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Thursday, 24 February 2005 I have shut the curtains at the front of the house and am trying to encourage the Labradors to play in the paddle pool as it is hot again today. For the third night in a row we have had Mr Cooly running the whole time, and although there are brief respites from the heat at dawn and dusk, for the rest of the time it is unremittingly hot, sunny and humid. Yesterday it was the Launceston Cup. I have no interest in the Cup and don’t like horse racing at all, or any animal racing really. We went to the Novotel for posh afternoon tea. They know us quite well now and chat to us!!!! I have been for a short walk with the Labradors and a quick shop all alone. There is a huge full page letter from David Llewellyn, the State Minister in charge ultimately of housing. The government has sold 150 people houses riddled with asbestos and did not tell the buyers. There are also potentially thousands of low income renters as well. And there have been renovations. People have been happily drilling, sawing and sanding the asbestos, with their children , and in some cases grandchildren, playing nearby and no-one wearing any protective clothing or taking any precautions. A spokeswoman last night on national TV said she had sympathy for them, but the local Labor Federal member is taking up the cause and is investigating a class action. The State Government is Labor too. This is a terrible state of affairs and the Government are now playing ‘blame the buyers’ and NOW they are telling people there is asbestos in the houses. Shutting the stable door ………. Cherry Chocolate Truffles 1 egg white 125 g dark chocolate ½ cup almond meal 1 tbspn Kirsch ( or alcohol of your choice) 2 tbspn icing sugar 25 glace cherries ¼ cup cocoa ¼ cup drinking chocolate Lightly beat egg white, Grate chocolate, mix with almond meal, Kirsch and icing sugar. Add enough egg white to bind, and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Flatten spoonfuls of mixture around a cherry and roll till smooth, then roll in cocoas!! Keep in the fridge!!!


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