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I'm leaning on the keyboard and the whole post disappears!!!

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I leaned on the keyboard and the whole post disappeared. Serves me right for not typing it in Word first but I thought it would be OK. Now I am too cross to type the whole thing again.
  1. Saw Karen's dad, gave him chocolate eclairs with real cream , he gave me the 2 different green waterproof mascaras Karen had sent.
  2. Sewed all but the side seams and top of 2 curtains for Karen, lots of straight sewing, not hard but there were voluminous amounts of fabric.
  3. Have been hibernating and sleeping in 4 and 5 hour naps every day.
  4. Labradors had a lovely swim, Harki is playful and Peri is full of beans!!
  5. Off to lunch with Janette.
  6. Brendan Nelson the Federal Minister for Education is mooting a country wide end of year 12 test. This is moronic as there is no common curriculum and so the test would have to be like the American SATs. No-one except him wants it. There are already Commonwealth tests for Literacy and Numeracy in years 1,3,5,7,9 and 11. There is also moderation, so, in a very bad example that has no basis in the real scores!! an 80 score inTasmania is worth 91 in NSW.

Right, a tiny summary of my writing and now the recipe!!!

A White Chocolate Mud Cake

250 g butter 180 g white chocolate 330 g caster sugar 180 ml milk 300 g plain flour 1 tspn baking powder ½ tspn vanilla extract 2 eggs

Preheat oven to 160 C ( 140 ff) and grease and line a 20cm tin. Melt butter, chocolate, sugar and milk, stirring till dissolved and cool. Sift in dry ingredients and mix in eggs and vanilla. Bake for about 90-100 minutes, cool in tin.Ice with white chocolate ganache, 125 ml cream and 360 g white chocolate gently melted and cooled till of spreading consistency.

Lock me up, Buttercup Baby!!!

Saturday, 5 February 2005 Have been sleeping ginormously. Last night I made the Blueberry and lemon cheesecake and took it to Mark and Di’s. We had asparagus risotto for tea too, and a nice Tasmanian wine. We watched MIT. I had to take them LOST as they missed it. I hope the lovely Labrador in LOST is nice and safe. I also had lunch with Pauline and 2 of the sprogs. We went to the Muffin Kitchen and shared a Fruit and Vegetable Platter and a Ploughman’s Lunch. The food was all excellent and with 2 pots of tea it was only $16. The girls had huge sundaes and iced chocolates and muffins!!! Today I went tot Little Aths and saw some relays and some long jumping – which is why Pauline came up. After standing for 2 hours I had to sleep for 4 ½ hours this afternoon. We have had more thunderstorms today, but there are some poor people who live less than 40 km out of town who still have no power and won’t have power till tomorrow at the earliest. Cows can’t be milked, the seahorse farm had to buy diesel generators to aerate the tanks as the fish were dying, you can’t get petrol as the bowsers run by electricity. It is a joke in this day and age. I am saved from totally ravaging the Hydro as we do have hydro power and that assuages my 21st century guilt!!! Now how is this for proving what a fascist state Australia is becoming? A woman was found wandering in northern Australia by some aborigines and she was confused and unwell and had a bit of a German accent. The police took her, questioned her and then put her in the Baxter Detention Centre, our camps where we lock up refugees, and yes you read that correctly, we lock them up. Well, as she appeared disturbed and had a bit of an accent they locked her up , and she was in solitary confinement or whatever they call it. The other ‘detainees’ noticed she was eating dirt and behaving strangely, but in over 10 weeks, nothing was done. Someone took a photo of her and her family read about it and identified her and she was freed. Her family had listed her missing 10 months ago and the police had all her details and a photo. Amanda Vanstone, the Minister for Locking up Innocent Refugees said that she gave conflicting information to the police. So she was locked up in a Detention Centre. Let us all be on our guard against this Government, in July the have total control of the House of Review, the Senate and all is lost. Now, what shall I write about food?? Watermelon CrushySlush 2 kg watermelon, peeled, seeded and chopped 2 tbspn caster sugar 1 cup ice cubes Place ½ the watermelon in a blender and process till smooth. Add rest of ingredients and blend 30 seconds or ill just well combined. Pour into small decorative glasses, on more crushed ice if you like and serve with Turkish delight. You can use flavoured ice cubed if you like – lemon or gingery might be nice!!!

Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky : Stormy weather

What a wild and windy and wet day we had yesterday and last night. Rain, 130 km winds, my tree fell over, roofs were ripped off schools and houses, 30 000 people had no power : not me amazingly!!! And it might not be reconnected for 2 days, floods, and sleet and snow and Melbourne had 150 ml, or 6 inches of rain, and as I type it is all beginning again. In the middle of Summer we are having atypical but not unexpected weather. On our island we have 100 times more weather per square cm than any other place on Earth. Heaps of my time is spent debating exactly what I should be wearing to cater for all the climate changes the day will bring!!! The night was so wild I slept badly and didn't wake up till 10 am. I have not had a nap today in the hope of a good sleep tonight. Tomorrow I am off to lunch with Pauline at The Muffin Kitchen my all time favourite lunch place and then to Di and Mark's for tea. The debate about abortion is up and running again, with a few misogynistic male politicians sparking it. 99% of the other politicians, male and female, are throwing cold water on the debate : they say the status quo is fine. Of course all the partriarchal religions are ready to ban women from doing everything as per usual. And the Pope is ill, though I hold out no hope for a progressive successor as he will have anointed a fellow conservative. No wonder the RC church is in such dire straits. It is run by old men who have no idea what it is to live in the 21st century. Now, a recipe for today....... Chocolate and Peanut Butter Slice 360 g white chocolate, chopped 400 g dark chocolate, chopped 140 g peanut butter ( or any nut butter you like) matching toasted nuts!!! Grease and line a 20 x 30 cm pan. Melt white and dark chocolate separately, cool, then stir peanut butter into the white chocolate. Drop spoonfuls of each mixture into the pan and swirl together. Stand 2 hours at room temperature for 2 house or till set. Here though, I'd refrigerate it!!!

Currying favour!!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2005 Well, Lincraft – a craft , fabric etc shop – has gone into receivership. Lincraft closed in Tasmania 2 years ago under a cloud of denials of same, and now they will close Australia-wide. We had already been weaned off them, but I had bought via mail so I am very ad about that. It is because places like Spotlight, who offer cheap items, but little quality and less choice, have taken over the market. When they arrives, Lincraft and 3 other local shops closed and 6 months ago our manchester store closed as well. There is so little choice I will have to start a) using the literally $1000s worth of fabric I already have and/or b) find a really good online or mail order shop. I have has a 2 ¾ hour afternoon tea with mostly chat and little ‘tea’. We took things left over home in our purses!!! Today it is cool, cold even, rainy and windy. How divine. The Labradors are happy too. They have been most playful in the cool weather. Curried Zucchini soup ( Cold weather food!!) 500 g zucchini 1 tbspn olive oil 250 ml stock 1 onion, chopped 1 tspn curry powder ( more or less to your taste) Salt, pepper, Cream/milk Peel and slice zucchini thinly add with onion and oil to the pan and fry till lightly browned. Add curry, cook 1 minute. Pour in stock, cover and simmer for 15 – 20 minutes. When soft I push through a metal sieve or you could blend it. Reheat, season to taste. Serve with a swirl of cream!!! It is so yummy with zucchini fresh from the garden.

What, no Who? Why?????

I don't know how or why but I missed Dr Who on Thursday, and it was part 4 of The Deadly Assassin too. The first 2 seconds taped and then that was it. I hope this didn't happen because I turned the TV off, because that means I have been taping a lot of nothing a lot of the time. Bah humbug. I can't check for another 20 minutes either. Now I am trying to remember what I have taped to watch later: 1066 The Peter and Dan Snow about Battlefield Britain. That might be all. I just did a trial run and everything seemed OK. O course it could be that the digital station went off but it does seem strange as I probably turned the TV off as soon as I saw it had started. I wish I was a Luddite. I am a semi-Luddite. It is much harder being a semi-Luddite, at least when you are a Luddite you can eschew all things technological. I can only eschew those I chose. I have been pursuing my favourite past time : sleeping. I have slept so much in the last 2 days it is a wonder I can function at all!!! There has been a cool breeze despite the heat but we have had no rain. We do have a new judge, Tennant, a woman : at last!!! Not because she is a woman, but because she is the best one for the job ( I wanted to be contrary and say she was the best man for the job!!) I am worn down by the heat, I need smelling salts, a Nubian slave and a fan. Passionfruit Sauce 110 g sugar 40-50 ml lemon juice 250 ml water 1 cup fresh passionfruit pulp Stir water, sugar and lemon juice over low heat and stir till dissolved. Bring to the boil and add the passionfruit and simmer for about 10 minutes. Place in a sterilised jar and refrigerate. Yummy over ice-cream, peaches, strawberries, pavlova etc