What I 'kneed' to help me walk!!!
School's in for Summer ( actually almost Autumn!!)

Too many chiefs and not enough commonsense!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2005 How quickly the proud are humbled! All my excitement about my leg feeling better has made me walk a bit more and of course now I am paying for it. In general though my hip and femur have stopped their incessant aching and just my knee and muscles are boogelly. Last night on Foreign Correspondent ABC, they were reporting from Vanuatu, where the traditional women’s dress is a kind of frilly and madly patterned ‘mammy’ dress, a la Gone with the Wind . Is this non-PC?? I don’t know? Describing people’s ethnicity is a minefield these days. It can become so tense that you simple don’t discuss things. Anyhow, the ‘chiefs’ have decided that any woman who wears trousers or board shorts will be fined a pig and keep on being fined. The male preacher in the highly evangelical church was also preaching for the island dress, and against anything else. This, all, while the men pranced about in cool shorts and T-shirts etc. Luckily one woman there was ignoring them and she was going on her merry but Gandhi-like way, causing no real affront, but wearing her jeans and short sleeved tops. Today the GardyGardeners came and we all had pikelets, the people with raspberry jam and cream, and the non-people with no toppings at all. I have been to the ABC to pick up my prize – a CD from Landline and I know and like lots of the songs and a Limelight magazine- then to the Library and the Bookshop where I bought a green pen!! And the latest Anne MacCaffrey in paperback, and to the supermarket. I am v v tired now and thinking of a long nap. I am making Karen a rich beef casserole and she wants mashed potato on the top, and a chocolate brownie too, as she arrives home on Saturday afternoon. I will leave it in her fridge and she can whack it in the oven and heat it up whenever she is hungry. Pikelets ¾ cup milk 1 egg 35 g melted butter 150 ml plain flour 1 tspn baking powder 55 g caster sugar ( optional) Sift dry ingredients into a bowl, make a well and pour I the wet. Gradually mix in and beat till smooth. Ideally, leave for 30 minutes, but it is fine to use straight away. Heat a heavy based fry pan to low/medium. Melt a little butter and put dessert spoons full carefully into it. Turn when bubble appear on the top and almost pop. Cool. Eat!!!


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