I pull my black jeans on, I pull my new black jeans on! ( well, no actually, but it fits the song)
We are the knights who say "Knee"!!!

Our house, in the middle of an expensive street!!

Friday, 11 February 2005 It is so good the way the date on Word just updates all by itself. It is very hard to type when there is a happy, wiggly Labrador bopping you with her head!! Harki has a plastic bottle, and I have but a crumbled up Goodo in it to keep her amused. Today we went for a swim at the dam with Mark and HollyPolly. Harki sway way out into the dam and Peri was the fastest and most exuberant swimmer!! We went for about 40 minutes so I am quite tired. The Cylon Head boxed set of the original series of Battlestar Galactica has just been delivered. It is very sliver and shiny!!! The man remembered to deliver it to the bay windows instead of the door!!! Interest rates are about to rise. This affects me very little in the actual hose mortgage area, but it will be very bad as many people have bought very expensive houses. I hope you are sitting down now, the house over the road is for sale for ½ a million dollars, yes, $500, 000. I paid a little over $60,000 for this house about 17 years ago. My how prices have gone up. My house would not be worth that much, but I could not afford to buy it!!!! Of course the Howard Government reached out to the Mortgage Belt with promises that interest rates would rise less under them than under Labor. This was almost universally interpreted as there being no rate rises. People hear what they ant to hear. The financial pundits expect three or four rises in the near future. Apparently this is better than one large rise. I am going Jessie’s to talk about school and have afternoon tea later on. Tonight the new Battlestar Galactica will be on digital TV. Cool!!!!! Fudgy Peanut Butter Ice-cream Tart 1 24 cm tart case or 100 g plain sweet biscuits, crushed, and 50 g melted butter 1 litre vanilla ice-cream, or the special flavour of your choice 375 g crunchy peanut butter

200 g dark chocolate
50 g white marshmallows
300 ml thickened cream

For biscuit base, mix crushed biscuits and butter and press into the base of a lined 24 cm springform or flan tin. Soften ice-cream and then beat in peanut butter. Spoon into tin and freeze at least 3 hours: overnight is better. To make sauce, melt ingredients in a small saucepan over a low heat, stirring till combined. Do not boil. Serve a slice of tart with the chocolate sauce!!!!!


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