love the way they infer it is your fault you are not married. I saw a woman on SBS or the ABC saying she didn’t choose to be a single parent : her husband ran of with a floozy and it was a fait accompli. Then some men have the gall to say they shouldn’t have to pay child support. Amazing!!! I am knitting a Kath and Kim baby’s bonnet for my friend’s new baby and there are mistakes in the pattern. A knitting novice would be flummoxed! Target has a spelling error in their catalogue : recieve – for heaven’s sake, the spelling check should pick that one up!!! Mine did….. Citrus Meringue Tarts 20 little pastry tart cases 2 eggs, separated 2 tbspn caster sugar 1 tspn citrus rind – lemon, orange or lime 30 ml matching juice!!! 20 g butter Place rind, juice, yolks, sugar and butter in bowl over simmering water and whisk till it thickens, cool, then cover and refrigerate. Beat egg whites till soft peaks form, add extra sugar gradually till it is all dissolved. Preheat oven to 220 C ( 200 ff) Spoon curd into cases and cover completely with meringue, you must seal it so none of the curd is peeking out at all. Bake 5 –7 minutes. Refrigerate till ready to serve!!!!!


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